Congratulations to Martha Scott, RN for being our 4th winner in our Nurses Week Contest!  Here is why Martha loves being a nurse:

“Nursing has helped me grow so much as a person!! It gives me A VERY HIGH LEVEL OF SATISFACTION AND CONTENTMENT, as I have learned not to worry about what the other person is thinking about me, but instead to focus my heart of compassion totally upon the patient and his/her needs. I love having the ability and freedom to make a person more comfortable physically, and emotionally, and to support a person’s spiritual beliefs in the process!! NURSING IS AN AMAZING PROFESSION, AND I AM SO GLAD I CHOSE IT 42 years ago!!! :) ”

We have three more days in the Nurses Week Contest left, meaning three more chances for you to win!  Leave us a comment and let us know why you love being a nursehere!

Congratulations to Jessica F. for being our third winner in our Nurses Week Contest!  Here is why Jessica loves being a nurse:

“I love helping people get back on the job. I love my job, I’m so lucky to have the best job in the world!”

Thank you to everyone who has commented so far…remember, you have until end of day on Thursday to comment on our Nurses Week Contest Post to let us know why you love being a nurse!

Have a good week!

Congratulations to Meredith Duggan, our second recipient of the $25 E-Gift Card from Uniform Advantage!  When asked why she loves being a nurse, Meredith answered:

“I love being a nurse because it keeps my heart full and gives my life purpose. It is a great feeling knowing that you touched someone’s life just because you gave them some TLC when they needed it. It’s a job where you use your brain and your heart. You might not always get a “thank you” but, it’s thanks enough seeing your patient’s health improve due to your care.”

You still have 5 more chances to win a $25 E-gift card!  If you’ve already left your comment in our Nurses Week Contest blog post, you’re still in the running.  If not, make sure to check out our post and leave your own comment on why you love being a nurse!

Happy Nurses Weekend!

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