A Day in Scrubs


Show Off Your Shape: Captivating Curves! by uascrubs featuring blue pants If you have an Hourglass or Curvy shape you would have a full bust that is equal or very close in measurement to your hips with a narrow waist. To show off…what many of us envy…check out some tips and tricks to take advantage of your shape! Do: Look for high-waist, straight leg pants so the eye is drawn to a… Read More

Show Off Your Shape: Tantalizing Triangles! by uascrubs featuring body cleansers If you look at yourself and see a large bust, wide shoulders, and small hips…you are probably a Tantalizing (Inverted) Triangle! We want you to show off your shape! Use some of these tips and tricks meant for your body type: o   Do: Stay away from large prints or horizontal stripes on top o   Do: Lean toward darker colors on top… Read More

Show Off Your Shape: Radiant Rectangles! by uascrubs on Polyvore Show Off Your Shape: Radiant Rectangles! http://polyv.re/1kHzBmR If you are a Rectangle or have a straight shape you probably see yourself with strong, broad shoulders, proportional hips and the lack of a highly defined waist. Show Off your shape by following some quick tips and tricks for your scrub wardrobe: o Do: Wear a jacket to “break up” the shape and create… Read More