Sacramento Store Remodel SPOTLIGHT

As promised, UA is proud to feature another one of our store remodels! We are committed to giving our customers the best possible experience. We’ve been taking this commitment to the next level by continuing to work on redesigning and remodeling our stores this past year.

We’re very excited to announce and spotlight one of our store locations that underwent a spectacular remodel!

Sneak a peak of our remodeled Store in Sacramento, California!


A glimpse of the UA Scrubs section of the store…


Man-oh-man check out the new and improved Men’s Scrubs section!


Last looks at our Sacramento store:



A big shout out to all of the store staff and others that made this remodel possible – the hard work definitely paid off.

Keep your eyes peeled for more store remodels, scrubs, and UA updates coming your way!

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One Comment on “Sacramento Store Remodel SPOTLIGHT

  1. My hubby is hoping you have some new funky scrubs for him to wear we are placing our first order soon on line. Both of us work in nursing homes and in the community where uniforms aren’t recommended, but both want clothes that are seperate to our every day wear, all the best on opening up ofyour new store from andrea absolom, tasmania australia, xxxx

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