A Day in Scrubs


For those who aren’t familiar with the origins of the holiday, Chanukah is the celebration of the re-dedication of the holy temple in Jerusalem after the Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greeks in 165 B.C.E. It is celebrated for eight nights because, according to the story, the Jewish soldiers had enough oil to illuminate the menorah for one day, and it miraculously lasted for eight.   For this reason, Chanukah is also known as… Read More

Let’s not forget…the holidays are supposed to be a break to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.  But with (seemingly) endless errands to run, gifts to buy, dishes to prepare, and lights to light break can quickly become breakdown.  We’ve compiled tips to de-stress from several sources, and would love if you shared your own! 1. Just say no.  Take a deep breath, prioritize which events or commitments are most… Read More

We roamed the halls of UA’s corporate office to find out what UA is loving right now about this holiday season…. Christmas tree scented candle (perfect complement to your artificial tree…who needs messy needles and spilled water cleanup anyway?) My daughter’s reaction to opening her presents Christmas morning (awww!) Egg Nog (mmm…Christmas in a cup!) Peppermint bark (the smell of peppermint is known to induce calm…holiday stress be gone!) UA Winter Snowfall… Read More