Top 5 Trends in Scrub Wear

Fashion changes constantly with the times and sometimes repeats itself as well. There’s no reason your medical scrubs styles should be left in the dust. We’ve compiled the top 5 trends in Medical Scrub wear to keep you looking good and feeling good all-shift-long.

Contemporary Athletic Style Scrubs

Step up your scrubs collection with new Athletic styles. These tops come in fabrics that keep you cool and have plenty of storage pockets. Athletic scrubs and designed to be long-lasting, flexible and sporty.

Athletic scrubs work as hard as you do and come in a variety of colors from top brands like Butter-Soft Stretch, Barco, Cherokee, Healing Hands and more.

Finish your look with lightweight, yet durable medical sneakers for the support you need to run a longer shift.

Stylish Tuck-In Scrub Tops

Are you left with the decision every day to tuck in or not to tuck in your scrub top? We have options especially for you!

These V-neck tops are designed with single chest pockets and side slits so you can wear them tucked in or out, without sacrificing those much-needed pockets.

Comfy Jogger Scrub Pants

Jogger scrub pants keep up with your every step and are the perfect match to your tuck-in top. Joggers have elastic cuffs at the ankle which allow them to move more with you so you can stay comfortable all shift long.

We have joggers for women and men from your favorite brands, including Butter-Soft, Infinity, WonderWink and more!

Trendy Ombre Designs

Ombre designs are the new look for the fashion-forward scrub lover. They are the perfect combination of a modern look with all of the features and functionality you need in a scrub top.

You can have both comfort and style in ombre designs. But don’t stop at your scrub top! We have medical nursing bags in ombre colors also!

Fun Compression Socks

Compression Socks are becoming more and more essential to a caregiver’s wardrobe. Compression socks apply varying pressure amounts to your feet, ankles and legs to promote healthy blood flow.

Compress Socks are made for high performance by helping to control odor, regulate temperature and minimize swelling. Bonus – a lot of Compression Socks come in fun designs and colors. Let your feet have some fun too!

What Scrub Trend is your favorite? Let us know in the comments and share your looks with us on Instagram, tag @uniformadvantage and #adayinscrubs!

One Comment on “Top 5 Trends in Scrub Wear

  1. I like that you mentioned having compression socks with fun designs on them. My wife is a very colorful person and wearing scrubs has always made her kind of sad. I think I will get her a bunch of fun socks for her birthday that is coming up!

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