A Day in Scrubs


Happy 30th Anniversary UA! We are so excited to celebrate this meaningful milestone! Uniform Advantage is celebrating 30 Years as a retailer of medical scrubs, nursing shoes and accessories! Starting with 1 retail store in Florida in 1985, we have grown to 30 stores across the U.S. and launched a global e-commerce and catalog division. We feature 29 brands including our very own: Butter-Soft Scrubs by UA®, Best Buy and Advantage by… Read More

Written by our Chief Operating Officer, John Janenda We tend to get excited about what we do here at Uniform Advantage (UA) and recently someone from our design team was fired up about the huge ‘variety’ in our nursing uniforms.’ One of the copywriters (an English major) said, ‘That’s kind of oxymoronic.’ The designer (NOT an English major), said, ‘What did just you call me??’ She was a little hopped up on… Read More

Just as the major fashion houses do, we plan our seasons well in advance. We anticipate our changing consumer’s tastes and take note of color trends and prints to predict what will be the next “big thing” in medical scrub fashion. With our customers in mind, we always design our collections tailored to all scrub lovers! With Fall season in high gear, everyone gets excited to update their wardrobe and be trendy… Read More