June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. Even if you don’t personally know someone afflicted by a form of dementia, it is important to know that 5.8 million Americans live with it and that number is projected to rise over the coming years.

There is a lot we can do to help those suffering, from donating to help end Alzheimer’s to spreading awareness so that it’s diagnosed early or prevented altogether.

Studies show keeping your mind active has many benefits, including helping to avoid memory loss and slowing the progression of mental illnesses. Picking up new hobbies, studying a new language, learning how to play an instrument, or even switching up your morning or evening routine can all be a part of your mental workout. Brain teasers and puzzles can also help keep your brain sharp and are great ways to get others involved in learning about the effects of dementia.

Raise awareness this month for Alzheimer’s by wearing purple and while you’re at it, checkout these puzzles and brain teasers to see how sharp you are! Don’t worry, the answers are at the end.


For more information on Alzheimer’s visit: www.alz.org

Shop Awareness Scrubs at Uniform Advantage to show your support.

June 10-16th is Men’s Health Week!

Since 1994, Men’s Health Week has been celebrated before Father’s Day in order to raise awareness about preventable health issues that impact men and boys, while simultaneously encouraging them to make their health a priority. During Men’s Health Week, different events are held to educate the entire public about the importance of men’s physical and mental health.

Healthy Habits

If you’re a man looking to live a healthier and happier life or a woman looking to help the special man in your life do the same, here are some healthy habits that can be encouraged:

  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet including fruits and vegetables every day. Avoid consuming foods and drinks that are high in calories, sugar, salt, and fat.
  • Exercise regularly – it helps control weight, reduce risk of heart disease and some cancers, and can improve mental health and mood.
  • Recognize the signs of stress and find healthy ways to reduce it. Physical or emotional tension are often signs of stress.  Learn ways to manage stress including finding support, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and avoiding drugs and alcohol.
  • See a healthcare practitioner regularly for checkups! Certain diseases and conditions may not have symptoms, so checkups help identify issues early or before they can become a problem.

Wear Blue!

The Friday of Men’s Health Week has been officially named Wear BLUE Day, so don’t forget to show your support by wearing Blue scrubs on June 14th! Our Advantage for Men and Butter-Soft Collections come in a variety of vibrant blue colors that will help you spread awareness!

How you are celebrating men’s health awareness week and Father’s Day this year? Tell us in the comments and on Instagram, tagging @uniformadvantage and #adayinscrubs!

One could argue that the right pair of shoes are a caregiver’s best friend. Whether wearing medical footwear or athletic footwear, your shoes keep you on your feet all shift long – and they’re essential to a caregiver’s overall comfort.

So now that you have the perfect pair of scrubs, how do you complete your look? How do you know what type of shoe will keep your feet happy during those long shifts? This guide will help you find your perfect pair, and trust us, your feet will thank you!

Athletic Footwear

These shoes have often been designed for a specific activity (like walking or running). For instance, running shoes have shock absorption and protect the front of your foot and your heel. This can be a good choice for the caregiver that spends a lot of time on a hard floor.

Walking shoes are more lightweight and have a thinner sole with less cushioning. They are highly breathable and have shock absorption in the heel and ball of your foot.

Medical Footwear

Clogs are often a popular choice among caregivers due to their arch and heel support. Clogs also have thick soles for support, which absorbs some of the pressure that a caregiver feels while on their feet for long periods of time. These shoes are designed for the caregiver that spends a lot of time standing or walking. Some clogs may have features such as slip resistance and toe guards.

So, which one do I choose?

Overall, the athletic shoe might be the best choice for the caregiver that is always on the go, while the medical shoe can help the caregiver who stands and walks more often. However, each foot is different and a caregiver may find that he or she desires a different shoe and style depending on what their feet need and what benefits a particular footwear option has.

Dansko Pro XP 2.0 Leather Clogs feature memory foam, lightweight mid sole, and a Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.
Savvy Brandy Pink Mardi Gras Nursing Shoes feature an Aerocushion insole, arch support and enhanced toe room. 

Landau Comfort Unisex Nursing Clogs feature an anti-bacterial, moisture wicking Poliyou sock liner and arch support.
Fila Women’s Memory Castlerock/Chalk Pink/Metallic Silver Cryptonic 3 Athletic Shoes feature a lightweight, breathable mesh upper and memory foam insole for a comfortable fit.
New Balance Womens Black/Magnet Fuel Core Nergize Shoes feature a breathable air mesh upper with bootie construction. 

Here at Uniform Advantage, we offer a variety of shoes- from athletic to medical! Tell us about your go-to shoe in the comments and on Instagram, tagging @uniformadvantage and #adayinscrubs!

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