I can honestly say I have never heard someone use the pick-up line “What’s your sign?” nor have I heard that line used on someone else.  For some reason though, it’s one of those infamously, cheesy pick-up lines that no one uses but everyone knows.  As of last week, we may be hearing this “What’s your sign?” question used more often.  Nope, not as a pick-up line, but as a serious question.  If you haven’t heard the buzz about it yet, it turns out that some astronomers now are saying that the zodiac sign you once thought you had may not be correct.  Something about months shifting?  You can find out more on this new revelation at ABC.com.  What are your thoughts?  And what is your sign 😉 ?

Brrrr…it’s cold out there

We know the severe winter weather that hit several parts of the country last week affected many of you, so we hope everyone is recovering safely!  At Uniform Advantage, safety is a priority, and due to freezing weather, sleet and snow, we had closed our Georgia Distribution Center for a couple of days last week.  Consequentially, this may have affected your order.  So we thank you for your patience, and apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.  Since some of the ice and snow has melted (see pictures below), we’ve been working hard on getting everything back up and running.  Again, thank you for understanding, and you will get your order soon!

Stay warm out there,

Uniform Advantage

Uniform Advantage Georgia Distribution Center

Uniform Advantage Georgia Distribution Center

We had 10 great compliments on our blog post this past Win-It Wednesday, and we really appreciate it!  I mean, who doesn’t love a good compliment, right?  So thank you to everyone for your comments.  We randomly selected 5 comments to receive the $25 gift card, and the winners are:

  1. Kelly
  2. Jessica
  3. Mandy
  4. Listina
  5. Sharon

Congrats!  An email was sent to you yesterday requesting your mailing address.  If you did not receive the email yet, please email me (Hannah) at hmasimore@uniformadvantage.com.  We want to make sure you get your prize of course.  And if you did not win this go around, we will definitely have more Win-It Wednesdays in the future, so don’t give up!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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