A Day in Scrubs


Happy New Year!! What better way to celebrate the 1st day of 2015 and win a complimentary scrub set from Koi??? Here’s how you can enter for a chance to win in Uniform Advantage’s UNIFORMS-ON-US contest! When you think of Koi Scrubs, what comes to mind? Creative Designs!! Their scrub styles are fun, modern and innovative and not to mention, comfortable and functional with a flattering fit! Step off the runway into… Read More

Today’s the big day! You’re finally done with nursing school, you’ve owned the NCLEX, and you’re ready to begin your life as a RN. Finally, you get to put your skills to the test and begin practicing! You can’t wait to make a difference in the lives of your patients as well as learn more about medicine and your profession. We know that medical professionals like you are extremely dedicated, selfless, hard-working,… Read More

Here’s our sneaky hiding top: Koi Bridgette scrub top in MARDI GRAS print! Thank you all for your participation in yesterday’s Win-it-Wednesday!  We had over 100 entries and wish that everyone could get a free top, but check back on our Facebook page and blog because there are more contests and promotions around the corner.   Thanks also to Koi scrubs for sponsoring this contest, make sure to browse their other über trendy… Read More