A Day in Scrubs


March is an important month in which we recognize our teeth superheroes: On March 6 we celebrate National Dentist’s Day and March 7-13, we celebrate Dental Assistants Recognition Week. While we should always be appreciative of all the hard work that our dental superheroes put in, we love having a dedicated time to recognize their efforts to enhance and promote quality dental care. At Uniform Advantage, we’re proud to support our amazing… Read More

Here at Uniform Advantage, we have more than just medical scrubs. We always have the latest in medical uniform trends and technology. The EKO DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope is more than your average stethoscope! You deserve the right tools to give your patients the best care. This medical tool enables clinicians to get a comprehensive view of cardiovascular function without a costly or time consuming work-up. This awesome tool features 60X… Read More

2020 was a year filled with many surprises and challenges. It is time to turn over a new leaf for 2021 with some good vibrations. Colorful spring scrubs mixed with a cheerful attitude will make you look good and feel even better. Uniform Advantage has found a fun and creative way to make you feel better about your next shift around the corner. Our newest scrub trend, β€œGood Vibes,” is a fashionable… Read More