Pink: More Than A Pretty Color!

Nearly everyone has been impacted by breast cancer at some point in their lives: had a friend, a co-worker, or a family member that was diagnosed. Breast cancer is the leading cancer in women & second most common cancer overall. That is why Uniform Advantage® has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® to support research and raise awareness of breast cancer. Uniform Advantage® has donated $20,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® to support their efforts towards advancing the world’s most promising breast cancer research. Don’t worry, we made sure that you can help too! You can make a donation on, and even learn about ways to fundraise safely from home. No amount is too small, and every dollar donated helps fund lifesaving research.

BCRF is the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world, whose mission is to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research. BCRF-funded investigators have been behind every major breakthrough in breast cancer research, and the field is moving fast than ever, so we can’t stop now. You can visit to learn how to help fuel research.

Raising Awareness: Doctors & Nurses Helping UA & BCRF

Nurse Hailey in Easy Stretch
Meet Nurse Hailey: Recent Grad & Rehab Nurse

We love Nurse Hailey, BSN, RN at Uniform Advantage. She uses her platform on Instagram to share information, study habits, and more with followers in the medical field. This October, Nurse Hailey dedicated a post to raising Breast Cancer Awareness & encouraging her followers to help BCRF’s mission!

Get Nurse Hailey’s Look:

Find Nurse Hailey on Instagram @nurse_hailey_

Nurse Jackie in Butter-Soft Stretch
Surgical Oncology Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie works with cancer patients each day so she truly knows the impact it has on patients and their loved ones. Working with vulnerable patients takes a special person; this is why we are so proud to work with Nurse Jackie! She works to educate and connect with her followers by sharing personal anecdotes, encouraging stories, and other helpful information for those in the medical field. This month Nurse Jackie shared information about Breast Cancer and BCRF!

Like her Fuchsia Scrubs?

Find Nurse Jackie on Instagram @nursingwithjackie

Nurse Jade in Butter-Soft Stretch
Nurse Jade

As Nurse Jade says, in October we wear Pink! Nurse Jade is spending the month of October sharing stats, stories and tips to stay educated about breast cancer on her Instagram page. Nurse Jade uses her Instagram to inform viewers what nurse life is like; she shares content ranging from food she eats, and adventures she takes, to insight she learns on the job.

Loving Her Look in?

Find Nurse Jade on Instagram @littlenursejade

Nursing Student Brittany
Learn From Pre-Nursing Student Brittany

Pre-Nursing Student Brittany shares tender anecdotes from her day reminding followers to embrace their flaws, appreciate themselves & many other encouraging and positive lessons. Her stories and tips also give followers a peak into her day as a nursing student sharing her successes and challenges!

Shop Her Style?

Find Pre-Nursing Student Brittany on Instagram @herlifeinscrubs

 The Breast Cancer Research Foundation has provided 9 Key Steps to Lower the Risk of Breast Cancer to share with you all: 

  1. Keep weight in check 
  2. Be physically active 
  3. Avoid too much alcohol 
  4. Don’t smoke 
  5. Breastfeed if possible 
  6. Avoid birth control pills 
  7. Avoid postmenopausal hormones 
  8. Find out your family history 
  9. If high risk, consider risk-reducing medications 

We hope that you learned about Breast Cancer and some of heroes who work each day to protect those in need. If you are looking to add some pink to your wardrobe this October you can shop pink solid scrubs and pink ribbon prints!

Please make sure to tag @uniformadvantage & @bcrfcure in your posts and use hashtags #uniformadvantage #adayinpinkscrubs 

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