5 Nursing Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Tips onMakingThe PerfectBreakfastFor Mom (1).pngBe prepared for your nursing interview — and land the job of your dreams — by keeping in mind these five do’s and don’ts.

You’ve got your nursing degree in hand, and now it’s time to find a J-O-B. Trying to find a nursing position — either a first job or a new opportunity — is exhilarating, but it can also be stressful, sometimes feeling like its own full-time job. Whether you found your next potential job on relode.com or some other avenue, it’s time to ensure that you land this opportunity. What’s the best thing you can do? Be ready for your interview. Here are five nursing interview do’s and don’ts to keep in mind to ensure you slay your nursing interview!

1. DO your homework on the employer

Before you step foot into the interview room, do your due diligence in self-assessment and career planning. Be sure that your career goals and interests align with the job for which you are interviewing and know whether this position will offer what you need from it as well. Think things like work-life balance, career growth, etc. If it’s a fit, great! If it’s not, don’t waste your time or anyone else’s.

2. DO review your resume.

This may seem silly. I mean, it is your resume after all. It’s your work history and experience. However, identify one or two items on your resume that are most related to the job for which you are interviewing, and re-familiarize yourself with those experiences so that you’re able to clearly and eloquently discuss them should the opportunity present itself.

3. DO take your time.

Be completely attentive to the question being asked, and if you need to take a beat to digest what was asked in order to formulate your answer, do so. Taking the time to compose a thoughtful, relevant response to the question will be appreciated versus just blurting out a response because you couldn’t stand the silence.

4. DON’T be vague.

When you’re asked a question that requires you provide specific examples of relevant experience, provide just that — specific examples. Offer a clear picture of the role you played in that scenario so that your potential employer has a solid and clear understanding. Anyone can be vague — set yourself apart by leaving the interviewer with a positive, on-point image of you that they will remember.

5. DO research potential questions, and practice your responses.

Do a simple online search for “nursing interview questions,” and you’ll find a bevy of potential questions you can expect in your interview. Consider that your cheat sheet, and use it to your advantage by doing some role-playing. Role-playing is an excellent way to practice your responses to potential questions so that you feel prepared for your interview. There will always be questions that aren’t part of the standard playbook, so to speak, but if you can feel prepared for a few of the expected questions, that will give you the confidence you need to reply with ease to the questions you aren’t expecting.

No matter what, get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, wear something that makes you feel good and go knock ‘em dead! You’re going to do great!

Matt Tant is the founder and CEO or relode.com, an online community marketplace that allows healthcare employers to save money on recruiting costs by paying healthcare professionals for candidate referrals. Learn more at relode.com.


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