Meet Mallory Our March Scrub Superstar


Mallory is wearing Easy Stretch Styles BU943 and BU478 in Navy.

We’re happy to introduce our March Scrub Superstar Mallory! Mallory lives in Colorado Springs as an ICU Nurse. Read more about her below and apply to become our next Scrub Superstar here!

What is your current position?

I am full-time night ICU Nurse in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Why did you choose to go to school for this particular career?

Well my mom is a nurse and she showed me how awesome nursing is and I got to see how compassionate she is about her job. The ICU is high acuity and detailed oriented work. I went and completed my bachelor’s program at Colorado Technical University.

What do you love about your career?

I really love it, especially when you have very sick patients or some of the worst of the worst patients and you work your tail off to give them the best care and service possible and you get to see the reward and see them leave. Leave for the better not the worse. It is very rewarding.

What is one of your favorite on-the-job memories?

I would have to say when I first started as a nurse and we had a very sick patient come in the middle of the night. I was terrified to have such a sick patient by myself but 6 or 7 other nurses came and helped me. They really helped me swim not sink.

What is your favorite on-the-job snack to keep your energy up?

Grapes and cheese. My husband calls me a mouse because I am always eating cheese.

What do you do to relax after a long shift at the hospital?

My husband takes me to work sometimes and picks me up in the morning. We love to go get breakfast together. I also love to exercise; it helps me decompress. A long run or a nice easy walk before I go to sleep really helps me wind down, it doesn’t have to be vigorous.

Finally, what feature is most important to you while choosing your scrubs?

I would have to say durability because your scrubs are your best friend in a long 12-hour shift. They carry some of your most valuable things, all your essentials, brain, snacks, and more!

My final note is that nursing is such an awesome career. It is not just taking care of people; it is so much more diverse than that. It is a wide field with many different career paths and angles, plus it is very rewarding.

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