Win it Wednesday~featuring Xtreme Stretch!

Win it Wednesday Dickies Uniform Advantage

When you’re rushing to get out the door for work, the last thing you want to worry about is having to iron your wrinkled scrubs! Cue Dickies Xtreme Stretch!  With wrinkle resistant fabric, this collection will keep your busy nights and mornings iron-free.  With the 3 new colors for fall Khaki, Galaxy, and Cinnamon and the 4-way flattering stretch, you will be looking great in no time.  Respond below and you could be one of 10 lucky winners to win a free Dickies Xtreme Stretch scrub set!

Out of the entries submitted, we will randomly choose 10 winners (using, who will then receive a FREE Xtreme Stretch scrub set in the style and/or color of their choosing!  To answer, please post a “comment” to this blog post.  Note: Your comment will stay “hidden” until the contest period ends so that answers are not visible to other contestants. The contest ends Sunday 9/22 at midnight EST and we will announce the winners Monday 9/23.

Question: What is your favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection?


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Only comments on this original blog post will be accepted as entries, Facebook comments cannot count as entries
  • We’re sorry, prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only due to varying international shipping rates and customs charges (you can enter as an international customer if you have a friend or family member with a U.S. shipping address you can send them to)
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Thank you for your participation and to Dickies for sponsoring!





719 Comments on “Win it Wednesday~featuring Xtreme Stretch!

  1. Im stuck between the eggplant and teal…both colors are awesome and great for fall!!! Can;t choose just one! I guess if I HAD to it would be the eggplant!

  2. I would love some new scrubs ive recently lost 30lbs and all my scrubs are getting too big now. Thanks 🙂

  3. Galaxy blue is my favorite color from the new dickies xtreme stretch collection!!

  4. My favorite color is very berry. Unfortunately I’m stuck wearing navy blue everyday!!!! Wish we could change it up sometimes!!

  5. I would love to try these scrubs out! Love the double stitched look on the other Dickies!

  6. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is galaxy blue

  7. It is so difficult to decide, all the colors are fabulous. But Eggplant would be my first choice.

  8. Would love to win these ! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  9. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Wine.

  10. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Wine

  11. I would love to win these as I’m always being told I need to iron my uniforms and my favorite color is the ceil blue it’s so pretty

  12. My favorite color will be Galaxy because the Xtreme scrub is out of this world. Expecially if I dont have to worry about ironing. =)

  13. My favorite color in the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Navy! I cannot wait to find out if I will win! It would be my first time ever winning anything!

  14. My favorite color in the collection is the eggplant….unfortunately to work I can only wear navy or white….but eggplant is so pretty, and I think a great color for fall.

  15. My favorite color is the khaki! It matches all of my shoes, and it doesn’t get dirty easily!!!

  16. I really like the Hunter Color it looks really nice and fresh!

  17. It’s a toss up between Very Berry and Eggplant. Very Berry is a good color for spring & summer. Eggplant is good for Fall and Winter.

  18. new scrubs would be fabulous!!!! starting a new class and scrubs required!!!

  19. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Galaxy.

  20. Khaki has always been my favorite for any type of Dickies. Khaki it is!

  21. I like the navy color of the Dickies Extreme Stretch collection. Simple but professional appearing.

  22. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Caribbean. I just love it!!

  23. I love “Wine” and “Eggplant”! Perfect colors for fall!

  24. Wine is my favorite – as it’s the only color I can wear to work 😉

  25. Eggplant is my favorite color! These scrubs are awesome. Soft, wrinkle free and are indeed stretch. I can move freely in them and best part the color does not fade over time. Ty dickies!

  26. Black. That is the next color I want to purchase to replace my purple day. 🙂

  27. My favorite color is Pewter!! I would love a set of Dickies Xtreme Stretch scrubs!! 🙂

  28. Love the cinnamon color! Great for the Fall season! Thank you.

  29. I would have to say my favorite color is the Ceil Blue. It looks calm and refreshing.

  30. My favorite color is eggplant. Although honestly do not enjoy actual eggplants. : )

  31. What is your favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection? I love dickies xtreme in black and navy blue!!!!

  32. I like the Navy ones! I can actually wear them to work!

  33. My favorie Dickies Xtreme stretch collection color is eggplant “love it!”

  34. PEWTER is my favorite color. It can been worn in any season n the color just says HEALTHCARE!!!

  35. My favorite color from Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is the Royal Blue. I just started my dream job and would love a dreamy set of Royal Blue scrubs to go with it! These scrubs are the perfect choice for those of us always on-the-go who would rather devote our time to our patients instead of an ironing board. Pick me please!

  36. Galaxy is my favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection! ❤

  37. My favorite color form the Dickies Xtreme Stretch is Very Berry!!!

  38. My favorite color of the extreme stretch Dickies is Teal. Our office only orders uniforms fron Uniform Advantasge, we have found them to be true to size and good quality and as aiways the best prices going.

  39. I think win it Wednesdays is a super way to get someone to try a type of uniform, fabric, ect. that they may not normally try good job.

  40. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch Collection is “Very Berry”! It’s so vibrant and fun! 🙂

  41. I like them all!! Galaxy is very pretty so that would be my favorite.

  42. Being able to move is always easier when your uniform moves with you!

  43. My favorite color right now is Navy since my school requires it.

  44. My favorite color of dickies extreme stretch collection is eggplant.

  45. Love these sets! My fab color is navy, I already have two sets and they ate flattering & comfortable !

  46. Galaxy is my favorite color in the extreme stretch collection!!!

  47. I love the cinnamon especially with the first day of fall this weekend 🙂

  48. My absolute favorite dickies X-treme color is very berry. Whenever I wear it to work it makes me feel full of energy and on top of the world. Not to mention that it brings great smiles to my patients! Love it!

  49. Love these scrubs!! Easy care and great to wear!! Pick me please !!’

  50. I’m so glad I found these scrubs, I’m notice of an ironer;)

  51. I love the wine and the cinnamon colors…its the fall colors.

  52. My favorite color would probably be cinnamon! The new fall colors are great! And no ironing?…sounds like a deal to me!

  53. Really like the new cinnamon color – sort of sets the tone for fall. Seasonal print tops look great too.

  54. Ceil blue is my favorite color and its also a part of my uniform .

  55. I really like that khaki color, very classy & could be mixed with so many other colors!

  56. My favorite color that these scrubs come in is Ceil Blue!

  57. From the Dickies Xtreme Stretch line, I absolutely love the “Very Berry” color. It adds that pop to the work place and makes the work environment for entertaining.

  58. My favorite color is Very berry, I love pink and the shade is just right, not too dark and not too bright. My favorite color is purple, but the very berry by far is much prettier! I love, love stretch fit scrubs, they are so comfy and breath well. I also enjoy the wrinkle resistant feature(for those mornings I accidentally oversleep!) lol! Dickies are my favorite brand for scrubs… Style, comfort and great colors!

  59. I have one pair of extreme stretch scrubs, I love them! They are sooooo comfortable. The fabric looks and feels great! They fit well, and can hold up in the washing machine! The color stays strong, no shrinking and they don’t stretch out. Can’t wait to get more!

  60. I”m a very busy medical assistant and I don’ have a lot to iron my scrubs everyday. I love that no iron fabric and the way it feels close to your body the flexiabity. I also like bright colors

  61. My favorite color is WINE, partly because its a mandatory color for my department, and mainly cause I’d choose that color anyhow, if I had free will….After 1 year of being made to wear mandatory colors, I have finally figured out, one must purchase both pieces from the same manufacturer or you will end up with TWO different shades of the same color….duh!!!! But, I didn’t realize it, plus when you get dressed in the dark (very EARLY morning) all colors look the same!!! lol Hope I win a MATCHING SET……

  62. Eggplant looks so pretty! But work just started matching dress code and provided us with teal!

  63. I would love to win this uniform!! I order from you all the time! My hubby gets upset bc I am always ordering! I gotta look good when I am working as well as going out to dinner!!

  64. Xtreme stretch! What a wonderful thing, especially when the reps treat us to lunch. Love all the colors.

  65. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is from the new fall collection color cinnamon. This color reminds me of crisp fresh fallen autumn leaves. When I’m in this color I feel wrapped in the fall season, which is my favorite season if you couldn’t tell!

  66. just bought my first scrub from you guys. Great product and great service!

  67. I love the variety of colors and the fact that they are wrinkle resistant makes it 10 times better!

  68. Wearing comfortable scrubs with style and color make the work shift fun. The residents are always commenting on a new color and print!

  69. My favorite color in the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is galaxy blue. This is a very awesome uniform!!

  70. Pick me! Pick me!! I would love a set of new dickie scrubs!

  71. My favorite color is the Caribbean blue!! It is fresh and colorful and something I need to wear to cheer me up in nursing school!

  72. Ceil blue. I worked very hard to be able to wear this color. Every time I see it I still get butterflies. I love the way these scrubs look! Great product!

  73. I really like the galaxy and cinnamon colors. To hard to choose!

  74. My favorite color in the Xtreme collection is CINNAMON

  75. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Cinnamon!

  76. My favorite color is the cinnamon color in the Dickies Xtreme stretch collection.

  77. Just one favorite?? I like pewter, galaxy, and very berry.

  78. my favorite color from the dickies extreme collection is the galaxy “very pretty”

  79. My favorite color is the Navy. Its not the most exciting but it makes me feel like a nurse!

  80. 11 plus 3 new colors. I like the style. It’s very comfortable and stylish. I like all of them but my favorite color is galaxy and eggplant.

  81. I love Dickies….all I wear is the cargo generation flex and would Love Love Love to try these new extreme stretch scrubs! Black and pewter are my favorite colors.

  82. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Hunter.

  83. Love the beautiful colors and ease of care. No ironing for me! I think hunter is a very sweet looking color!! I always get so many compliments at work from my co workers and patients! Thank you Uniform Advantage for keeping me look my best! Keep up the good work!!

  84. I like all the colors I like the cargo pants cause they have all the pockets on the legs.

  85. My favorite color is the very berry!!! It is a color that cant help but catch your eye!! I have this color and I get alot of compliments when I wear it. It is also a color that can go from season to season and looks good on everyone!

  86. Galaxy blue is my favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme stretch collection.
    Thank you!

  87. Would love to try this new line of scrubs. I’m shopping for new scrubs.

  88. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is the color Eggplant

  89. I love the pewter color! My next favorite is cinnamon! Pretty

  90. I like the new stretch Dickies uniform. I think Galaxy is the color for me.

  91. My favorite color from the Dickies Extreme Collection is Eggplane.

  92. Khaki is my favorite color in the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection – it’s very Mix-N-Match friendly.

  93. My favourite colour in the dickies Extreme Stretch Collection is Cinnamon

  94. For me it is a tie between the Eggplant and the Cinnamon!!!! I love them both and cannot decide!!!!!

  95. I have lost a lot of weight lately. Going from 2x go Large is epic. Not only is this good for my health, but my self esteem is coming back. The bad part is, all of my scrubs hang on me. My sister won
    a set of scrubs and ordered them in my size. Your scrubs are amazing, and feel like clouds.

  96. Uniform is an AWESOME!!! place to shop for some sweet deals and scrub outfits

  97. While all the available colors are flattering and fun, I think the pewter is perfect for this Winter. I am in love with Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection!

  98. My favorite color from Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Teal =D ***!!! Love it!!

  99. I really love the Eggplant color, but sadly we’re only allowed to wear dark blue at work. I guess Galaxy Blue will have to do! 🙂

  100. I think my favorite color is pewter.
    They are comfortable. My favorite scrubs 😊

  101. love the scrubs they are so comfortable and stretch when you move they are awesome love wearing that brand dickies.

  102. Dickies are my favorite scrubs. I love all the colors but if I had to pick one I would pick the Caribbean blue.

  103. I really like the Very Berry. It’s bright and fun. Love it!!!!!!!

  104. I am a sucker for galaxy blue, it’s literally out of this planet.

  105. Eggplant is my favorite color from the Xtreme Stretch Collection. I have 2 blond dogs and 2 black dogs and love that I can wear any of the Xtreme Stretch colors and the dog hair barely sticks!

  106. Eggplant is my favorite color from the Xtreme Stretch Collection.

  107. I like the cinnamon color the best. It’s a refreshing fall color.

  108. The color Galaxy from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch Collection is my favorite.

  109. Ceil blue is my favorite color. I am brunette and the bright blue looks very nice with my hair. I get compliments whenever I wear my ceil blue scrubs.

  110. I would be so grateful if I won this outfit. It would be great for my upcoming pregnancy too!

  111. My favorite color is cinnamon. I have auburn color hair with blonde highlights and cinnamon would look awesome on me.

  112. My favorite color is eggplant. It is such a beautiful color.

  113. love uniform advantage! it’s all i’ve worn for the past 10 years! ❤

  114. I count 15 different colors. I like the new cinnamon color, but they’re all good strong colors.

  115. My favorite is Black! So slenderizing. Or maybe the Eggplant! I love them both! 😀

  116. I Like the Khaki color coz thats our required color to use at work.. The strech and wrinkle resistant makes the perfect uniform to wear.

  117. My favorite color is galaxy. I love all your scrubs you guys are the best!

  118. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch Collection is Galaxy!! Love it, super cute!

  119. I love the teal color of Dickies Extreme Stretch uniforms. The color is very bright and cheerful! The stretch makes the uniforms fit nicely!! I love the Uniform Advantage store!!! Everyone is so helpful and uniforms are of good quality!

  120. I absolutely love very berry, but my place of employment requires me to wear navy so it has grown on me =)

  121. My favorite color from the dickies xtreme stretch collection is cinnamon

  122. the pewter color is exactly what wiill be on my shopping agenda

  123. Black! I’m a nursing student in Pennsylvania and the color of our scrubs is black:) simple and classy!

  124. eggplant is my favoriet but we have uniforms at my work so white top navy bottom is what I would love to win!

  125. I would love to win because uniforms are too expensive right now for me to buy.

  126. I love the blues…but I think the Caribbean is my favorite!

  127. I love these scrubs! I like the navy the best, but the new galaxy is cute!

  128. I love all the colors. They are so vibrant and the material is so comfortable. I don’t want to wear any other brand after wearing this brand.

  129. The new Galaxy Blue color is so pretty! I work at a wildlife rehabilitation center and the darker colored scrubs conceal most stains. 🙂

  130. I LOVE your extreme fit scrub jacket and I would take it in any color. I wear a jacket to work everyday because I am always cold.

  131. Hi, wrinkle resistant scrubs would change my life! I have gotten comments on the need to iron my scrubs from people and its quite embarrassing. I am very petite and small framed and it sounds like the super stretch is just the perfect thing for me. Please consider me in your drawing. Thank you!

  132. My favorite is the Cinnamon!!! Pick me, pick me! 😊

  133. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Very Berry.

  134. Eggplant… I absolutely love this color. It is vibrant, stylish and hot! 🙂 Even in my larger size..

  135. Couldn’t pass up an opportunity to possibly win a great pair of scrubs. I wear Dickies scrubs, and have found them to be the most comfortable I have owned. Thank you for this opportunity.

  136. I LOVE the galaxy blue color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection!

  137. I’m so in love with Dickies Extreme Stretch collection! The color “wine” is fabulous and looks like a color that is perfect for fall, would carry on into the Christmas season and then finish out winter! The maneuverability of your stretch collection would suit me perfect in the busy oncology/chemotherapy clinic I work in. I treat more than 20 people per day and am constantly bending, stretching, stooping and reaching. The ability to move and my clothing to move along with me would bring great satisfaction. Thank you for the chance to enter the contest:)

  138. I love the gray and it looks so classy with a print co ordinated top under or a classy color with it.

  139. I love cinnamon, it’s a warm fall color. Reminds me of the changing leaves.

  140. Cinnamon is my favorite Xtreme Stretch color! What a perfect way to celebrate Autumn by wearing these scrubs to work!

  141. Hello,
    My favorite color in the Dickies Collection is Teal. I luvvvv it.

  142. Dickies is a name I feel good about, and know I am getting good quality items.

  143. My favorite color galaxy. Its very different, eye catching and gets you ready for the fall. Galaxy is popping and fun. Cute cute and cute.

  144. I love the very berry 🙂 but my job requires me to wear khaki 😦 booooooring! Extreme stretch scrubs looks really comfy and super cute though, they may even make khaki look great 😉

  145. My favorite color is khaki because it looks great and you can mix and match it with anything!

  146. Love this! I have a set that I bought and absolutely love. It would be amazing to win a set! Caribbean blue;”)

  147. My favorite color is Cinnamon. Nice change to the standard colors available!!

  148. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch Collection is the Wine.

  149. I absolutely LOOOOVe the Hunter green color in the Dickies Xtreme stretch collection. Not only that but I would be thrilled to win them!!! Such an innovative concept!!!!

  150. I love the galaxy blue. It is such a bright and cheery color.

  151. This contest is great! Id love to win a pair of new scrubs!

  152. I like the galaxy color!!!!!! Looks amazing in the picture!!

  153. I love them all. Any color looks great in Beautiful Hawaii. I would pick very berry or teal. Mahalo (thank you)

  154. i think this new wrinkle fabric is awonderful ideal because times you get up late or they call you in to work early

  155. White bottoms always looks professional. Top your galaxy color is gorgeous!

  156. I want to win this. I have very little time to iron in the morning because I’m also getting my two little boys ready for school.

  157. My favorite dickies xtreme stretch collection color is royal.its such a crisp fresh color!

  158. I love the new cinnamon color. The Dickies stretch scrubs are my favorite.

  159. Ceil Blue- Because it is a calming color and kind of reminds me of the ocean

  160. Let’s hope I Win it Wednesday~featuring Xtreme Stretch!

  161. My favorite color would be Cinnamon even though the Pewter was very close to being my farvorite. I think I picked the Cinnamon because I do not have that color YET and I its a great color for the fall season.

  162. I’m a new nurse so I don’t have much experience with scrubs but I must say I really love the color Cinnamon.

  163. I simply love the Dickie’s xtreme stretch I have worn srucbs for over 30 years and this style above and beyond the rest. The royal is my favorite colr and everytime I wear peolpe comment o the color brightness. This fabric washes great and does not fade!

  164. Can’t wait to try them, they look sooo comfortable, my fav color has got to be the royal blue!

  165. I love the xtreme stretch uniforms. I have just about every color they have. They wash up great and do not lose their color or shape. My favorite color is eggplant. The Best uniforms EVER!!!

  166. Two of my fellow coworkers just rave about this particular style and fabric. I am a disbeliever of what they claim compared to what I already have. Make me a beleiver of the Dickie Xtreme Stretch brand!

  167. i love Caribbean, but i also really like the eggplant and galaxy .
    hope i win something:}

  168. I love the new color Galaxy Blue. Would love to have a set!

  169. I love uniform advantage. I open my emails and look and wish until I get the next one. I have bought scrubs and love them. Thanks for offering such a wide variety. I have never had the Dickies Xtreme stretch so to win would be a good way to try before I buy

  170. Win it Wednesday- I would love to try the Dickies xtreme stretch. I have several Dickies and really like the fit. Love you web site and fatality.

  171. My favorite color in the Extreme Stretch collection is Eggplant! But I also have others that I like also

  172. Wrinkle free?!? What will I ever do with this new found freedom…..

  173. my favorite color color from this collection is the white!

  174. I love the new Cinnamon color!! Perfect for fall!! I would have a hard time choosing a color…. Love all the colors!! 🙂

  175. My favorite color from the extreme collection is Khaki

  176. I love the new colors, especially the Cinnamon and Khaki, would love to have a set of scrubs in either color.


  178. Eggplant is my favorite color from the new xtream stretch collection, but we are only aloud to wear navy scrubs to work:(

  179. I recently started nursing school and these scrubs are perfect in the white. They’re so comfortable and require no ironing at all!! LOVE them!!

  180. my fav color is wine, because that is the color we have to wear at work, and I love all colors of red!

  181. My favorite color mock wrap shirt is eggplant. V- neck shirt is teal. Lab jacket is pewter. I don’t wear pants and did not see an Xtreme stretch skirt 😢😢😢😢 ya’ll should work on that 😊

  182. I would have to say that my favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection would have to be the new ‘Cinnamon’. I just love fall colors.

  183. My favorite color is WIne. I chose that color because it’s the closest color to Rasberry I a Patient Attendant Safety, wear here in Detrot.

  184. My favorite color is teal

  185. My favorite color of the stretch collection is eggplant!

  186. I love the Wine.The color is deep and looks so tempting.

  187. I love the Very Berry but the new Galaxy looks nice also.Thanks

  188. just started new job would love to rock your uniforms and brag about you

  189. Eggplant is my favorite Dickies Xtreme Stretch color!!

  190. What is your favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection?

    My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Wine color

  191. I LOVE the eggplant color and my second favorite is carribbean!! LOVE THESE scrubs!!

  192. I like the white uniforms, always have. The white uniform is the universal symbol of “nurse” to me.

  193. Fav color from Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Teal but only allowed to wear blues where I work so I would choose Ceil.

  194. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Galaxy.

  195. Khaki is my favorite color. I like the way Dickies scrubs fit me

  196. My favorite color from the line is the black, however company dress code says I get to like Hunter!

  197. My favorite color is Caribbean blue, it’s the perfect winter color, makes me think of warm weather places but still a quiet color for 11-7

  198. I love the DICKIES XTREME STRETCH, prefect for me after hanging out the nite b 4 work and don’t have time to iron trying to get that last minute in to sleep a little bit longer to sleep. LOVE THEM********

  199. I love the DICKIES XTREME STRETCH, prefect for me after hanging out the nite b 4 work and don’t have time to iron trying to get that last minute in to sleep a little bit longer to sleep. LOVE THEM********my favor color is eggplant.

  200. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch Collection is Very Berry!!!

  201. I think the scrubs make you look professional even if you don’t have to wear it as a uniform.

  202. My favorite color from the Dixiesstart Xtreme Stretch collection is Caribbean Blue!

  203. I have fallen in love with the cinnamon color, it is so rich looking and will be great for my fall wardrobe

  204. These sound great. I would love to try them just to see how comfortable vBulletin or they are. I love the fall collection of colors too. I have been wearing Dickies brand for a few years now and I still wear my first pair I bought. They are so soft. I like them already. My favorite color is cinnamon !

  205. My favorite color of the Xtreme Stretch collection is the cinnamon. It looks so lovely and striking; what a great look for work.

  206. I love “Wine” and “Eggplant”! Perfect colors for fall!

  207. Nurses, don:t be at a disadvantage , wear uniform advantage

  208. Wow! That would be awesome for clinicals! I’m a scrub-tech student and I’m hanging on with both hand right now

  209. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Eggplant.

  210. My favorite color is the galaxy blue. Its beautiful and bright!

  211. The color samples are all beautiful; especially the rich Fall and Winter colors, but if I did have to choose just one, it would have to be the eggplant. My favorite color is a deep amethyst, so I guess I’m a little partial. Although, I may have to pick up extra shifts. I really do like the ceil and galaxy blue, not to mention the khaki and pewter; and that would be x2, my daughter’s a nurse as well. Since multi-pockets are a must have, that also is an enticing feature. I love my other Dickie scrubs, style# 857455, lots of pockets. Thanks,
    Jeannie T

  212. I love the Galaxy Blue! Bule is my favoriate color. I get so many compliments when I wear blue to work.

  213. LOVE them all! Guess I’d have to pick very Berry if I had to choose just one 😉

  214. my favorite is very berry or eggplant! I JUST CANT CHOOSE! 🙂

  215. I am a purple fanatic, so almost anything with purple is definitely checked out — I think the eggplant color is great!

  216. Very Berry…is very pretty. No ironing makes it beautiful!!!

  217. Win it Wednesday~featuring Maevn Uniforms that Strechhhhh

  218. I like the pewter the best. It would be awesome to win a scrub set!! I never win anything!!

  219. My favorite color in the dickies stretch collection, is the “very berry” I love the color pink and this is the closest color they offer in this collection. The color makes me and others happy. It is a very warming and inviting color.

  220. I love the color Eggplant on the Extreme Stretch uniform its such a beautiful color… so Eggplant would be my favorite….. I’ve never worn stretch uniforms and would love to try them. We are constantly on the go caring for patients and some time’s by the middle of the day we usually feel hot with uniforms wrinkled. But Extreme Stretch no ironing needed would make feel fresh and COOL!

  221. My favorite color is cinnamon, vibrant and easy to pair

  222. I like the color black cause I can mix it up a little for every day

  223. Uniform Advantage is AWESOME! I buy all my uniforms there. They fit perfectly and never wear out or fade!

  224. My favorite color is eggplant. It reminds me of royalty. I wish I could have this color for our casual Friday at work.

  225. My two fav colors are Navy & Hunter. I like the Cinnamon, but I don’t think it would look good on ME. Very pretty on your model, though! 🙂

  226. Galaxy Blue is my favorite, it is such a soft and relaxing color.

  227. I love ordering from you and would love to have a new set!!!

  228. Galaxy blue reminds me of the beautiful skies in Washington at night!

  229. My favorite color from the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection is Caribbean Blue. Its very jazzy yet dark with a great color and fabric texture.

  230. Most of our family works in health care. I appreciate the great iron free colorful,comfortable scrubs.

  231. Pewter is my favorite color in the Dickies Xtreme Stretch Collection and I love the fit and feel of the scrubs.

  232. I love “Wine” and “Eggplant”! Perfect colors for fall!!

  233. My favorite color is Galaxy! It is attractive, pleasant on the eye, Lots of complements on that color. It is a happy color and makes patients feel at ease!

  234. I like hunter the best , there’s so many to choose from!!!!

  235. Love the purple. So comfortable ans flexible. Would love to have these essential part of my wardrobe.

  236. Purple which is my favorite color in just about anything lol

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