A Trusted Butter-Soft Stretch Scrubs Review

We asked Trusted Health, a team of nurses and innovators that are reimagining how healthcare staffing works, to try our UA Exclusive Butter-Soft Stretch scrubs.

They assessed our scrubs from head-to-toe and here are just a few of their takeaways:

UA Butter-Soft STRETCH Scrubs V-Neck 5 Pocket Top

“As an ER Nurse who is always on the go, I NEED my pockets to stash all my nursing necessities (and snacks!).”

UA Butter-Soft STRETCH Scrubs V-Neck 5 Pocket Top

UA Butter-Soft STRETCH Women's Scrubs Jogger Scrub Pants

“As nurses, we want something that is comfortable and looks good, but we also want something that doesn’t break the bank.”

UA Butter-Soft STRETCH Women’s Scrubs Jogger Scrub Pants

“They fit pretty true to size and the silhouette was far trendier than I was anticipating!”

“Uniform Advantage has clearly noticed the trend in nursing that focuses on style and has produced a line of scrubs that reflects that.”

“I like the jogger-style pants with a drawstring at the waist (never understood why some scrub pants don’t have drawstrings).”

“If you want good quality for a good price, then I say these can be… Trusted!”

Thank you Trusted Health for trying our Butter-Soft Stretch scrubs!

Read the full review on the Trusted Health blog.

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