Our Top Picks for Men’s Scrubs

Looking confident on the job is important, but that’s not the only key to success. You also need to perform at the best of your abilities and the work attire you choose shouldn’t get in the way of that. Ever wonder why athletes choose the fabrics and materials that they do? Need help looking stylish while being comfortable? Want timeless style with modern design? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our top picks for the best Men’s scrubs.

Timeless and Modern.

It doesn’t get more timeless than this Short Sleeve Henley Scrub Top by Advantage for Men. With a flight jacket inspired zip closure pocket paired with the details of your favorite Henley tee, this scrub top is sure to be an essential in your work wardrobe for years to come. Being wrinkle and fade resistant, this easy-care wash-n-wear top will ensure you’ll be spending less time on your clothing and more time preparing for the day ahead.

If a V-Neck is more your style, then check out the Advantage for Men Rib Trim V-Neck Scrub Top. Sharing the same easy-care features as the Henley, this top incorporates military inspired sleeve pockets, a chest pen loop, and contrasting side panels that create a high/low hem to up the style factor.

With ample storage and 2-way stretch fabric, both scrub tops have the necessary features to help you effortlessly stay organized and power through your work day.

Need even more storage? Check out the V-Neck Scrub Top by Cherokee Workwear Professionals.

Cherokee Workwear Professionals Men's V-Neck Scrub Top

More style? Check out this Bryan V-Neck Scrub Top by koi Basics or this sharp Limited Edition Heather Antimicrobial V-Neck Scrub Top  from Cherokee Infinity.

Joggers or Cargos?

Why choose just one when you can have both? If you want to be both stylish and comfortable while on the job, try men’s jogger scrub pants. These joggers by Infinity are the way to go. Opt for a clean, tapered look without sacrificing storage with these 5 pocket cargo scrub pants. You’ll be taking the comfort up a notch with an elastic waistband complete with drawstring.

If joggers aren’t your thing, but you still want that tapered silhouette, then the Slim Cargo Scrub Pants by Advantage for Men are for you. You won’t be sacrificing comfort as these pants feature a comfort flex waistband and stretch fabric.

Layering is the key.

There’s a reason why most men look great in a suit or a sweater paired with a crisp shirt. It’s all about layering and looking put together. Fight the chills of your workplace by adding one of these sporty, yet stylish jackets to your collection. You’ll stay warm throughout your day and since they’re both loaded with pockets, all your essentials will be nearby where they belong. Best of all, if it gets too hot or if it’s time to perform, you can easily shed that outer layer without sacrificing the rest of your look.

Layering isn’t limited to outer layers and if you’re the type that’s always hot, a jacket might not be an option for you. As most athletes will attest to, sometimes the best defense against heat is staying cool and dry in the first place. Providing excellent air-flow and moisture wicking properties, the Advantage for Men Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tee is the first line of defense in staying cool. Wear it under your favorite scrub top to add to your look, while staying cool (and confident) in the process.

Complete the Look!

Now that you’re outfitted and ready to tackle the work day, make sure your footwear can outlast a 12-hour shift while providing your feet with ample support. Featuring New Balance’s exceptional foam mid-sole and a heel that adapts to your foot, these New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Knit sneakers will have you feeling like you’re walking on clouds all day long. Your last hour on the job will be as comfortable as your first (and they pair well with those joggers you just picked up)!

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