Words From Our Healthcare Heroes

Here at Uniform Advantage, we want to take the time to thank our caregivers for their sacrifice and unwavering commitment to their patients—the countless hours and fearlessness do not go unnoticed. We especially want them to know how much we appreciate them during the COVID-19 pandemic. It takes a superhero to do what they do, and they do it every single day.

We reached out to some of our healthcare heroes and brand ambassadors for their words of encouragement, tips on staying healthy and how they’re coping. We hope their words of hope and positivtity fill you with the encouragement you need to continue fighting the fight.

On Coping…

These are difficult, unplanned times where everything is up in the air. We’re scared, anxious and stressed. Our caregivers are dealing with all of these emotions and still show up to work to keep us safe. Here are their words of encouragement to their communities, and the ways that they’re coping:

“Hey, healthcare workers! You are very much appreciated. This has been really crazy times the past couple of weeks. Continue to push through, we got this! Please take the time to decompress, take care of your mental, physical and spiritual health! Stay safe, protect yourself! Praying for everyone on the front-line.”
@_nurseshan, ICU Pediatrics Nurse

“I’m just so happy to see everyone banding together on social media. Thanks for keeping our spirits high. ❤”
@sparklyscrubs, Nursing

“It’s been such an unprecedented time for healthcare providers, but we’re pushing on through!”
@chroniclesofnursing, Registered Nurse

“Keep doing what you’re doing, practice social distancing, promote positivity, and support others ☺. That’s all we can do.”
@ambergoodfit, Registered Nurse

“Find something that makes you happy, and take some time on your days off to dedicate it to that. Having a hobby that can take your mind off of everything for even a few hours is great for your mental health☺!”
@cassiekaygee, Registered Nurse

“Hi friends! I’m currently hanging out and #socialdistancing with family this week after having to cancel my last vacation before second year of residency begins in July. My co-residents are currently holding down the fort over at Medical City Fort Worth, where we’ve had 3 confirmed positive COVID cases so far. I just wanted to give them a HUGE shoutout for continuing to work hard and help others during all this COVID-19 madness! While I’m bummed about my trip getting canceled, I’m super blessed to have had this time to relax and recharge safely at home, but the doctor in me can’t wait to jump back out on the front lines and help those who need it most! Thank you to EVERYONE in healthcare who is working tirelessly around the clock to treat patients and ensure the wellness of others, while continually putting yourself second. Your work is SO appreciated and does not go unnoticed! Hope y’all are doing well and staying healthy and safe during these unprecedented times! Xoxo, Megs “
@doctor.megs, Resident

On Becoming Our Future Heroes…

Our heroes in training have been affected by this pandemic, too. Despite the hardships, they continue to support their community and spread kindness.

“I’d like to share support for my fellow nursing students. Many of us are no longer allowed into hospitals, therefore, we cannot complete our clinical hour requirements, nor can we go in and help our preceptor nurses. I would like for them to stay strong, and do all they can to help their community and our fellow nurses -follow guidelines and donate blood if possible. Most importantly, continue to study hard because soon it will be us on the floor.”
@ivanaacecilia, Nursing Student

“It is so true that we are running out of PPEs, hand sanitizers, and disinfecting wipes as well unfortunately… Now we are going through such a hard time. We all have to work together and help each other. We got this! We are going to beat this virus! We are here to care for our patients. So, please stay home and stay safe. Also, please, please wash your hands well! For 20 seconds! Rub hands well.”
@manami_prenursing, Nursing Student

“As a healthcare staff, it has been difficult to manage work while providing the best precautionary measures due to lack of supplies, healthcare staff, and rising cases of COVID-19 patients. Hospitals are running low on medications, ventilators and masks. This stress load creates work-burnout.
In the midst of this chaos, I also happen to be a full time student. Harvard is still going and classes remain online only. I am busy for most of my time, but still grateful I get to contribute and help my community even during this vulnerable time. Times like these serve as great reminder of what truly matters in life, and that is our health. My best advice for everyone would be to stay home. Practice appropriate hand-washing. Practice appropriate glove usage. Practice appropriate social distancing. CDC and WHO have great resources and recommendations for these protocols.”
@lemon.premed, MBiotech Candidate

On Being Our Front line Warriors…

It’s scary out there. There’s no doubt about it. That doesn’t stop courageous caregivers from battling this pandemic head on. Below are some of the experiences from the warriors on the front line.

“This is an extremely stressful time for all of us in healthcare, especially those of us who work in the emergency room. Some tips I could say that would help in such difficult times is reposting preventative steps or hand washing techniques for the public. The media is focusing a lot on the numbers and not enough on the facts that they can do as the public.”
@nurseileana, Registered Nurse

“As a nurse, I’m taking a great risk in caring for my patients. Even with the shortages in masks and the lack of protection that we have, we manage to show up. When they ask why do we do it? I simply reply, ‘wouldn’t you?’ This is what we signed up for, and this is what makes nursing selfless. Some may call it the “Art of Nursing”, I simply call our action…. Being human!”
@jenndelarosafrias, Neurology/Neurosurgery Nurse 

“Being a critical care nurse, I have seen it all. I just want everyone to stay healthy and be able to contribute to the community as much as they can. The simplest thing to do while in the midst of this pandemic, is to stay home, wash your hands, and practice safe handling which is covering your cough/sneeze. During this time, we have to continue to spread love and positive energy. Make sure we’re taking care of ourselves and protecting our loved ones. Time can only tell, but we will be able to overcome all of this madness and be stronger than ever. As a health care professional, we are doing the best that we can to help save lives ❤️.”
@jackykingsada, Registered Nurse/Nurse Injector

“Being that I am a nurse in a long-term facility, COVID-19 for me personally, is more about reassuring my geriatric residents that everything will be okay. I encourage them to look at the positive side of things, and while it seems like they are “stuck”, they are safe and there are other ways to communicate with their families at this time, such as via telephone. Tips I recommend during this time are hand hygiene, staying hydrated/resting as much as you can. Also, try to unplug when you can, because the media coverage can be very draining.
I encourage all to take Vitamin C and Zinc to boost your immune system. When you come home from work, leave all your belongings in the garage and wash it right away so that you don’t put your loved ones at risk. I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. For the general public, I encourage everyone to thank nurses and check on us, sometimes a simple thank you goes a long way! Additionally, as stated by @Nursesonja on Instagram, the general public can help us nurses by ‘1. donating personal protective equipment, 2. donating blood, 3. fueling the frontline with food or coffee, 4. donating cleaning and laundry supplies, and last but not least, changing their mindset and realizing staying at home is a privilege.’ “
@nursingwithjoy, Licensed Practical Nurse

“We don’t want to be shunned for doing our jobs. Yes you’re scared we are caring for patients who have it, but luckily we’re provided with protective equipment for the most part (as long as people stop stealing from hospitals). We have to self isolate when we go home to protect our families. We’re scared that we just saw our parents last week, and what if we brought something over to their house and they get sick because they’re older? We’re nervous about becoming short staffed when staff start to get the virus and can’t come in. We’re worried about our families or significant others not being able to work and help pay bills. We’re worried about people losing their mind and becoming violent, because that’s what happens when people are scared.
But the WORLD STILL TURNS. Days don’t stop. THE SUN RISES EVERY DAY. Bills have to be paid. Patients have to be taken care of. POSITIVITY needs to be spread. So we wake up, shake off our emotions, we mentally prepare for possibly having an insane day. We dedicate ourselves to caring for the community and making sure our patients get the best care. And, when we leave, we’re just so grateful to have jobs during this dangerous pandemic….Then we go home and strip our clothes off at the door, burn our bodies in hot water, eat, and pass out in hopes people everywhere are doing their part and staying safe.”
@samanthatepp, Registered Nurse

In the end, we know all the resilience and dedication from our caregivers will help beat this pandemic. Every single role on this battlefield is important, and we have no doubt that we will win. THANK YOU, caregivers. We appreciate you so much.

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