April Fool’s Joke Ideas

Pretend to Drink a Urine Sample


If the thought of actually drinking a urine sample gives you the heebie-jeebies, then you are not alone. This April Fool’s Day, trick your colleagues by pretending to drink a urine sample. You’ll be sure to get some shocking looks, and hopefully even a few laughs. For this prank, all you need is some apple juice, an unused urine sample cup, and at least one un-suspecting victim. Just pour some juice in the cup, and sip away!

 Bring in some (Not-so-sweet) Treats for your coworkers


Do you occasionally bring in treats for your co-workers at work? Maybe even a box of donuts?  If so, then a great prank for you is to disguise a vegetable platter in a donut box. When you walk in holding that Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme box, you’ll already get some high hopes and growling bellies… Until they open the box to find some fresh veggies for a healthier (and slightly more disappointing) April Fool’s Day snack.

Play Copy-Cat


Do you have a co-worker with a signature style or a unique look? Play Copy Cat! For this April Fool’s joke, you may need to do some preparation to ensure that you hit the nail on the head and your prank comes across well. First, figure out which outfit or scrubs most closely represents the style of your co-worker and start shopping! You can even keep this prank on a low budget by hitting some second-hand stores to find the perfect outfit.

Meanwhile, at the Uniform Advantage Head Quarters, April Fool’s Day pranks started a few days early this year.


The Information Technology Department had some prankster fun for a colleague’s birthday.  Good Luck trying to un-foil this one, IT!

We wish you all a safe, funny, and enjoyable April Fool’s Day this year! Happy Pranking!

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