A Day in Scrubs


Calling all Professions who love their scrubs! How would you like to win a free scrub set in one if your favorite brands??   Get the scoop on Uniform Advantage’s UNIFORMS-ON-US contest featuring Grey’s Anatomy Signature Series Collection!   This new collection from Grey’s Anatomy Professional Wear features their super-soft arcLux (TM) stretch fabric that is a combination of poly, rayon and spandex blends. It gives you the best of both worlds:… Read More

Several news outlets including the Huffington Post, Venture Beat, and the Mirror have recently published articles saying that Facebook has now reduced the legendary “six degrees of separation” theory to a mere four degrees.  This means that any two people on Facebook (out of the 721 million users!) can be connected by roughly 4 Facebook friends.  Within the same country, this number shrinks even more…to an approximate 3 degrees. For those of… Read More