An Extra Special Scrub Project

In the spring of 2019, medical student Ellen celebrated a special day with her friends, family and loved ones- her wedding.

Ellen’s bridal party of seven included many people in the medical field (nurses, classmates, bio-mechanics) and some of Ellen’s favorite memories with her bridesmaids were in scrubs, so she found it fitting to gift her party matching scrubs from Uniform Advantage, “I chose scrubs because I wanted to do something fun and personal to me on my wedding day!”

To help Ellen personalize and make her special day as memorable as possible, UA donated eight scrub tops to Ellen and her bridesmaids from the Butter-Soft STRETCH collection.

UA Butter-Soft STRETCH Scrubs Smooth Face Zipper Top
Monograms were done by Sew Popular, a local monogram shop in Kansas City

Ellen and her bridesmaids were thrilled with their matching tops, “My bridesmaids loved the unique idea of getting ready in nice scrubs (so many pockets, a lot warmer than getting ready in robes, and so comfortable)!”

The UA Butter-Soft STRETCH Scrubs Smooth Face Zipper Top proved to be a success for the hair and makeup portion… “those were perfect and made changing into our dresses after hair and makeup so easy!”

We are so excited to have been a part of Ellen’s wedding day and are proud to have contributed to such a joyous occasion! Thank you, Ellen, for choosing Uniform Advantage to give back and make your wedding memorable!

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