5 Compelling Reasons Teachers Should Wear Scrubs

As schools plan for reopening in the fall, it is not business as usual. Teachers will play a vital role assisting with more frequent cleaning and sanitizing, and adding scrubs as a dress code option makes perfect sense. Scrubs offer a clean, professional appearance; serious durability; are budget-friendly; loads of pockets for storage; and are easy to disinfect at home.

5 reasons teachers should consider scrubs for work:

  1. Clean, professional appearance
  2. Durability
  3. Easy to care for and disinfect
  4. Pockets for storage
  5. Budget-friendly

In the past, scrubs were thought of as baggy, boxy, pajama-type clothes in some type of green color that reminded you of surgery. Today’s scrubs are not that. Updated fabric blends, form-flattering, fashion-forward designs in dozens of colors make it possible to have it all – comfort + function + style.

1. Clean, professional appearance

Administrators may worry updating the current dress code for teachers to include scrubs and comfortable clothing leaves “comfortable clothing” up to interpretation and opens the door for sloppier wardrobe choices. Scrubs offer a chance to guide staff toward options that support a clean, professional appearance – enhancing the school’s ability to maintain the appearance standard they want.

woman in teal scrubs on cell phone
woman in royal blue scrubs
man in pewter scrubs on tablet

Look for designs that are both flattering for a professional appearance and cut right to allow for maximum movement.

2. Durability

What you wear matters.

Fabric blends with spandex or knit allow for more range of motion, helping reduce body friction and fatigue for more comfort on the longest days. We break down the most popular fabrics used to make scrubs here.

More Durable

Washing is still the best defense from germs and harmful fluids; after 30 washes our garments outperform other national brands with less fading, puckering, shrinking, wrinkling and piling. You can learn more about how popular scrub brands really wash-and-wear here.


Well-sewn garments with reinforced stress points stand up to tough on-the-job demands. Designs that incorporate small details like side slits at the hem offer more comfort and flexibility through the hips.

Body Temperate

Popular scrub brands offer options like different fabric weights and technologies to help keep you comfortable all day. There are also a number of layering options, like tees and vests.

The Right Material

Fabric plays a key role in performance, appearance and comfort; new lightweight synthetics are wrinkle-free with moisture-wicking properties and plenty of stretch. The newer fabrics hold their shape for a polished look. Breathable, soft and no iron required.

Cut Right

Designs that are both flattering for a professional appearance and cut right to allow for maximum movement. The variety of styles evolves and grows every day. There really is something for everyone – classic, form-flattering, fashion-forward, extended sizes, petite and tall inseams.

3. Easy to care for and disinfect

Scrubs can be disinfected at home.

To properly disinfect scrubs, garments should be washed twice.

  • Wash separately from other clothes
  • Check for stains and treat as necessary
  • First wash: cold water and laundry detergent on normal setting
  • Second wash: hot water and laundry detergent on normal setting
  • Tumble dry with high heat

Pro tips for scrub care:

  • To set the color of new scrubs, use half a cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle of your first wash
  • Turn scrubs inside out to reducing pilling and wear-and-tear on custom embroidery
  • Check for stains before putting scrubs in the dryer – high heat tends to “set” stains
  • Dry scrubs on high heat for at least 30 minutes to maximize germ killing
  • Ironing is an additional step that applies heat and helps remove any remaining germs

Scrubs are easier to clean. You don’t have to worry about ruining them. You put them in high temperature hot water and if they come out a little faded, you are not going to worry that it is not your best clothing. So we said why not

Dr. Ricardo López, Superintendent, Garland Independent School District

Some school districts, like Garland ISD and Lancaster ISD, are allowing teachers to wear scrubs if they are coming back to the classroom in the fall. District superintendents came to the decision after an online forum requested the change in dress code. Read the full story here.

4. Pockets for storage

Hand sanitizer, wipes, tissues, hair ties, id badge, cell phone – stowing all your gear is a necessity when you are on the go in a busy classroom. Scrub tops, pants, jackets and vests have so many clever design options – like hidden cell phone pockets and badge holders – there is a style that suits everyone’s needs. Check out our favorites here.

5. Budget-friendly

Compare the cost of new scrubs to a more traditional teacher wardrobe

The article brings up a good point – there are going to be a lot of new cleaning protocols in place, so why worry about ruining your favorite blouse or skirt at work?

For comparison sake, let’s suppose a teacher’s staple wardrobe includes these essentials:

  • 2-3 sturdy pairs of shoes (flats)
  • Cardigans
  • Black and/or gray slacks
  • Polos or shirts in the school’s colors
  • A quality winter coat (especially important for recess duty in the winter)
  • A dress to wear on professional development days
  • A blazer, which instantly makes any outfit appear more professional

How much does the average teacher spend on these basic wardrobe pieces? $750 per year? More? Less? (Teachers, jump in… I’m really just guessing here, but trying to keep it realistic.)

Now, consider wearing scrubs in the classroom, five days a week:

  • One set per work day: 5 sets of scrubs (a set being a top and bottom)
  • Cost of one set: $50 (could be more, could be less, depending on brand and style)
  • Total investment is $250
  • That could be doubled to add variety and still come in around $500 for the whole year!

A good pair of scrubs holds up through at least 30 washes, so theoretically, teachers can buy uniforms once each school year.

The take-away here is this: scrubs are a real, viable option for teachers and staff returning to school campuses this fall. They check all the boxes for proper attire for teachers and make so much sense. With all the fabric, color and style choices out there, teachers won’t feel like they have to sacrifice their individuality and sense of style.


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Our team also pulled together a selection of our top-sellers from our favorite scrub collections – you can see them here.

Teachers – Thank you for your courage and dedication in these unprecedented times. You are an inspiration and we are forever grateful.

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  1. A little over $200 and I have 10 tops and 6 pants. They are so comfortable that this teacher will probably wear them after the pandemic. Besides I chose print tops that really don’t look like scrubs.

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