‘Tis the Season for Giving

The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on how lucky and fortunate we are. In the spirit of giving, we wanted to share some of our favorite giving stories from real UA customers. We asked what your favorite giving stories are and realized our customers not only go the extra mile at work to care for others, they go out of their way to give to others.


We sponsor a family for Christmas at our Pediatric Specialties office. We gather donations from the staff & Sandi and I shop till we drop. Then wrap everything up nicely for them for delivery. It truly makes my heart smile. – Kathy Neveux


I received a check in the mail from a rebate I forgot about awhile back, that came just at the right time for me to pay a bill and bless a family who lost their home in a fire. It is hard to name just one thing to be thankful for as a Nurse, but just to make a difference daily not knowing if we have tomorrow or not. – Missy Freeman


How are you giving back this holiday season? Make sure to shop during our seasons of giving to save up to $20 sale ends 12/26/17. Also, check out our Instagram account for 12 days of UA giveaways!

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