Men in Scrubs

In light of November being men’s health awareness month, we are continuing to showcase some of our favorite scrubs for men. Men’s health awareness month aims to bring support and take action to help men live longer. Movements like Movember have become increasingly popular and promotes growing a mustache for 30 days to raise awareness and money to support men’s heath projects. Other movements like No Shave November is a “unique way to grow cancer awareness.”

We are often asked if we supply scrubs for men. The answer is yes! We have a large selection of solid scrubs for men and men’s print tops. We are always looking to expand our variety and come out with new styles, colors, and prints each season for our men in scrubs.

Here are our top 5 favorite men’s pieces!


UA #CT707

Our first top is shown in Wine and Granite but comes in many other color combos. If you want to liven up your scrubs but like to stick to solid colors this top is for you!



UA #705

But if you enjoy solids and like a variety of colors and comfort, this next top is more your style! With five pockets you’ll never run out of storage room. You’re sure to find your fit!



Cherokee #CK700DMS

Solids aren’t your swag? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Turn into a superhero for the day with this Cherokee Superman top.



Grey’s Anatomy #GA0117IH

Love soft fabric and style? This Grey’s Anatomy’s Active V-Neck top will fit your needs. Freshen up this top by pairing it with Indigo or Black pants to vary up your look.



Cherokee #CK6876LT

Finally, this Cherokee Tooniforms Looney Tunes print top is a crowd pleaser for all those men who are still young at heart! This top has a nice clean black background and pockets galore.

We hope all of our men in scrubs stay healthy and dressed in comfort! What is your favorite men’s top? If you have any suggestions as far as a particular color, print, or style please comment below and give us your feedback!


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