It takes a person mere seconds to evaluate you and form a lasting impression. The same is true for your business, regardless of the industry. Make the most of the opportunity to impress potential patients by shifting the way you view uniform programs. Sure, you want uniforms to be durable, to be available in the range of sizes you need, and of course budget-friendly. But have you considered the impact your uniforms have on your brand identity? Patients say they associate a neat, clean appearance with competence and professionalism.

Studies show customers are simply more inclined to do business with employees who wear uniforms. Independent survey results make a strong argument in favor of using uniforms to help shape the perception of your business.


of consumers prefer employees in uniform*


of the public believes uniforms make your employees easier to recognize**


of your customers think uniforms make your employees look neater and more professional**


of your prospects feel that uniforms make your workers look better trained

*survey by J.D. Power and Associates, 2008
**survey by Weintraub Associates, a national management consulting firm, 2008


    Coordinate a look that reinforces your brand identity by selecting quality garments, and add your company logo. When evaluating uniform options, remember “neat” and “clean” were important factors in patient perception. Reduce effort from your employees to maintain the appearance standard you want by including some of the stain-resistant, wrinkle-free fabric options available.
    Foster a sense of belonging and pride among employees with stylish uniform options, designed to be comfortable and functional. Uniforms promote a work culture of teamwork and unity which can, in turn, improve worker productivity.
    In some instances, work uniforms are viewed as an additional benefit, or perk, for the employee. The reduced wear-and-tear on the employee’s personal clothing is considered a positive, and depending on your industry, laundering and replacement may be handled by the employer. Add in the time saved selecting an appropriate work outfit each morning, and you can really start to see the upside.
    When you have a uniform program specific to your business, employees are easy to identify. Also easy to identify are people that are in areas or on sites where they do not belong.
    While we are on the topic of identification, nearly every survey respondent agreed that uniforms make your employees easier to recognize. Show your customer you value their customer experience by making it convenient to find assistance.

In an era where healthcare facilities are learning to compete within a patient-centered care model, set your caregivers apart with a smart, stylish, flexible uniform program! Creating a positive perception of your approach to patient care is critical to shaping your brand identity, and it often starts with the right uniform. Uniforms are more than just colors and logos. Learn more about launching a uniform program in our other recent post on this blog. Good luck!

We are very excited to celebrate Nurses Week with the help of Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, RN! We first teamed up with Kelley earlier this spring and are continuing our partnership to recognize the important role nurses play in healthcare during this week-long event.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) designated the days of May 6–12 as permanent dates to observe National Nurses Week in 1994 and in all subsequent years. Within this week are other designated events, such as National RN Recognition Day on May 6th, National Student Nurses Day on May 8th, National School Nurse Day on the Wednesday of the celebrated week (this year, it falls on May 11th), and National Day of Advocacy for Nurses on May 12th. UA recognizes the importance of this week in honoring the nation’s indispensable registered nurses for their tireless commitment 365 days a year.

We promote this week each year to bring special attention and appreciation for the individuals that make up the nursing community. UA hosts a variety of special promotions, giveaways, and exclusive nurses pride items to help bring awareness and give back to these individuals.

Pride and Passion Scrubs

This year, UA partnered with Johnson to put together a special video in which Johnson talks about her inspiration for being a nurse and what it means to her.

“You absolutely have to follow the rule of doing what you love. So find what makes you happy and figure out a way to make a career out of it.” – Kelley Johnson, Miss Colorado, RN

The 2016 theme of National Nurses Week, as designated by the ANA, is “Creating a Culture of Safety.” ANA is asking all nurses to consider how they can individually and collectively work toward creating a culture of safety in their workplaces, which means ensuring not only the safety of their patients, but also their own safety. They are even hosting a contest on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #SafeNursesRock to promote the importance of safety in all healthcare environments.

Be sure to visit our own social media channels to enter special giveaways and receive special promotions happening throughout this week, beginning May 6!

Summer is quickly approaching, which means vacationing with loved ones and spending some time at the movies! There is quite a lineup of summer blockbusters this year, and Uniform Advantage has you covered with a line of Tooniforms print scrubs featuring all your favorite iconic characters!

1. The Jungle Book (in theaters now)

Cherokee Tooniforms Scrubs Man Cub Print Top

Style # CK6919MC

While the new revisited version of this classic may not appear as family-friendly at first glance, our Tooniforms scrub top features all the beloved characters from the original, making it the perfect choice for those working in pediatrics! Colorful and long-lasting, this Disney print scrub top features a v-neck styling and is 100% cotton. Match it with a pair of comfortable Cherokee Flexibles scrub pants and you are all set for the summer!

2. Captain America: Civil War (in theaters May 6th)

Cherokee Tooniforms Scrubs Heroes Men's Print Top

Style # CK6788HE

Featuring the superheroes Captain America and Iron Man, this men’s scrub top is both functional and timely! For easy access to all your medical instruments and tools, you will find a double chest pocket. The easy-care fabric is 100% cotton and is made to last. Coordinate with Cherokee Workwear Navy, Ceil Blue, or Red unisex scrub pants. Embody the everyday hero you are with this eye-catching Marvel scrub top.

3. Alice Through the Looking Glass (in theaters May 27th)

Cherokee Tooniforms Scrubs Alice's Tea Party Print Top

Style # CK681ATP

You’ll never lose your head with this Disney scrub top! Featuring all your favorite characters from the original Alice in Wonderland and the saying, “Curiouser and curiouser,” we make it easy to give your nursing wardrobe more personality and imagination. Soft knit side panels and binding keep your comfort foremost in mind, while the flowers and teacups add some extra color to the print. Don’t go mad with worry over what to wear this summer – Uniform Advantage has you covered!

4. Finding Dory (in theaters June 17th)

Cherokee Tooniforms Scrubs Who Are You? Print Top

Style # CK6834WY

Our favorite forgetful sidekick now has her own movie, along with her own Tooniforms scrub top! Put a smile on your patients’ faces with Nemo’s dad and Dory, featuring the text, “I’m sorry, who are you?” The print fabric is 100% cotton, but the knit trim is 88/12 polyester/spandex, providing you with more stretch and flexibility.


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