Showcasing Our September Scrub SuperStar

We are proud to present you with our second ever Scrub SuperStar of the Month!  Our health care professional chosen for September is…


Danielle is pictured above in her complimentary set of UA brand scrubs. She chose our Butter-Soft Mock Wrap Top (Style # WTS668C) and Butter-Soft Stretch Scrubs Women’s Drawstring Pants (Style # BSS347) in Royal.

Read on to learn more about this Scrub SuperStar!

What is your current position?

I am a Speech Pathologist Assistant and I work at a pediatric clinic in Florida.  Speech Pathology is essentially the evaluation and treatment of speech disorders.  Also, I’m currently in school to become a Speech Pathologist.

Why did you choose this particular career?

I chose to be a Speech Pathologist Assistant to gain experience and knowledge about the practices of Speech Pathology.  I am very interested in psychology, neurology, english, hands-on treatment, working directly with people and holistic treatment.  Speech pathology incorporated all of these aspects and working with kids ties it all together for me.

What do you love about your career?

I really love helping people feel understood, especially children because they have such creative and innovative ideas.  I am originally from New York, a place that is heavily influenced by many different languages and cultures.  However, this leads to potential language barriers.  Growing up in this environment, I learned how important it is for people to communicate their thoughts effectively.  Pursuing a career that allows me to help people in this way is extremely rewarding for me.

What is one of your favorite on-the-job memories?

I have so many special on-the-job memories, it’s hard to choose just one!  One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had was with a patient with a motor disorder.  This condition hindered his ability to plan his words and convey his thoughts.  He is a very hands-on learner, and he communicates comfortably through creating art.  After many sessions with this patient, he presented me with a hand drawn comic book.  In this book, he elaborated and explained his thoughts to me.  This deeply affected my understanding of this patient.  In communicating through his preferred language, I was able to learn more about him that I had ever expected.

What do you eat during a long shift to keep you energized?

I love fresh fruits and veggies!  I always have snacks like sliced peppers, cucumbers and apples with me to keep me going strong throughout the day.

What do you do to relax after a long shift at the pediatric clinic?

I love going to the gym after work.  I do get tired after a long shift, but I find that I’m still focused and in work mode.  Working out helps me to exert physical energy.  I love to push myself to do more, like go to class and then workout afterwards also.

Finally, what feature is the most important to you while choosing your scrubs?

I look for fun scrubs that fit well and are comfortable to move in.  Pediatric-oriented colors and prints are very helpful because it allows for casual communication and a friendly, relaxed environment.  I move around a lot since I do many hands-on activities with the kids.  I always give the best care to the patients when I’m feeling my best and most comfortable.

Many of the health care professionals that I know do a lot for their patients and sometimes forget about themselves.  This is a very self-less line of work, so receiving this sort of recognition is exciting and very flattering!

Uniform Advantage would like to thank Danielle for her time, energy, and dedication to her career and patients.  Keep doing what you’re doing Danielle!

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