Last Thursday, February 23rd, the Oprah Winfrey Show aired an exclusive interview between Oprah herself and David Arquette on Oprah’s “OWN” Network.  Aside from the riveting details revealed in the interview, there was something else we noticed during the interview.  It was none other than Oprah’s wardrobe!  Check out the photo below…does her top look familiar?

Is it just me or is she wearing a bow-front top!  Reminds me a little bit of our hot new style for Spring that is available in both prints and solids:

                                       UA784C in Party Peach                                          

ua784c party peach

  UA784BDA Budding Beauty

ua784bda budding beaty

Keeping an eye on fashion for you,


(Insert “Final Jeopardy” tunes here….)

Answer: Our St. Patrick’s Day scrubs, of course!

No need to rub your rabbit’s foot keychain, toss a pinch of salt over your shoulder or hang a clove of garlic in your house for a dose of good luck.  Just put on one of our St. Patrick’s Day themed scrubs and you can wear good luck charms all day.  No animal products, no sticky salt and no smelly garlic required!

H400DAY Irish for a Day

H400DAY Irish for a Day

H68LCK  Lucky Charm

H68LCK Lucky Charm





Over the past several months there have been numerous articles warning consumers about the increase in cotton prices around the world.  Who would have thought such a light, white and fluffy crop would be sticking its sharp thorns into consumer’s wallets at such a rapid rate!?!

A combination of several factors has caused the price of cotton to more than double during the past year.  First, there’s the increase in demand for cotton, which has lead to a shortage of crops.  Additionally, the increase in demand brought in more competition, and more competition + a shortage means higher prices for manufacturers, and in turn, the consumer.  And according to an article in Bizmology this month, the federal government revealed information that an even steeper shortfall in global cotton production is expected for the future.  Finally, dismal weather conditions in India, Australia and Pakistan left significant damage to their cotton crops, resulting in an even greater shortage. 

What does all this mean?  It means that a trickle-down effect will start to impact the price of consumer products over the next year, if it hasn’t already.  The New York Times reported that big companies like Levi’s and Hanesbrands have already started to increase the price of their cotton-based products late last year, due to the increase prices on their end.  Unfortunately, this cotton shortage may end up impacting everything from your favorite pair of jeans to those comfy scrubs you wear to work.  Hopefully things will start to look up over time, but until then, we wanted to keep you in-the-know!

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