UA vs. The Runway

It’s UA versus The Runway this Spring 2011 season, and we are out to match those Spring fashion trends and themes that took over the runways during fashion week!  You may be thinking, since when did scrubs lend themselves to the top trends of the season, and how do they actually compare?  Well, look no further, beloved UA fans, because we’ve got the hottest looks for scrubs available this Spring. 

Start shopping, get your look popping, because there’s no stopping you, divas of the healthcare field!

Three hot trends we’d like to point out:

70s Glamour and 60s Ladylike

Just when you thought Mad Men couldn’t get any more popular, the fashion industry took on the style of hit show.  Think Betty Draper meets Marc Jacobs and you have a hit piece right there!

Key look: neat bow-blouses with billowing sleeves

~ Marc by Marc Jacobs ~

Marc by Marc Jacobs

~ UA784DBA Budding Beauty Banan-Appeal ~

 UA784DBA Budding Beauty Banan-Appeal 


~ Moschino ~


~ U784OAC Opposites Attract Coffee ~

U784OAC Opposites Attract Coffee 


It may not be summer just yet, but nautical stripes are a common theme for Spring 2011…especially the classic navy and white palatte.

Key look: navy and white horizontal stripes

~ Jil Sander ~

Jil Sander

~ U28EFN Eco Flower Navy ~

U28EFN Eco Flower Navy

Garden Prints

Hot on the runway for Spring 2011 were prints with roses—you love to get roses, and now you’ll love to wear them! 

Key look: roses

~ D&G ~


~ WT73BED Bed of Roses Carib Cool ~

WT73BED Bed of Roses Carib Cool


~ Nanette Lepore ~

Nanette Lepore

~ PC62ROM Romantic Rose ~

PC62ROM Romantic Rose

Check out a short clip from a home video of the Uniform Advantage Spring 2011 Fashion Show we held during our company holiday party back in December!  Our Spring 2011 product is coming soon, so we hope you like this mini-preview 🙂

UA Spring 2011 Fashion Show Home Video Clip

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