A Look Inside Our Stores – Woodbury, Minnesota

We can’t wait to give you a virtual tour inside another one of our retail stores! Here’s a sneak peek at this beautiful, brand new store and location that recently moved from Saint Paul, Minnesota to Woodbury, Minnesota!

The unique redesigned external storefront (shown here under construction) greets customers with floor to ceiling windows showcasing the beauty of natural light and making the store feel warm and welcoming!


The store features an immense selection of scrubs and uniforms. You can find all of your favorite brands including, Cherokee, Grey’s Anatomy, WonderWink, and of course our exclusive UA collections like Butter-Soft and Best Buy, along with many more!

Vendor Side

This new store is now located in Woodbury Village that provides unique groupings of premier shopping and dining experiences. Our store is across from Kohl’s at the intersection of Interstate 494 and Valley Creek Drive in Woodbury.


Our newest store is truly a sight to see and if you happen to be in the area then most definitely check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

back overview 3

Click here to find a store near you! This store’s grand opening sale event will begin on June 12th through June 25th. Enjoy 20% off medical and chef apparel along with free gifts and giveaways!

One Comment on “A Look Inside Our Stores – Woodbury, Minnesota

  1. Wow! Beautiful store. Really gave me some great ideas for ours. We are exclusive to postal uniforms, but I think a lot of the same principals apply. Best of luck to you.

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