A Day in Scrubs


Being diagnosed with cancer can be overwhelming and emotional! Oh my Gosh…I am going to lose one or both of my breasts or some part of my body! Where do I go from here?? According to the World Health Organization’s Media Centre updated February 2014, cancers in general is among the leading causes of deaths worldwide and Breast, Lung, Liver, Stomach and Colorectal cancers cause the most deaths yearly. We found and… Read More

Every April 7th since 1950, World Health Day has been recognized by people and organizations around the world.  In particular, the World Health Organization (WHO) has traditionally celebrated World Health Day by drawing attention to an important health-related subject every year. A few health-related themes the WHO has used in the past include: “Save lives, make hospitals safe in emergencies”, “Invest in health, build a safer future”, “Make every mother and child… Read More