Men’s Health Week 2020

June 15-21st is Men’s Health Week!

Since 1994, Men’s Health Week has been celebrated before Father’s Day in order to raise awareness about preventable health issues that impact men and boys, while simultaneously encouraging them to make their health a priority. During Men’s Health Week, different events are held to educate the entire public about the importance of men’s physical and mental health.

Healthy Habits

If you’re a man looking to live a healthier and happier life or a woman looking to help the special man in your life do the same, here are some healthy habits that can be encouraged:

  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet including fruits and vegetables every day. Avoid consuming foods and drinks that are high in calories, sugar, salt, and fat.
  • Exercise regularly – it helps control weight, reduce risk of heart disease and some cancers, and can improve mental health and mood.
  • Recognize the signs of stress and find healthy ways to reduce it. Physical or emotional tension are often signs of stress.  Learn ways to manage stress including finding support, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and avoiding drugs and alcohol.
  • See a healthcare practitioner regularly for checkups! Certain diseases and conditions may not have symptoms, so checkups help identify issues early or before they can become a problem.

Wear Blue!

The Friday of Men’s Health Week has been officially named Wear BLUE Day, so don’t forget to show your support by wearing Blue scrubs on June 19th! Some of our best men’s scrubs include our Advantage for Men, UA Flex2, Dickies, Cherokee Workwear, and Butter-Soft collections. They come in a variety of vibrant blue colors that will help you spread awareness!

Advantage Stretch for Men Short Sleeve Henley Scrub Top
Advantage For Men Short Sleeve Henley Scrub Top
UA Flex2 Unisex V-Neck Scrub Top
UA Flex2 Unisex V-Neck Scrub Top
Dickies Balance Men's V-Neck Rib Knit Panel Scrub Top
Dickies Balance Men’s V-Neck Rib Knit Panel Scrub Top

How you are celebrating men’s health awareness week and Father’s Day this year? Tell us in the comments and on Instagram, tagging @uniformadvantage and #adayinscrubs!

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