Feeling Empowered in the Medical Community

At Uniform Advantage, we feel it is important to understand our medical community & learn about their experiences. We asked our friends in the medical field to share with us what makes them feel empowered at work.

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PICU Nurse Malika

“I feel empowered when I turn my dreams into reality”

Nurse Malika is a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Nurse and she is always running around on the job! Nurse Malika has such an important job working with young children who cannot advocate for themselves and may not understand their medical situations. As a PICU nurse, not only is she making her own dreams a reality, but she is also helping other achieve their dreams!

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Follow Nurse Malika on Instagram for workouts, food pics & day-in-the-life nursing posts @love_not_spoiled.

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Nurse Manami

“I feel empowered when I see my patients smile”

Nurse Manami is a CNA, but she doesn’t stop there. She is also currently an aspiring trauma nurse! You can follow her ups & downs as a nurse and during her trauma nurse journey on her awesome Instagram.

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Follow Nurse Manami on Instagram @prenursing_manami to see what life as a nurse and as a student is really like!

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Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Bre

“I feel empowered when I make my patients feel special”

Breonna works tirelessly to provide the best care for her patients. While she many often treat a patient’s condition, Breonna remembers to care for the patient in addition to their condition!

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Breonna makes her patients feel special each day! Take a moment to check out her Instagram @brethegnp to make her feel special!

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Travel Nurse Chi

“I feel empowered when I successfully educate my patient”

Nurse Chi is a travel nurse! This past year she did invaluable work caring for homeless and other vulnerable populations during the pandemic. That’s not all, she also worked as a community health nurse! Those are just a few examples of how inspirational, hardworking, and awesome she is!

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Thank Nurse Chi for all of her exceptional work! Find her on Instagram @iamjsutchi and follow her day to day nurse updates!

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Medical Student Nayiri

“I feel empowered when I challenge self-limiting thoughts.”

Nayiri is a medical student who works to not only challenge her self-limiting thoughts, but to encourage others to do the same. Her Instagram profile is filled with positivity, medical school stories, life updates, tips for a healthy life & of course, food.

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See her educational & inspirational posts on Instagram @cleanedmy_plate!

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Dr. Calish

“I feel empowered when I am able to recognize what is holding me back and that imposing limitations are imagined.”

Dr. Calish shares dental knowledge, tips, and accomplishments on his Instagram account. You can learn why dentists make stone models of teeth and a new workout routine all in one place! He does not let his imagined limitations hold him back in school, in the office, or in the gym.

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Make sure to check out Dr. Calish’s profile @doctor.calish on Instagram!

Makes sure to check out these inspirational medical professional’s Instagram accounts! @mykylacolemansn, @littlenursejade, @dr.biancavaleyo, @qttrbug, @dr.ritadds

Today we challenge you to take a moment and think about what makes you feel empowered! We would love to see you make similar signs and share this with us on Instagram.

Please make sure to tag @uniformadvantage in your posts and use hashtags #uniformadvantage #adayinscrubs.

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