When you’re spending hours on your feet, proper medical shoes are essential to making it through your day comfortably and pain-free. Luckily, there are plenty of options for nursing shoes that fit the bill, with something sure to match any style.

If you don’t know where to begin in selecting the perfect shoe, start right here with our top picks for nursing shoes!

The Classic Pick

The clog originated in Holland and became popular as a work shoe because of their durability (they were made from wood, after all). Today, if you come across a nurse on the job, there’s a good chance they’ll be sporting some variation of the clog, and for good reason. Clogs are durable, provide lots of support, are generally easy to clean, and let’s not forget – comfortable. All of this adds up to a shoe that can withstand anything you’re sure to encounter on a long shift and the options are endless. Our picks for a clog include; the Professional Patent Leather Traditional Clog from Dansko, the Naples Rainbow Tooled Closed Back Patent Leather Clog from Klogs, and the Aztec Neria Pro II Embellished Clogs by Crocs.

dansko shoe
Professional Patent Leather Traditional Clog by Dansko
klogs shoe
Naples Rainbow Tool Clogged by Klogs
crocs shoe
Aztec Neria Pro II Embellished Clogs by Crocs

The Modern Pick

Despite Its unparalleled popularity in the nursing community, clogs aren’t for everyone. However, the demands of the job remain the same no matter what footwear you choose and being comfortable while being on your feet all shift is very important. Some caregivers prefer to wear athletic shoes on the job. With a midsole made from foam, the Fresh Foam Arishi by New Balance provides comfort similar to your favorite pair of slippers. With a breathable mesh upper, your feet will thank you when they’re still cool and dry at the end of the day.

new balance shoes
New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi

The Active Pick

If you’re a fitness fanatic or want to take a small step toward becoming one, consider the TRAQ line of shoes by Alegria. Featuring a smart chip embedded into the shoe, you can track your steps throughout your day when you pair your shoes to the accompanying smartphone app. There are many options to choose from the TRAQ line, but we’re especially fond of the Qwik Strap and QIN Black Nursing Shoes. Ditch the laces and reap the benefits of these easy on and off shoes, which are sure to come in handy at the end of that long and active shift.

TRAQ shoe
Qwik Strap Black Nursing Shoe
TRAQ shoe
QIN Black Nursing Shoe

The Fashion Pick

If you consider yourself more fashionable than the rest of your colleagues and terms like tapered and clean silhouette aren’t foreign to you, look no further than the Cherokee Infinity Rush Iridescent Slip On. It looks like your favorite casual sneaker, but comes with arch support, heel cupping, foam midsoles, and slip resistant outsoles. Even better, it pairs well with those joggers you’re all too familiar with.

Cherokee Infinity shoe
Cherokee Infinity Rush Iridescent Slip On

If a black shoe is more your style, check out the Tiburon Surf-Style Nursing Shoe from Klogs which offers excellent arch support, shock absorption, slip resistance, and a trendy look that’s sure to turn heads.

Tiburon Surf-Style Nursing Shoe by Klogs

No matter what style nursing shoe you choose, make sure it fulfills your individual needs and is able to withstand the daily grind that comes with long hours on your feet and constantly being on the move. At the end of that marathon shift, your feet will thank you!

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Nowadays, medical scrubs come in all sorts of different shapes, colors, and sizes. Because of all of the diversity in modern-day scrub attire, certain hospitals and medical institutions alike choose to implement a standard color-coded uniform for their employees. A color-coded scrub uniform has varying effects on caregivers, patients, and the hospital as a whole. Below is a list of five benefits to consider when making the decision to implement new color-coded scrub uniforms.

Patient Satisfaction

Keeping patients happy and healthy are two of the biggest responsibilities of any health facility.  Beside the moral obligation to ensure patient health, if the patients are also happy then they will likely return to the same facility and encourage their family and friends to do the same.  Repeat visits play an important role in the health business model.  A great way to promote comfort and happiness in patients is through coordinated uniforms.  Particularly in the hospital setting, patients have shown to exhibit higher levels of anxiety due to the unfamiliar environment.  According to an article written for The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, as much as 55% of patients struggle to identify who is entering their room and what department they work for.  This added level of stress that the majority of patients experience could be completely alleviated with a color-coded uniform that would clearly show who is who.

Employee Identity

In a modern-day hospital setting everybody wears scrubs and uniforms from the surgeons to the receptionist.  Combined with the sheer size of many hospitals, it can be rather difficult for employees to know who is doing what job.  Of course, there are badges with identifying information, but those are hard to read from afar.  In the case of an emergency it would be crucial to identify an employee at a glance.  You wouldn’t want to confuse a nurse with someone working in janitorial services.  By assigning specific colors to specific departments of a hospital, everyone’s role would become more apparent, which would benefit both patients and employees alike.  Police officers and firefighters are easily identifiable by their uniforms – health workers should be too.

Team Building

Much like professional sports players, healthcare workers can also receive a boost in morale and motivation when they feel as though they are part of a team.  A great way to unify employees like this is with color-coded uniforms.  Along with the sense of pride comes admiration from others as well.  Maybe a nursing assistant who wears green scrubs would idolize the blue scrubs worn by registered nurses.  The combination of pride and admiration creates a work culture where employees are happy and motivated to stay, which is especially important since nurse attrition rates are so high. 

Making Mornings Easy

A more personal benefit of implementing color-coded scrubs in a health facility is how simple it is getting ready for work.  Mornings can be tough, especially if you find yourself waking up from another long and extensive shift.  With color-coded scrubs you can cut down on the time you might spend picking an outfit and get a bit more sleep instead.  Some health workers express concern due to the limit they think they might be able to express themselves especially if they are limited to solid scrubs


Beyond just giving employees a clearer identity, color-coded scrubs could give any hospital or health facility a more cohesive identity overall.  Nowadays, patients have multiple options for healthcare facilities forcing these facilities to compete for patients.  Something as simple as dressing the same could give one facility the advantage over the other.

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The holidays are here and everyone is busy decking the halls, heading out to parties, and spreading holiday cheer. Do you need some inspiration to help find a great gift for a nurse that won’t break the bank? We’ve put together a list of amazing holiday gifts for healthcare professionals – and every one of them is under 20 dollars. Yes, please! Check out some of our favorites below and even more incredible gift ideas on our website.

Try a Tee.

Long-sleeve tees are always a hit. These super affordable knit tees are the perfect underscrubs.

Butter-Soft Scrubs by UA™ Crew Neck T-Shirt

Healing Hands Scrubs Purple Label Melissa Long Sleeve Tee

Happy Scrubs Graceful Knit Tee

Happy Scrubs Fly High Butterfly Burn Out Tee

Butter-Soft Movement Circe Long Sleeve Knit Tee

Prefer Cozy Socks?

These are not grammy’s compression socks – cute and comfy for the win!

Cutieful Doctor’s Choice Fixing Cuts, Injecting Butts Compression Socks – 8-15 mmHg

Prestige Heartbeat EKG Unisex Nurse Ankle Socks

Nurse Mates Pharmacy Shorty 3-Pack Anklet Socks

Think Medical Fashion Nurses Healthcare Compression Socks – 10-14 mmHg

Fun (and functional) Accessories

Betsey Johnson Cat Retractable ID Badge Holder

koi LED Leopard Spots Penlight

Let Them Choose.

Happy Holidays – Electronic Gift Card (Emailed)

Need stocking stuffers? Shop these gifts under 10 dollars.

Cheers and happy shopping!

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