Announcing our April Scrub Superstar: Rod!


Rod is rocking UA Butter-Soft Stretch Top #BSS705 and Pant #BSS44

We’re happy to announce our second male Scrub Superstar Rod! Rod is an Emergency Room CAT scan technician who loves helping people just as much as he enjoys the daily challenges of his position.

Tell us why you love your current position?

My job is the furthest thing from boring—which I think is really cool. Every day is different, with an abundance of new patients with new cases. From car accidents to chest pain, I see it all in the ER. Sitting and relaxing isn’t an option in the Emergency Room because everything is so fast paced and the patients depend on the speed and accuracy of their care-takers. My job also allows me to help people who need medical attention ASAP, which is the most rewarding part. Being there for those in need is one of the best parts of working in the ER.

What Inspired you to become a CAT scan technician?

I always knew that I wanted to help people but I wasn’t sure how to create a career out of doing such. I was working in the stock market, which I didn’t truly love, when I realized I wanted to do something more meaningful that directly helped others. My sister, Kristen, is in Radiology. When she told me more about her career, I knew I wanted to join the medical industry as a health care professional and soon after, I decided to specialize in Cat scans.

What is your favorite mid-shift snack?

I snack a lot during my shifts, especially the longer ones (I’m known at work to eat whatever is available since I’m not a very picky eater). I really love eating fruits, particularly bananas because they keep me energized for longer periods of time and are a healthy alternative to junk food like candy or chips.

Do you have any other tricks on staying alert during long shifts?

One of the most crucial parts to working in an ER is staying alert during the shift, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I always drink coffee—lots and lots of coffee! But an even better way to stay energized is to have fun with your co-workers. Keeping morale high and getting your co-workers to laugh here and there is my favorite way to make sure others are energized as well. Another effective way to stay on your ‘A game’ during a shift is to work out during free moments. I keep weights in the break room so when I have a 5-minute window, I can do some jumping jacks and weight exercises to get my blood flowing. This always helps me to maintain a clear focus and re-energize for the remainder of my shift.

What is your favorite memory during your career?

My favorite memory is when I performed CPR for the first time on a patient. Even though I’d trained so much on CPR, and I knew that I’d eventually have to do it in the ER, I was still really nervous. One night, the Emergency Medical Technicians needed my help with compressions and I gladly stepped up. It was very nerve-wracking but knowing that I helped saving someone’s life is so rewarding. Plus, being that I’ve done it plenty of times before, I’ve conquered my nerves!

What is your favorite way to unwind after work?

Although my position is pretty stressful, at this point in my career I’m very well adjusted to the stress that I feel. On my time off, I enjoy watching sports games with my friends, like football, UFC fights, and hockey. ESPN is my favorite channel to watch to relax and catch up with current happenings in sports. I also live near the beach so spending a few hours swimming, reading, and getting some sun gets me ready for the upcoming week.

What feature is the most important to you while choosing scrubs?

Comfort is definitely the most important feature to me. Since I am in scrubs for sometimes 16 hours at a time, and at all hours of the day and night, I don’t want to be distracted by any harsh material. I love soft and stretchy fabric, which is why I love UA Butter-Soft Stretch Scrubs! In addition to comfort, I really depend on the pockets of my scrubs to keep everything I need close to me for whenever I may need it. The storage keeps me organized and prepared for whatever cases I may see during any given shift.

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