5 Prints Inspired by Your Summer Adventures

So it’s that time of year again… Summer is coming to a close and now we’re left to reminisce about all of our exciting, yet short lived adventures. Instead of leaving these fun memories in the past, bring them with you to work! Whether you went on an island vacation or had a summer romance, you’ll be able to tell your favorite story by wearing these prints!

Summer Sun and Sandy Toes

Style # UA28DBN

Does it even count as summer if you didn’t head to the beach? You’ll catch yourself dreaming about your favorite sandy place, even though you’re working your ‘you-know-what’ off.

Summer Lovin’ Had me a Blast (In this scrub top)


Style # UA788FHF

Okay so maybe your summer romance wasn’t exactly like the movie Grease, but it can still live on while you’re working… Guaranteed to keep you smiling all shift long.

Re-Gain Your Zen


Style # UA28FZN

For all of you who’ve taken the time to find your inner yogi and learn to love green juice, we know the cure to your end of summer blues- This UA Floral Zen print! This calming pattern will remind you to stay totally chill even in the most frazzling times.

On An Island In the Sun


Style # UA638BOU

Ahh, the sweet smell of Piña Coladas and a cool sea breeze… Wouldn’t it be nice to take another trip to a tropical island somewhere? Well, we have good news- this print top will transport you back to a sunny destination before you can say Hawaii.

A Day at the Zoo


Style # PC62DZW

Lions and Tiger and Bears, Oh My! Summertime zoo visits are an all-time favorite for just about everyone. Show some love for your zoo animal friends while ‘bear’ing with your heavy work load.

And when you’re ready to transition your Summer scrub wardrobe into your Fall style, we have some unforgettable prints and colors that’ll have you looking your absolute best.

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