Spring Break Getaways

Need a break from your rigorous nursing school curriculum or from your busy work days?

Whether you’re in school to become a medical professional or you’re a veteran, vacation is nothing short of necessary. Plus, there is no better time to get away than Spring! Celebrate the beginning of a new season the right way, by enjoying some well-deserved time off!

Adventure Seekers:


Getting in touch with nature is an extraordinary way to decompress for many hard working health professionals and students. For those looking for a bit of adventure this spring break, check out your local natural landscape such as mountain ranges with hiking trails, beaches, lakes, rivers and anything else you can access locally. If you’re looking to go somewhere further away, check out nature parks with camp sites for an overnight expedition!

Those craving some R & R: 


(Courtesy of Drift Travel Magazine)

If you’re looking to get away from it all and unplug, a vacation to a Bed and Breakfast is right up your alley. You could travel to the countryside, to the beach or anywhere in between for a quaint getaway. Just imagine sleeping in, reading that novel you’ve been meaning to read since last year, and maybe even exploring some new sights – without worrying about your daily chores. Bring your significant other for a romantic vacation or fly solo for some much needed alone time. This is sure to be the break you need after so many days of hard work.

For the life of the party:


(Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line)

We didn’t forget about those of you looking for a fun time during your break.  A great way to let loose and escape the stress of everyday work life is to go on a cruise! You could go to several different destinations, ranging from a tropical island in the Bahamas to arctic Alaska. Many cruise lines offer some amazing amenities such as pools, water parks, dancing clubs, mini golf and so much more. It’s the epitome of leisurely traveling, plus cruises are often a cost effective alternative to a typical vacation. Some of the most popular cruise ports in the United States are Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, Seattle, WA and Baltimore, MD.

So get to it and start planning a spring break that’ll meet and exceed all of your vacation dreams. When you get back to reality, not to worry we’ll be here with some new prints for you to keep that ~Spring~ in your step!

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