A Look Inside Our Stores: West Palm Beach, Florida

We’re excited to feature our West Palm Beach retail store’s expansion and remodel. We made it our goal to enhance the shopping experience for all of our customers whether online or in-store. With that in mind, we relocated our West Palm Beach retail store to the other side of the Emporium Shoppes plaza in a new, larger location.

Our new and improved West Palm Beach store is the perfect place to stop by and find your new favorite pair of scrubs with our even larger selection!

Take a peek inside our expanded West Palm Beach, FL retail store.


The store features a wide variety of scrubs, accessories and shoes. You can find all of your favorite brands including Healing Hands Purple Label, Grey’s Anatomy, Cherokee Workwear Revolution and more located inside!


And of course, you can shop all our UA exclusive brands like Butter-Soft Stretch, Easy Stretch, Advantage by Butter-Soft, and Best Buy


Shop our new and improved shoe wall for a large selection to fulfill all your nursing shoe and footwear accessory needs!


Find your nearest Uniform Advantage store here. Follow us and share your scrub selfie or scrub shopping trip with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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