Kelley’s Take: Butter-Soft™ scrubs by UA Spring Collection

Welcome to Part One of our four part series: Kelley’s Take. We obviously had a lot of fun outfitting Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, RN in our scrubs for the spring catalog! And as a fashionable woman with a long road in the nursing profession ahead of her, we wanted Kelley’s take on what matters when it comes to shopping for scrubs, as well as her thoughts on our UA Spring Collections.

First up is Butter-Soft™ scrubs by UA!

 “Comfort and flexibility are the two most important elements to a scrub outfit,” Kelley Johnson, RN.

Butter-Soft™ scrubs by UA are made with soft, easy-to-wear fabrics, which are breathable and cut to let you move freely all shift long.

butter-soft scrubs by ua

Kelley rocked this new Butter-Soft™ scrubs by UA Floral Zen Pewter Asymmetrical scrub top on the cover of our spring catalog. During the photo shoot she said it was comfortable, breathable, and that any nurse that can wear prints will wear this. We’ll take that as passing the test!


“The most important thing to me when I’m getting dressed for work each day is that I feel comfortable. I am not there to impress anyone; I am there to work as hard as I possibly can and do as much as I possibly can for my patients. The more comfortable I am, the easier it is to care for people,” said Kelley.

miss colorado, kelley johnson, rn Like Kelley, we take comfort very seriously as well while designing our Butter-Soft™ scrubs by UA.  In the picture above, Kelley modeled a new UA butterflies print scrub top which is made with a modern style and extra storage for premium functionality. It features a left chest pocket and two front double pockets all with snap tab closure, allowing the professional wearing it to focus on caring for patients.

Kelley made it clear that her priority when it comes to scrubs is comfort, so it’s no surprise that our  Butter-Soft™ scrubs by UA were a hit. We created this line to work as hard as our customers do, and allow them to feel and look great throughout their longest shifts. Our Butter-Soft™ scrubs by UA spring collection features lots of new bright prints in flattering styles with plenty of pockets, stretch, and functional features to help make every day a little easier.

colorssAlso noteworthy in our Butter-Soft™ scrubs by UA spring collection is the addition of 7 new colors! Petunia, Pool Party, Poppy, Amazon, Citrus, Cool Blue, and Giddy Green made the spring lineup so be sure to browse them online or in our catalog to find your new favorite.

Whichever new styles and prints you shop for in our Butter-Soft™ scrubs by UA spring collection, you can be assured that it was designed with comfort in mind. We’re proud that Kelley enjoyed our new collection so much and are grateful for her feedback. It’s our job to listen to real nurses about what they need in the scrubs they wear every day, so leave us your feedback in the comments sections below! We’d love to hear from you.

Extra: “Love this!” Kelley said of our Butter-Soft™ scrubs by UA zip front hoodie. Shop it here. 
butter-soft by ua

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