Out of 21 contestants (including our loyal Facebook commenters), we randomly chose two comments to win the Uniform Advantage $10 e-gift card.  So…congratulations to Bridgett Harvey and Amanda Beckett!  Someone from Uniform Advantage should be contacting you soon with prize details.

Thank you to everyone who participated!   Everyone answered correctly: the print was Lady Bug Charm, which we have available in a Scallop Neck Top and Ruffle Empire Mock Wrap Top.

Can’t wait for our next Win-It Wednesday Contest! 

~ Hannah

Think Easter Egg Hunt but for grown ups…today’s Win-It Wednesday Contest is a not hunt for eggs but a hunt for a print! 

Below is a close up image of one of the prints on our site…can you guess which print it is?  Comment below and tell us your answer!  And because one print often comes in several different styles, you only need to tell us the name of the print.   For example, the name of the print located here is “Berry Sweet.”

Which print am I?

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 9 am EST, we will randomly choose two winners to receive a $10 e-gift card for Uniform Advantage!  So start hunting, find the answer and comment below.  Don’t forget to check back on our blog tomorrow to see who won!  I will make sure to put a new post up announcing the winners.

Hint: you can start searching for the print on our Women’s Tops page!

Happy Hunting!


Happy Monday, Everyone! 

Because we all love talking and sharing the things we love, we at UA have decided to start a new section of our blog dedicated to just this.  First it was Win-It Wednesdays (we have one coming soon FYI)…now we’re starting a new section called “Five Things”.   In these posts, we will let you know 5 things some of us at UA are loving now…including our favorite scrub top! 

Please feel free to leave us a comment and tell us what you’re loving now!  It doesn’t have to be related to medical uniforms (although we wouldn’t mind)…whatever you’re loving now, we want to hear it!

So, here’s what we are loving now:

  1. Love and support from co-workers while I was sick (It’s always nice and comforting to have love and support from those around you)
  2. A cappella (Who doesn’t love a beautiful song when the only instruments are vocal chords?)
  3. Mercury being in Retrograde (So no matter what happens, you can just blame Mercury! You accidentally ate your co-workers lunch?  That’s okay! Mercury made you do it.)
  4. Office potlucks (you should have seen the array we had last Friday…spinach dip, cake, pie, cobbler, brownies, wings, veggies, fruit, sandwiches, chips, chicken salad…it was delicious!)
  5. Women’s Spot On Melon Mock Wrap Scrub Top ~ UA28SOM

Women's Spot On Melon Mock Wrap Scrub Top ~ UA28SOM

Have a great week!


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