It’s no secret that life as a caregiver can be pretty tough sometimes, but it doesn’t come without its fair share of benefits. We’re aiming to highlight some of the awesome aspects of wearing scrubs to work every day.

1. Being a Kid at Heart and at Work

Depending on the scrub policy at your workplace, print scrubs could add a whole new layer of variety to your professional wardrobe.  Many caregivers choose to wear print scrubs to appeal to children or their other patients who may be frightened by traditional scrubs.  Whatever the reason, being able to embrace your inner child with fun print designs will brighten anyone’s day for sure.

2. Keeping it Simple

Getting ready for work in the morning can sometimes be a bit of a frantic process, especially if you have kids.  However, if you get to wear scrubs to work you can rest easier knowing how simple it is to pick an outfit for the day.  According to The Telegraph, the average woman will spend nearly a year standing in front of her closet deciding what to wear for the day.  Picking a scrub outfit mainly breaks down to just choosing a color or combination of colors giving you one less thing to worry about on your busy mornings.

3. A Walking Backpack

Caregivers are constantly moving around with scissors, stethoscopes, IV caps, wipes, pens and more. With so much stuff and only two hands, caregivers have to rely on their pockets for additional space.  Thankfully, scrubs are made with plenty of available pockets to hold any and all medical accessories while still allowing freedom to move around.

4. Keeping You and Your Wallet Happy

We all love saving money.  Scrubs are long-lasting and fairly inexpensive especially when compared to typical business attire. The fade resistant material that scrubs are built with ensures that you won’t need to replace them too often. On the occasion where you do need to replace your scrubs, or if you simply want new ones, head over to our online store for all of the latest styles and deals.

5. New Day, New Look

Some hospitals require their employees to exclusively dress in certain colors.  It may feel like your options are limited, but that is not the case.  Scrubs come in a variety of different fits and styles from yoga pants to joggers.  In addition to varying styles there are also plenty of compression socks you can wear to add more flair to your look.  All of these options can help make every outfit feel fresh and new each day.

6. Standing Out for the Right Reasons

Much like a police officer or a fireman, a medical worker’s attire helps the public identify who is who.  Uniformed workers are treated with well-deserved respect inside and outside of their office.  Caregivers are so well regarded that some people will let you skip them in line for coffee if they see you wearing scrubs.  Beyond just the personal benefit, patients also place importance on being able to discern who is who in the hospital.

7. Hassle-Free

Another advantage scrubs have over typical business attire is the material.  Aside from just being comfortable, certain scrubs are made with wrinkle resistant material saving you time on ironing or trips to the dry cleaners.  The wash and wear fabric eliminates much of the hassle of washing and drying your work attire. 

8. It’s Pajama Day Everyday

Anyone who has ever worn or even just touched a pair of quality scrubs knows that they are built for comfort, much to the delight of caregivers everywhere.  Whereas many office workers are left to the discomforts of business attire, caregivers can rest easy with the coziness of scrubs.  However, not all scrubs are created equal, so it’s important to invest in scrubs with a fit and fabric tailored to your needs.

9. Separate Wardrobes

Aside from keeping patients safe, scrubs also keep the wearer protected from germs and any other less than clean substance one might encounter as a caregiver.  Some scrubs are made with moisture-wicking fabric to ensure that they stay as clean as possible.  Keeping your personal clothes separate keeps your clothes and your home much cleaner.

10. Finding Your Glass Slipper

Nothing is more frustrating than finding an outfit you like only to realize it doesn’t fit you.  Luckily, caregivers get to avoid this issue.  Big, small, short, or tall there is a scrub size for you.  With scrub sizes ranging from petite, plus size, or tall it is no struggle to find a perfectly fitting scrub set for yourself.  The addition of straps and drawstrings also allow for an even more tailored fit for your body type.

Feel free to leave us a comment if any of these advantages resonate with you or if you have your own personal benefit to share.

As fall rolls around, we know that October is creeping around the corner. That means pumpkin flavored everything, cozy weather & of course, Halloween! To many caregiver’s delight, Halloween also means fun spooky (and not-so-spooky) print scrubs to wear & more ways to get creative!

During fall, specifically the month of October, we also acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness month. We recognize the importance of raising awareness & providing support to those in need.

Here at Uniform Advantage, we want to help show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness & to spice up your Halloween gear – we have great Pink Ribbon Scrubs and Halloween Print Scrubs below! 

UA Pink Ribbon Passion Navy Print Scrub Top

This cotton/poly blend top has three large front pockets, side slits & a Pink Ribbon Print!

heartsoul Believe in Love V-Neck Print Scrub Top

This scrub top features both front & back yokes as well as two pockets. The poly/spandex blend makes it a stretchy & comfy top that’s perfect for a long shift!

Dickies EDS Be-Cause Of You Print Scrub Top

Feel at ease with this poly/spandex soft stretch scrub top! It features two front pockets & a pen slot.

Cherokee Tooniforms Disney Misfit Love Print Scrub Top

This Jack Skellington top from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” will definitely have you in the Halloween spirit! For storage, the scrub top also features two pockets.

UA Trick or Treat Black Rounded V-Neck Print Scrub Top

Be ready to Trick or Treat in this fun print top – It features side slits for a flattering fit & a total of five pockets!

UA Halloweb Dark Lilac Print Scrub Top

This comfy cotton/poly scrub top features a v-shaped neckline & side slits as well as two roomy pockets. Perfect for Halloween, perfect for a long shift!

UA Haunted House Royal Print Scrub Top

Just in time for Halloween! This top features side slits, and two side pockets. As an added bonus, it also has glitter features – count us in!

Show us your favorite Halloween prints and how you support Breast Cancer Awareness by tagging @uniformadvantage and using #adayinscrubs.

We going out of our comfort zone today and digging into the history of the lab coat. Why is it white? When did doctors start wearing lab coats? Any specific reason? So.many.questions.

The Physician’s Past

Before the 20th century, doctors typically dressed in somber black attire or street clothes reflecting their negative, unprofessional reputation. In the years predating critical scientific discoveries like antiseptics and anesthesia, medical school could be completed in just one year and the majority of medical tools and techniques were illegitimate and unsafe. Combined with a lack of proper sanitation, mortality rates were high while doctors’ reputations remained low. Fortunately, medical standards rose significantly in response to scientific advancements made in the early 20th century.

Scientific Intervention

Advancements like the discovery of germs and how they spread influenced doctors to discard their dirty, bloodstained garments and replace them with new white lab coats similar to those worn by well-regarded laboratory scientists. The initial intention behind the new white coat was to portray an image of cleanliness and purity to the wary public. The coat was also made to associate medical practice with reputable scientific research. Over time, women became more accepted in the field of medicine. With this change came the redesign of the traditional men’s lab coat to a new, updated design tailored towards women. This new women’s lab coat showcased the potential for improvement on the original, outdated design of the past. This redesign inspired other engineers and designers to pioneer even more features to improve on the traditional design resulting in the common white coat that doctors wear today.

Lab Coats Today

In more recent years, a hospital study conducted by St Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London found that 72% of hospital doctors wear white lab coats.  These doctors sited easy recognition by colleagues and patients, pocket access, and symbolizing cleanliness as primary reasons for choosing to wear their white coat.  Due to new discoveries like white coat syndrome, where patients exhibit higher blood pressure in clinical settings, and the possibility of long-sleeved coats carrying more bacteria, researchers face difficulty deciding if the white coat hurts or heals.  However, studies have shown that the general population of the public still prefers their doctors to wear white coats regardless of the theoretical downsides. 

With so many different colors, styles, and fits available, it can be challenging trying to find the perfect lab coat for your practice.  We have put together our own list of top lab coat picks for your convenience.  See the list below for our favorites or check out our website to explore even more options.

The UA Men’s 3/4 Length Lab Coat is all about practicality.  The comfortable and enduring twill fabric ensures you won’t need to replace this coat anytime soon.  In addition to two front pockets this coat comes with a chest pocket to provide plenty of space for your essentials.

The Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs Men’s Lab Coat is the perfect option for a physician with a lot of tools but not a lot of space.  This coat comes with six pockets: one chest welt pocket, two front patch pockets with seaming details, one welt pocket above the right patch pocket, and two interior pockets.  You’ll never run out of space with this coat!

The UA Butter-Soft STRETCH Jewel Neck Consultation Lab Coat is a bracelet sleeve length lab coat perfect for any looking for a modern fit.  The double ended front zipper and adjustable back sliders provide for a custom fit specific to your style.  This coat also comes with four large front pockets for ample storage space.

The UA Butter-Soft STRETCH 2 Pocket Lab Coat will keep you looking stylish and professional.  Its adjustable buttoned waistband and princess seams provide for a flattering fit.  The coat comes with two front pockets, a hidden cell phone pocket, and a pen slot to store your essentials.

The Butter-Soft Scrubs by UA Women’s Lab Coat is perfect for anyone looking for a functional, easy access lab coat with a bit more length.  The cuffed sleeves, notched collar, and piping detail all help to enhance the appeal of this coat.  It also has two large front pockets to hold your belongings.

The Dickies Unisex Lab Coat features a notched collar and four button front closure.  The chest pocket contains a pen and instrument slot for convenience.  Along with the two front pockets this coat has a side entry for pant pocket access.

Now go get yourself a sleek new white lab coat and share the history and significance behind it with your colleagues. Don’t forget to show us your new gear on Instagram by tagging @uniformadvantage and using #adayinscrubs.

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