Every Scrub has a Story


With National Dentist’s Day approaching on March 6th, we thought sharing this inspiring story would be more than appropriate. Last year, our UA Corporate Team was contacted by USC’s Dental Humanitarian Outreach Program (DHOP) to assist in providing 60 sets of Butter-Soft Scrubs with custom embroidery.

What we found out:  Those Butter-Soft Scrubs and the USC DHOP traveled to a small community Siem Reap in Cambodia last December to help provide dental treatments to those in need. USC dental students, faculty and alumni were able to provide 890 dental treatments on this trip alone.

One of the incredible individuals that took part in the USC DHOP mission to  Cambodia reached out to us to thank us for the help and scrubs:

“Everyone really loved the scrubs, their look and feel! Thank you again for all of your help!”

Instead, we’d like to thank the USC DHOP for their continued hard work that helps communities around the globe. Over the past six years, they have served more than 1,300 patients in seven different countries. Stories like this showcase how incredible the people behind the scrubs are. We can never thank them enough for the phenomenal work they do!

USC DHOP will be traveling to Uganda this Spring, donate here to help this program educate impoverished populations about oral hygiene and provide quality dentistry to underserved communities around the globe.


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