Eat this, not that? Find out what’s healthier…

In this month’s issue, Shape confronts question thats on everyone’s mind when choosing a snack or meal option.  What’s healthier?  Below are a handful of food comparisons from Shape Magzine’s “What’s Healthier” article (you can find more in their article available online…but if you’re not interested in the details and just want to know the answer and only the answer, read on).  I insterted my own comments in italics for fun…

1. Glazed Doughnut or Bagel with Cream Cheese?  DOUGHNUTS. 

Pass the fried dough a-la-icing!

2. French Toast or Pancakes? FRENCH TOAST.

See you flat and round, hello fluffy and square.

3.  Potato Skins (with bacon) or Chicken Fingers? CHICKEN FINGERS.

Pass the fingers, I don’t want any skin.

4. Nuts or Dried Fruit? NUTS.

I’m guessing fresh fruit would be the best option overall.

5. Smoothie or Cereal with Fruit?  CEREAL.

Cereal it is (I hope Captain Crunch and Frosted Flakes count)!  But you can go for a smoothie if you make it with yogurt, fruit or nonfat milk.

6. Chicken Caesar Salad or Grilled Chicken Sandwich? GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH.

Caesar dressing has all the fat and cals, plus croutons and cheese…stay away!

7. Chicken Thighs or Pork Chop? PORK CHOP.

This answer was actually a big shocker to me.

8. Soft Pretzel or Hotdog?  SOFT PRETZEL.

Yay!  It’s the Soft Pretzel…just dust off some of that extra marble sized salt and it’s even better for you.

Hope you found these suggestions useful! 

Happy Healthy Eating,


Last Thursday, February 23rd, the Oprah Winfrey Show aired an exclusive interview between Oprah herself and David Arquette on Oprah’s “OWN” Network.  Aside from the riveting details revealed in the interview, there was something else we noticed during the interview.  It was none other than Oprah’s wardrobe!  Check out the photo below…does her top look familiar?

Is it just me or is she wearing a bow-front top!  Reminds me a little bit of our hot new style for Spring that is available in both prints and solids:

                                       UA784C in Party Peach                                          

ua784c party peach

  UA784BDA Budding Beauty

ua784bda budding beaty

Keeping an eye on fashion for you,


(Insert “Final Jeopardy” tunes here….)

Answer: Our St. Patrick’s Day scrubs, of course!

No need to rub your rabbit’s foot keychain, toss a pinch of salt over your shoulder or hang a clove of garlic in your house for a dose of good luck.  Just put on one of our St. Patrick’s Day themed scrubs and you can wear good luck charms all day.  No animal products, no sticky salt and no smelly garlic required!

H400DAY Irish for a Day

H400DAY Irish for a Day

H68LCK  Lucky Charm

H68LCK Lucky Charm





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