Our Top Picks for Nursing Shoes

When you’re spending hours on your feet, proper medical shoes are essential to making it through your day comfortably and pain-free. Luckily, there are plenty of options for nursing shoes that fit the bill, with something sure to match any style.

If you don’t know where to begin in selecting the perfect shoe, start right here with our top picks for nursing shoes!

The Classic Pick

The clog originated in Holland and became popular as a work shoe because of their durability (they were made from wood, after all). Today, if you come across a nurse on the job, there’s a good chance they’ll be sporting some variation of the clog, and for good reason. Clogs are durable, provide lots of support, are generally easy to clean, and let’s not forget – comfortable. All of this adds up to a shoe that can withstand anything you’re sure to encounter on a long shift and the options are endless. Our picks for a clog include; the Professional Patent Leather Traditional Clog from Dansko, the Naples Rainbow Tooled Closed Back Patent Leather Clog from Klogs, and the Aztec Neria Pro II Embellished Clogs by Crocs.

dansko shoe
Professional Patent Leather Traditional Clog by Dansko
klogs shoe
Naples Rainbow Tool Clogged by Klogs
crocs shoe
Aztec Neria Pro II Embellished Clogs by Crocs

The Modern Pick

Despite Its unparalleled popularity in the nursing community, clogs aren’t for everyone. However, the demands of the job remain the same no matter what footwear you choose and being comfortable while being on your feet all shift is very important. Some caregivers prefer to wear athletic shoes on the job. With a midsole made from foam, the Fresh Foam Arishi by New Balance provides comfort similar to your favorite pair of slippers. With a breathable mesh upper, your feet will thank you when they’re still cool and dry at the end of the day.

new balance shoes
New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi

The Active Pick

If you’re a fitness fanatic or want to take a small step toward becoming one, consider the TRAQ line of shoes by Alegria. Featuring a smart chip embedded into the shoe, you can track your steps throughout your day when you pair your shoes to the accompanying smartphone app. There are many options to choose from the TRAQ line, but we’re especially fond of the Qwik Strap and QIN Black Nursing Shoes. Ditch the laces and reap the benefits of these easy on and off shoes, which are sure to come in handy at the end of that long and active shift.

TRAQ shoe
Qwik Strap Black Nursing Shoe
TRAQ shoe
QIN Black Nursing Shoe

The Fashion Pick

If you consider yourself more fashionable than the rest of your colleagues and terms like tapered and clean silhouette aren’t foreign to you, look no further than the Cherokee Infinity Rush Iridescent Slip On. It looks like your favorite casual sneaker, but comes with arch support, heel cupping, foam midsoles, and slip resistant outsoles. Even better, it pairs well with those joggers you’re all too familiar with.

Cherokee Infinity shoe
Cherokee Infinity Rush Iridescent Slip On

If a black shoe is more your style, check out the Tiburon Surf-Style Nursing Shoe from Klogs which offers excellent arch support, shock absorption, slip resistance, and a trendy look that’s sure to turn heads.

Tiburon Surf-Style Nursing Shoe by Klogs

No matter what style nursing shoe you choose, make sure it fulfills your individual needs and is able to withstand the daily grind that comes with long hours on your feet and constantly being on the move. At the end of that marathon shift, your feet will thank you!

You can shop these and more shoe styles at Uniform Advantage.

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