Eko Stethoscope NOW Available at Uniform Advantage

Here at Uniform Advantage, we have more than just medical scrubs. We always have the latest in medical uniform trends and technology. The EKO DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope is more than your average stethoscope!

You deserve the right tools to give your patients the best care. This medical tool enables clinicians to get a comprehensive view of cardiovascular function without a costly or time consuming work-up. This awesome tool features 60X amplification with 12 volume settings, 4 selectable audio filters, and many other features for ease of use and accuracy. Other features include:

  • On/Off Toggle with Auto Shutoff
  • Notification Light
  • Record Button
  • Single Lead ECG with 2 Stainless Steel Electrodes
  • High Pass Filter
  • Selectable Mains Files
  • 500HZ Sampling Rate.

Additionally, the EKO Duo ECG & Stethoscope has Bluetooth wireless and wired 3.5 mm threaded connectivity that is both IOS and Android compatible. The EKO DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope’s Bluetooth functionality allows for safe auscultation even when working with infectious patients, such as someone with Covid-19. Additionally, you can use this tool with or without earpieces. It is made of 6061 machined aluminum and high impact ABS thermoplastic, no latex or phthalate plasticizers and is 31 1/2″ long.

Did you know that the DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope is the first and only FDA-cleared combined digital stethoscope and Single-lead ECG?

What does this tech allow for?

EKO technology integrates AI-powered insight to improve monitoring and detection of cardiovascular disease. EKO software allows digitization of clinical exams creating cardiac care that is more data driven than before; in fact it can be this data that allows doctors to better understand patients’ needs and take the proper steps.

With cardiac disease as one of the leading causes of death, the EKO mission is to create a less invasive way to screen, monitor and personalize patient care….and EKO does just that. Additionally, EKO’s new tech allows sounds to be amplified and even visualized for doctors and patients to look at and understand together. With this new tech, data can be securely saved and shared to guarantee optimal care.

Shop the best Stethoscope brands & Digital Stethoscopes at Uniform Advantage.

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