Season of Giving: As Told By Caregivers

We are inspired daily by you – our UA customers – those who have the compassion and courage to care for others day-in and day-out. The Caregivers who work long days (and nights) to improve other’s health and quality of life. We know you deserve to be recognized every day – so we asked what the best gift you ever received at work was. Here are some of our favorite responses:

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Treat your favorite caregiver, co-worker or even yourself this Holiday season with UA Gift Cards, or Medical Gifts Under $20

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One Comment on “Season of Giving: As Told By Caregivers

  1. A family had donated a fair sized cash gift to help students at the local college, then a card was put on the nurses station that said they did this as a thank you gift for all of the workers and then listed the ones that made a big difference to them. My name was on that list along with why I stood out to them and how I made a difference. It’s nice to know others see you from time to time.

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