Uniforms on Us Contest~featuring NEW Fall Grey’s Anatomy™!

Grey's Anatomy Scrubs at Uniform Advantage

Customer favorite Grey’s Anatomy™ by Barco Scrubs is kicking fall fashion into high gear with 4 new colors to add to the collection! Plus, the feather-soft arcLux™ fabric will keep you comfy and cozy all season long.  We had such a hard time deciding which one was our favorite out of Ocean, Nickel, Amber, and Raisin that we decided to hear it straight from our loyal blog and Facebook followers.  Respond below and you could be one of 5 lucky winners to get to show off your stylish new scrub set to your co-workers!

Out of the entries submitted, we will randomly choose 5 winners (using random.org), who will then receive a FREE Grey’s Anatomy™ scrub set in the style and/or color of their choosing!  To answer, please post a “comment” to this blog post.  Note: Your comment will stay “hidden” until the contest period ends so that answers are not visible to other contestants. The contest ends Tuesday 9/10 at midnight EST and we will announce the winners Wednesday 9/11.

Question: TELL US which of the 4 new fall colors is your favorite?


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Only comments on this original blog post will be accepted as entries, Facebook comments cannot count as entries
  • We’re sorry, prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only due to varying international shipping rates and customs charges (you can enter as an international customer if you have a friend or family member with a U.S. shipping address you can send them to)
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Thank you for your participation!

822 Comments on “Uniforms on Us Contest~featuring NEW Fall Grey’s Anatomy™!

  1. Amber. Although my uniform bottoms unfortunately have to be white at my workplace. The amber color reminds me of pumpkin pie. Mmmmmm.

  2. My favorite fall color is the ocean but blue is my favorite color

  3. I am really loving the raisin color, its deep and a perfect fall/winter color. I love these scrubs they are super comfortable, i am starting a respiratory therapy program next month and we can choose any brand we want and this is the brand i will be purchasing for my clinicals, just because its so professional looking.

  4. They are all very pretty! I believe I like Raisin the best though.

  5. I love the nickel color, but we are only allowed to wear wine. I find those shades of gray flattering on everyone.

  6. The nickel color in Grey’s Anatomy by Barco Scrubs is my favorite.

  7. Not sure about the grey for me, but the other three colors would work great. Thanks.

  8. Amber heather would be the perfect new color to spice up my fall scrub wardrobe!

  9. Grays Anatomy ” Raisin ” Definately !! Love the dark colors and haven’t seen this color yet till now 🙂

  10. I want to enter!!! I love the Amber Heather color!

  11. My favorite color is Raisin. It is deep and rich. I love Grey’s Anotomy, the fabric is soft.

  12. I like the blue scrubs. Not too dark, feels more “cheerful” than the others.

  13. I like the Raisin color the best! I would like to add this color to my work scrubs!

  14. I really like the new color Heather. I like the soft fall color, it would work well with a variety of my patterned jackets.

  15. I love the raisin outfit!!! It is so pretty!!! I also love the amber heather which is very beautiful for the fall colors!!! I love greys anatomy because they last so long!!!

  16. I think the Raisin is my favorite 🙂 They’re all very pretty!

  17. I love UA and Love the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs they are so soft and comfy!!!

  18. Love the new colors and styles. We are only allowed to wear navy but the variety of styles helps keep that from being drab and boring.

  19. The raisin color is so cute! I have other scrubs but none of them compare to my Grey’s anatomy scrubs! I definitely need this color

  20. I’m liking that Raisin color. Great for fall and will look good on a lot of different people.

  21. I really like the Amber. I haven’t seen a color like that around so that makes it unique.

  22. I think ocean is the prettiest new fall color! I think it’s cheerful and would brighten up any workplace without being too overbearing.

  23. i like the raisin color, it looks like purple, i think, i wish you could do a purple/grey color, that would be so nice

  24. I love Grey’s Anatomy Raisin is my favorite color scrubs

  25. I like Amber Heather, because I do not see many people with color on. So I would buy it, because it’s pretty and unique.

  26. I love the amber. It reminds me of fall leaves. Living in AZ I miss the fall colors on the trees, so why not wear them to work. 🙂



  29. My favorite new color is Amber! It is so pretty & I LOVE the style of the scrubs. I hope I win so I can sport this awesome new color and style at the chiropractic office I work at! HAPPY FALL! 🙂

  30. Love, LOVE your new gray color, Nickel!!!!
    It is quietly elegant and will no-doubt endure many of the messiest daily mishaps.
    AND, it is truly a unisex color.
    What else could anyone possibly ask for?

  31. Ocean is my favorite new fall color. Plus greys anatomy are the most comfortable scrubs ever!

  32. My favorite color for the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs is Ocean.

  33. RAISIN! I love a great purple color! I just ordered and received the Grey’s Anatomy Amethyst, but the Raisin is amazing too! Great selection!

  34. I loved the raisin color, because it is a darkest color, and looks so youthful!!!!!

  35. I love the new ocean color for fall! Clean and sharp looking!

  36. I am absolutely in love with the Raisin. The dark purple is gorgeous!

  37. I love the new Amber Heather! It is a color that anyone can wear.

  38. Amber Heather is my favorite, such a unique interesting color I’ve never seen before!

  39. My favorite new color us the amber heather color if I had to choose only one!! 2nd favorite is the nickel. Pick me as a winner!:)

  40. BLUE “OCEAN” is the favorite!!.I’ts a day brightner and looks good with any color skin, hair…

  41. I have been so happy with the uniforms from here I try to get a group of us ladies at work to get a bunch.

  42. Amber heather is my very favorite. The color reminds me of fall leaves and an amber fire.

  43. I love the Amber color! What a great color combination of rust/brown/orange to step into FALL with!! 😀

  44. Tough decision, but I have to say my favorite new fall color is RAISIN. Absolutely love them all, plus they are oh so comfy! I own numerous styles of Grey’s Anatomy scrub sets and recieved never-ending compliments on my GA4153 top!

  45. Love the Greys anatomy scrubs!!! The new colors are great 🙂

  46. I love greys anatomy scrubs they are so soft and fit great. I would like to have a pair in Raisin.

  47. Love the raisin color!!!! Very classic fall color!!

  48. The Ocean blue is my favorite. I work in Gainesville, Florida which is home to the University of Florida. Also know as GATOR NATION. The school colors are orange/blue and almost every medical facility in the area requires orange or bljue scrubs for this reason. The new ocean blue is the perfect color.

  49. I love the new amber and raisin colors. Especially the rich purple of the raisin , seems to be a wry flattering color

  50. Your scrubs are the coolest that I own!! Everyone loves my greys scrubs!!! The make me feel like a movie star!! I like nickel

  51. I love the raisin color. Fall is such a pretty time of year and I can see that color on the ground from the fallen leaves.

  52. Love the comfort of the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs. Love all the new colors but my favorite pick would be the rich deep raisin color!

  53. I love the new color ocean. I think it would look amazing with my blue eyes!

  54. My favorite is the nickel I think that this color would look great on anyone

  55. I love Grey’s Anatomy scrubs!!! It’s all I want to wear. The new nickel color is definitely on my list!!!!

  56. I love the new Ocean color. I have many Grey’s Anatomy scrubs. I have read, blue and black. They are the best scrubs I’ve ever own. I’ve been wearing scrubs for twenty years. They make you look neat and comfy. You don’t look like you’re wearing a v-neck box!

  57. My absolute favorite color is the raisin! It’s different and very fall like!

  58. Love the Amber Heather,but we are being required to wear a Royal blue all the time-UGH!!!

  59. I absolutely LOVE Raisin! So pretty and perfect for fall 🙂

  60. I think I’d have to say Raisin is my favorite!

  61. Love the Raisin color, very rich and very nice style uniform…………

  62. My favorite color is Raisin! It’s a deep, pretty shade that looks professional while adding a little splash of color. 🙂

  63. I love the Amber Heather, it’s such a great warm color, perfect for fall and dark enough to not show stains. With the Signature Series STRETCH 3 Pocket Top this fabric color coordinates so well with the stretch side panel. Can’t wait to get mine!

  64. Raisin is my favorite color but if by chance I won I would have to wear Nickel at work.

  65. I’m “FALLing in LOVE” with your Amber Heather, this new color is my favorite! I’m excited coz I know it will FALL right on my figure and many will whistle as they FALL in love with my new outfit!

  66. Nickel is the perfect Fall color…Plus it looks so classy!

  67. That’s great I hope I get lucky. I need scrubs for work. 🙂

  68. Amber is the prettiest color hands down! It’s a very unique color for scrubs!

  69. I love the Amber. just a unique color and just in time for fall!

  70. I have to say its hard to choose the colors because they are all so pretty!! Of all of them…I would chose the Amber Heather or the Ocean. The ocean will greatly compliment my skin color and the Amber Heather is just one of my favorite colors. It looks as close the rust or copper color that I adore!!

  71. I really love the Ocean. It is a fun color that you can wear in the fall and in the spring. The Ocean color really brings out the blue in my eyes. I have gotten so many compliments from patients. Blue is one of my favorite colors and I wear it almost every day.

  72. I’m going to say the Amber would be the one I choose. I have NRG scrubs already in similar color to the raisin, nickle, and ocean. But I do love the fit of my Gray’s!

  73. I so love the nickel color, have to wear gray uniforms so I am always looking for something different in the gray family of color.

  74. I have a couple pairs of the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs and I absolutely love them! They are very comfortable.

  75. I am absolutely in love with the nickel color! My skin tone clashes with alot of colors, but this neutral tone would flatter my complexion.

  76. I like the Nickel. Just heard that for “fashion week” this year, chocolates and grays are in! I think it’s a soothing color…

  77. I like all the colors, but Amber is my favorite!

  78. The four new colors are my favorites: Raisen, Amber Heather, Nuckel & Ocean! The Colors Pop!!

  79. The raisin color is beautiful! Love these scrubs!!!!

  80. Silly auto correct! My favorite colors are the new four. Raisin, amber heather, nickel & ocean! I would be the fashion nurse of the office if I won!

  81. Amber heather is my favorite and it reminds me so much of the changing leaves, lovely color.

  82. My new favorite Grey’s Anatomy scrub color is Raisin. Its such a great fall color and I love purple!

  83. They all look great, but if I had to pick I would choose Raisin!

  84. Ooooo… I LOVE the Amber Heather! It is the perfect color to compliment the fall season. I would love to add it to my scrub collection. BARCO’S Greys Anatomy, is it wrong to love your work clothes more than your every day wear?

  85. Amber Heather is so “autumnal” and “cinnamon-y” and reminds me of
    a crisp fall day enjoying hot apple cider with a cinnamon swizzle stick, of

  86. Love these Grey’s Anatomy scrubs!! They are unusually soft and really comfortable for all day wear.

  87. I could sport a set of Raisin GA 41340 in the office, I even have a pair of sneakers to match.

  88. I love the new ocean color anything blue makes my blue eyes pop but I also love the new amber heather. I just can’t decide on a fav!

  89. I absolutely love the nickel color !


    Amanda Moore

  90. My favorite new color is the OCEAN BLUE. My 12 hour shifts make me feel like I live in scrubs, but I love my job and my scrubs are comfortable so I feel blessed.

  91. I love the new colors! Fall is my favorite time of year with all these beautiful colors, just like the scrubs

  92. I like all the colors, but in terms of versatility, I think perhaps the gray is the best. You can accessorize with white, black, pinks, blues, purples, etc., (with shoes, stethoscopes, jackets, etc.) So for most practicality, I’d go with the gray. However, if I personally could choose one, I’d chose the amber. I just love the color….

  93. Amber is my favorite! Wish we could wear more colors at work!

  94. Raisin is my favorite color in the new Grey’s uniforms colors.

  95. I just love the nickel color. I love Grey’s anatomy scrubs. The are so soft!

  96. I love new scrubs, they always put a pep in my step at work! And wearing scrubs that match the season is important to any stylish nurse.

  97. For me, a dark purple screams fall. I LOVE the new raisin color!!!

  98. Amber Heather is my favorite color, XL top, small bottom.

  99. O love the nickel color this color makes everyone look good!

  100. My favorite fall color is Nickel, I think the color is hot!

  101. I like the raisin the best! Such a pretty deep purple

  102. In comparing the four colors, I prefer the raisin color. Shades of blue are already very common. Grey is dull and uninteresting, while orange shades do not look good on everyone. However, purple would be a nice vibrant change. It is also very fashion forward and a popular color.

  103. i love the amber heather,its something i havent seen yet. not even in the most popular scrub shops.

  104. I like the Amber Heather because it’s the color of falling leaves

  105. My favorite fall color is the Amber Heather and my second favorite is Raisin
    Love them both

  106. My fav would have to be the Ocean. Not just because I love the blue color, but it reminds of the hours I would sit by the ocean when I lived in California. I miss the ocean and this is a small way to remind me of those relaxing days on the beach listening to the waves roll in.

  107. My fav would have to be the Ocean. Not just because blues are my favorite, but because it reminds me of all the time I spent at the ocean when living in San Diego, CA. The ocean color is just a small way of reminding myself of all the relaxing times I spent on the beach listening to the waves roll in.

  108. i love the new fall colors… heather, raisin, nickel, ocean.

  109. My favorite of the 4 new fall colors is ocean! I think this brighter color stands out and is a very pretty shade of color.

  110. I personally like the Raisin colored scrub set the best 🙂

  111. I absolutely love the Amber heather color from this collection! The color mixture of red-orange-brown from this style displays a transition of summer to fall seasons. I also think it is not too flashy like some bloody red colors I have seen in scrub stores. I would also love to have a pair since I do not own a color such as these!

  112. My favorite New color is Amber Heather…classic Fall color!!!

  113. I LOVE UNIFORM ADVANTAGE!!!! I LOVE the nickel and heather amber!!!!

  114. I love the Raisin colored scrubs! So cute and perfect for fall! 🍁🍂❤

  115. Nickel is my favorite- an elegant yet professional color.

  116. I love the NIckel! I have coral, and they are so comfortable!

  117. My favorite fall color from grey’s anatomy scrubs are Amber Heather and Ocean. 🙂

  118. Of the 4 new fall colors, my favorite is Nickel! Please select me!!

  119. I like ocean. Make’s me think of a peaceful day on the beach.

  120. I absolutely love the uniforms and the new colors!! I can’t decide between the nickel or Amber Heather which one I love more!! I would love you have these new scrubs as the Grey’s anatomy scrubs are my favorite and I wear nothing else but them!

  121. Heather is my favorite, but I have to say I love them all!! I’m a big fan of these scrubs!

  122. I like the ocean color it seems so peaceful and u can wear other tops with it

  123. I like the Amber and Ocean colors!! Love shopping here great prices and Great scrubs!! Thanks Liz

  124. Love the new colors, I must try the gray its the new black.

  125. Although all the of the colors are fabulous, my absolute favorite is “raisin”!

  126. Love the raisin color. I have a feeling I will be seeing a lot of this color this fall.

  127. I like the blue ones. It’s a nice shade and would look great on me 🙂

  128. I love the ocean color! I am very excited to either win or buy a set of scrubs because they are soo comfy!!

  129. Love these scrubs!
    If I win send me ocean in size small, thankz

  130. I love the new Amber color. I love fall because of the colors.

  131. The raisin is my favorite.. My patients seem to really like shades of purple. I am hoping to be a winner so that I can get a pair of those raisin scrubs.. Thanks Carolyn G.

  132. I think raisin is the best color of the four because it’s not a color many scrubs come in and it is very pretty (plus I look good in it too).

  133. I like the Nickel the most. It is very professional and compliments most skin tones. I think it is a good solid color that is easily paired with different colors for those who like to mix and match.

  134. Ocean! What a happy color! I’m a NICU/Peds nurse;)

  135. I love the new Raisin color. I think it is the coolest new fall color. love, love, love this color. I also love Greys Anatomy scrubs the are sooooooooooooo comfy! I am in the process of converting all my other brand scrubs to Grey’s.

  136. I would be so very happy to win one of the Grey’s scrubs set in the Raisin color. I not only love to wear scrubs but love the series of Grey’s also. I do not make alot of money so this would help my work wardrobe out tremedously. Hope you pick me because I love scrubs….

  137. Grey’s anatomy scrubs are so soft and comfy! People at the vet clinic I work at love THEM

  138. My favorite color out of the 4 new fall colors is the ocean color. It gives you a refreshing look!!

  139. I like the new nickel color since my new uniform color has to be in gray. It gives me more options.

  140. Well it’s a toss up but I am going to have to say Amber 🙂

  141. I love the raisin! My favorite color but it is hard to decide. They are all fresh and different looking- far from the usual blue and green that is everywhere.

  142. I love the new Ocean scrubs! It reminds me of the beach!

  143. The Amber catches my eye! It looks like a color that any skin tone can wear and be flattered by. It’s warm and inviting, like a crackling fall fire. I work with the senior population and I always want to wear something I feel they will enjoy and be comforted by.

  144. Lets talk about scrubs…what a better way to show your love for our career then through grays anatomy…..gotta love them..wear them with pride,

  145. Love the amber honey, it’d so seasonal. I also love Grey’s uniforms.

  146. Well they are all real nice But since it is the fall I like the Amber the best ,next would be the Ocean because it s so bright and just brings out the joy. Next would be the Raisin, I’ve always like that dark purple, next the nickel its a blend that just goes with everything. Thank You

  147. My favorite is Amber Heather! It is a perfect color that looks like the changing leaves in the fall!

  148. Oh, this is a hard decision! I think Raisin is just the right color for the season. It will nicely accent all the pretty colors this Fall.

  149. I absolutely love the Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs! Since I bought my first set I have worn no other. They are so comfortable and soft,wash well and fit awesome. I love the new colors with my favorite being the amber 🙂

  150. I LOVE LOVE the Amber Heather!! Such a nice color for fall

  151. I think the raisin is a hot new trend. I love purple and always get comments when I wear it! 🙂

  152. I love the ocean color! It is such a pretty shade of blue!! Greys Anatomy scrubs are the best! So cozy!!! 🙂

  153. I’ll be honest I have not purchased from this website yet. Im a little nervous about some of the reviews and the size. I love the selection of scrubs and the prices are competitive. I’d love to win to try them 🙂

  154. Love love…amber heather, raisin, indigo and wine!!

  155. My favorite of the new fall colors is most definitely Raisin…I adore any and all shades of purple so this is the one I would have to narrow it down to as my favorite.

  156. There is nothing in uniforms that can compare to the quality, the feel, the body fitting, the look of Grey Anatomy, I love them so much I have 20 sets also alot of tops, they last for years, it’s money well spent. I feel good when I wear them. I would love to see it in a jumpsuit with emphasis focus the waist.
    Thanks for making such a great product!!!!!!!!

  157. Sharon Wannamaker on September 6, 2013 at 10:19 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    There is nothing in uniforms that can compare to the quality, the feel, the body fitting, the look of Grey Anatomy, I love them so much I have 20 sets also alot of tops, they last for years, it’s money well spent. I feel good when I wear them. I would love to see it in a jumpsuit with emphasis focus the waist.
    Thanks for making such a great product!!!!!!!!

  158. I love the Grey’s scrubs. Most comfy scrubs EVER!!!!!

  159. My favorite color is the Amber Heather color. Its different haven’t seen scrubs that color. Style GA2108

  160. I love the new Grey’s Anatomy Fall Amber Color, it reminds me of autum leaves on trees and Thanksgiving dinner with family. Amber is the perfect color for fall!

  161. Ocean is my favorite color. I love the fabric. Very comfortable.

  162. I love the green…. It brings out the color of my eyes. 🙂

  163. I love the Amber color, I am a dental assistant and I bleach my teeth, I’ve been given complements on colors like “Amber”, patients say my teeth look whiter with colors like Amber.I am a Latina and the Amber color complements my skin color.I would love to win a set of scrubs in Amber color and have the fabric that is described like feather-soft on my skin but if I don’t ,I hope the winner appreciates these scrubs.

  164. I simply loveeee the Amber Heather and Raisin! Lovely colors for fall!

  165. My favorite four fall colors are raisin, nickel, amber heather, and ocean! I love greys anatomy scrubs they are my absolute favorite!!

  166. Love the nickel ones would bring out the colors in my eyes

  167. oh gosh! such a hard choice to choose from…. all the new colours are wonderful but if I had to choose one for myself I would go with the Amber or the Nickel….Nickel is always an “in ” colour for fall and the Amber is such a beautiful colour that reminds me of falling leaves and crisp fall air….
    Hope I get picked!! I do love the material and this brand!!’Thanks, Liz

  168. All of the colors are great, but Raisin is my favorite. It is a great fall color.

  169. New favorite fall colors are Ocean, Nickel, Amber and Raisin. Thank you Uniform Advantage for great Greys Anatomy uniforms.

  170. My favorite color is the Ocean, beautiful color I will purchase them all soon. Love the feeling and comfort of these scrubs…

  171. Amber sat by the Ocean eating her Raisins that she bought with a Nickel… All beautiful colors, so hard to choose, but I’d have to go with Nickel. For it was the Nickel that brought Amber to eat Raisins by the Ocean

  172. “Love the Grey Anatomy Scrubs” Due its unique good quality and style. Of the four fall new color they now have available I love “Ocean” is just as the water of the ocean.

  173. I like the ocean color the best. I love blues and this color ocean is not a typical fall color which makes it stand out more.

  174. All the colors are perfect for the Fall season!! But, I think RAISIN won my attention!

  175. My favorite is the Nickel, it is a rich look and more different than the others that closely resemble other colors already available. I would love to show off the Nickel and have my coworkers asking where did you get those scrubs, as they already have with my previous order.

  176. I just love the new raisin color of the new Grey’s Anatomy by Barco Scrubs. it was really hard to choose from the great new colors, but the feel of the uniform while wearing is warm and comforting, very appealing. Ty Barco for your new line.

  177. I love the ocean color scrubs!!! They would be perfect cause they would match my eyes, love greys anatomy scrubs so soft and comfortable!

  178. Well this is great love contest and love my job at the Dr. office i work at.Thanks for the contest.

  179. I want to win the ocean scrubs reminds me of the beach!

  180. Love the amber heather! Reminds me of fall…….one of my fav times of the year!

  181. Amber Heather is definitely a classic looking Fall color and probably my favorite. Next in line would be Raisin. The nickel and blue color of course are beautiful but could pass for all season colors. Beautiful colors!

  182. My favorite fall color is the raisin! I love wearing this color at work or out with friends!

  183. I love Amber Heather, is new, fresh and at the same time atractive…Love your scrubs!

  184. I prefer the ocean color. We have to wear royal for our department and ocean looks like a close match.

  185. I love the feel of the material and the new colors are great!

  186. It is hard to choose from the four colors of Ocean, Amber, Nickel, and Raisin. I just love wearing all colors released by Greys Anatomy. The brand is so soft and comfortable any time to wear. I am partial to the Ocean. I enjoy the comfort I feel when I wear all the other colors that are in my wardrobe. I always get nice compliments at work from everyone and am proud to tell them that they are the Greys Anatomy brand.

  187. Grey’s anatomy scrubs are the only scrubs that I buy. They are feminine, flattering, and make wearing boring scrubs everyday fun and stylish. They are so comfortable and feel as good on after a 12 hour shift as they did when I first put them on. They hold up well even after washing them numerous times. I recently bought a new pair of scrubs in raisin. I have lost count on how many compliments I have received on them. Doctors, coworkers, even my patients and their families have all complimented me on the color and how it is different and pretty and looks flattering on me. They are my favorite pair of scrubs to wear. I am so happy with all of my Greys anatomy purchases, and look forward to buying more in the future. Thanks for making such a great product!

  188. I finished school 2 yrs ago. I was new to scrub shopping also I need tall sizes. I tried a few brands then I found Grey’s. …They fit perfect the sets I bought 2yrs ago and wore often still look like I just bought them..Also if you take them from the dryer they look freshly ironed. .Can’t say enough good about Greys!!

  189. I think the raisin is my favorite of the new colors.

  190. Raisin is the best. Would love to pair it with that nickel color, too!

  191. Absolutely love the greys anatomy scrubs! I always go with blues and greys, but have to admit that Iam totally won over by the amber heather….love it, def the favorite!!!!

  192. Style# 2108 Amber Heather is my favorite because its unique color is perfect to be worn during the fall, especially during Thanksgiving, its will blend in great with other fall colors.

  193. Raisin is my favorite color out of the four!! I have always been drawn to shades of purple. I vote Raisin!!

  194. Am in love the Amber color. It’s truly a warm fall look with the leaves and fall flowers.

  195. Love Grey’s scrubs! So comfy and soft. I’m really liking the new raisin color, so rich and very fall like color!

  196. All the colors are nice but the blue is my favorite!

  197. My favorite new fall color is, Nickel! It is very versital and can be worn all year around. I’ve never owned a pair of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs before(due to price) but a coworker last week was telling me how soft they are! I work for a pediatric dental office and my doctor keeps it freezing, so soft cozy scrubs would be very nice 🙂

  198. What a cheerful color Ocean is! Perfect color to brighten everyone’s day.

  199. I love the new colors. Amber Heather, Raisin, Ocean and Nickel. Enter me to win!!!

  200. Raisin , ocean and nickel …heather is pretty it just doesn’t go with my skin color :/

  201. I love the Nickel, especially since the greys are what we wear at work. I just think it looks sharp and professional.

  202. The Nickel is my favorite. I think it looks sharp and professional. This is one of the colors we wear at work.

  203. I love grays uniform but I think I really like Ocean. Blue is my favorite color and patients like blue, it is calming. I do forensic nursing and blue is the color of our seascape scene we use for our exam room. We have a sand and beach OceN scene. All the children love it. So my favorite is the blue Ocean uniform.. Keep up the great work.

  204. I like the new fall color “nickel!” I would love to win!!

  205. I’m torn between amber and raisin. Fall is my favorite season and glad to see some gorgeous colors!

  206. I’m torn between amber and raisin. Fall is my favorite season and glad to see such gorgeous colors!

  207. My favorite is “Raisin!” I love the deep purple color!

  208. My favorite is Amber Heather. It’s a BEAUTIFUL fall color!!!

  209. Amber Heather is my favorite color. It reminds me of crisp fall day, and was one of my wedding colors.

  210. Love the Raisin. Totally awesome color for Fall! Nice rich, deep color to represent change of season therefore change of wardrobe!

  211. All the new fall colors are great! But my favorite is the raisin color. It’s a beautiful color for fall and anybody Would look great in it.

  212. Amber is the color of your Energy!- My daughter is a new RN -needs energy scrubs for sure!

  213. My favorite new fall color is Amber. One of the colors that you will first notice when the seasons change from summer to fall.

  214. Nickel! I love that shade of grey, and the front pattern is very flattering.

  215. I like the Raisin color. It reminds me of colorful falling leaves and the cool, crisp air of fall.

  216. I like the raisin and then my second choice would be the amber heather.

  217. I like the Raisin! It’s very pretty and classy color for the fall!

  218. I love all of the new fall colors, but I would have to say the Nickel is probably my favorite of the four.

  219. Do I have to choose? I love all of them! I like the Amber Heather the most because it’s a “fresh” color…not overdone yet. A tie for second is Ocean & Raisen with Nickel close behind in third. ❤

  220. I think my favorite color is going to be raisin. Love dark colors, especially for Fall and Winter.

  221. I really really like the Nickel…but my daughter’s name is Amber…so would be really cool to have scrubs in the color of Amber…and also…super excited for the season premier of Grey’s Anatomy!!

  222. I LOVE the new amber color! Besides the mere little fact it does happen to be my personal color…..its great for fal and it is simple a nice. “Warm” color. Thanks!

  223. My favorite new fall color is Ocean. It’s the perfect bright blue color that is flattering on anyone!

  224. Absolutely LOVE the “Raisin”!!! Great color for many skin tones and hair color. Purples are my very favorite anytime, though!

  225. I really like the new Ocean color. I love the aqua and blue colors. This ocean color I really like it.

  226. The Grey’s Anatomy has a new fall color. The ocean color is simply beautiful. I just love this color.

  227. I love the Ocean color, It is so bright and cheerful just like our patients like their nurses to be. A bright color cheers up a sick person and a smiles always makes you feel better inside.

  228. I am a fan of Amber Heather, reminds me of Fall’s changing leaves.

  229. I like OCEAN! And would love to win bc we have to wear blue scrubs at work and I need some new ones 🙂

  230. Ocean is my favorite color!!! All of your new fall colors are great!

  231. I love the Amber Heather! I think it looks warm and inviting.

  232. I like the raisin. they are all nice colors, especially for fall. Would love to win them!

  233. I absolutely love the new fall colors, all are so perfect for Fall. My favorite has got to be the rich beautiful raisin.

  234. I love all the new colors. I am always happy with everything I order from Uniform advantage. I think because I am a redhead, I would look great in the Amber Heath color. Keep doing a great job.

  235. I like the Amber Heather color. I also like that style, the GA2108 style is typically what I wear.


  237. I love the jewel tones for fall. Raisin is my favorite!

  238. i been using the uniforms from your company and i love it they fit perfect and i will
    recomment to my co workers

  239. Amber Heather because it is different then the standard blue most medical people wear.

  240. I like Raisin the best. It’s warm yet vibrant shade brings a sense of fall into the health clinic.

  241. It’s very hard to choose one color because I like all of them, but if I have to choose just one, I guess it would be Ocean. I also love the styles and a soft fabric to work all day in. It’s very important to be comfortable and yet still be stylish!

  242. I like the new color ocean, it is soothing to the eyes

  243. I like the nickel…. But I would love to see some more variety!! I love Greys!!!!

  244. The grey is my favorite. Grey looks good on everyone and it’s a neutral color.

  245. I love the new amber heather color! Perfect blend of orange and red for fall season!

  246. I love the nickel metals are so in the season. Chic and versatile the nickel is a great neutral.

  247. I love the raisin color. It is school colors. Work in school cafeteria. Scrubs are so nice and cool to wear.

  248. I am loving the new color Amber Heather in style #GA4130 for the top with #GA2204 for the bottom. I love the Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs because they are comfortable and fit really well. I always get compliments when I wear them also!

  249. I like all 4, but my favorite is ocean!! Hope I am one of the 5 lucky gals!

  250. I was in another field of work previously. I started working in the healthcare field about a year ago, I never knew so much comfort! I LOVE these scrubs, I have a few sets but I need more-every color! I hope I win!

  251. Honestly Love them all, but the Amber Heather is for sure my Absolute FAVORITE!!

  252. Fav colors are, burnt orange, dark purple, OD green, brown 🙂

  253. Opps didn’t answered question wrong before. Fav color is nickel!!!!

  254. Raisin is my favorite, Grey’s Anatomy uniforms are so comfortable to wear, very appealing.

  255. I like the amber color because it reminds me of both fall, spring and summer. The fall when the leaves turn and become the ambers and oranges which remind you of harvest time. Also when in the fall there is a camp or bon fire and people are sitting around it roasting marshmallows and talking or just watching the fire enjoying the out doors. Spring and summer after the lifeless winter months and the first signs the flowers are waking up and starting to show signs of life and when they start to bloom. That is why this is my favorite color because it resembles the outdoors

  256. Oh! I like the plum the best. I also like the design if the neck line. ( I do however like the idea of the small zipped pocket in the Amber heather desired uniform. )

  257. I love them all! But I would say raisin is my favorite.

  258. Love the new Ocean color. Very colorful yet not too bright.

  259. I like the raisin best, but think they are all great!

  260. My favorite fall greys anatomy scrub color is nickel.

  261. The Amber is a very nice color with fall coming but I see it sliding nicely into all seasons without any trouble. I also think it is a nice color for any skin tone.

  262. Loving the new raisin! Would also love a set in hot tamale! 🙂

  263. I absolutely love, love the Ocean set of scrubs! Greys are a particular favorite brand of mine because they do feel so comfortable and they look new every time I wash them. The Ocean color is so vibrant! When the only clothes you wear to work are scrubs, it helps to have stylish and colorful ones to wear.

  264. My favorite new color is Rasin! However I like all of them!

  265. grey’s anatomy scrubs are the softest and most comfortable scrubs ever, especially working in a trauma center

  266. I love the nickle color. But I, like you all love all of the colors!

  267. Out of the four new colors my favorite color is Ocean!

  268. Amber is my favorite new fall color because it goods me in the mood for hayrides, turkey, and pumpkin pie.

  269. Love the Nickel and Ocean, but if I had to choose…. Nickel!!!

  270. It was really a tough decision but I finally decided that the Raisin color is my favorite of the four. It had a more warm appeal to me. I liked Ocean next then Amber and finally Nickel. There you have it from my perspective and the four colors were all truly wonderful good job from the Miller family.

  271. My choice in color would be Amber Heather it is different and where I work we can wear any color we choose. I have lots of colors and this one is unusual. Really Like it.

  272. Love the New Fall Grey’s Anatomy colors my two favorite color are Amber Heather
    GA2108, Ocean GA41383

  273. RAISIN, this is the color I have been trying to find for a couple years now. Purple but a deep warm purple!

  274. really love the nickel and amber heather those are my two favorite colors for the fall.

  275. I just purchased 3 sets of Greys Anatomy scrubs last week!! I starting a Nurse Tech class in the morning. I love the material of the Greys Anatomy scrubs, so comfy but the look and wear great!!

  276. I just love Greys anatomy!!! They do not fade and are super soft.

  277. I wear a lot of black and grays so I really like the new shade called Nickel. Thanks for all your beautiful color choices.

  278. I am loving the style GA4153 in the color Nickel!

  279. I’m hearing up for my new job—-
    Love the new colors!

  280. It was very hard for me to decide which color was my favorite. I work in a optometrist office and I am a very spunky person so therefore I think my favorite would have to be “ocean”. It makes me feel like I am on a cruise again in the Bahamas and I am walking along the shore where the water is so bright and clean. I live in Weat Texas where the dirt blows constantly and wearing a color like ocean would make me feel so fresh and relaxed. And I think our patients would really enjoy this color also because I know I would. Thanks

  281. I like the Nickel, we have to wear black and that’s pretty darn close.

  282. Raisin is my choice of color, the uniforms are the most comfortable uniform around. Great job Grey’s Anatomy for a superior uniform.

  283. I have a set in Nickel and it’s wonderfully comfortable. The scrubs have seen me through an 85lb weight loss and still look sharp, It’s time for a new color, and I’m so happy with life and my job as an LPN in a LTC facility that I’d choose Amber – for two reasons! The color is cheery (I don’t like printed scrubs) and is named after my oldest daughter, who made me a grandmother 18 months ago!
    Thank you for quality and comfort in these trendy scrubs, and keep up the good work!

  284. I really like the amber color. It blends in any office very well

  285. My favorite scrub would be the Ocean Blue, it makes you think of the ocean, which is very relaxing, and the stylye looks so unique.

  286. I like the ocean blue. It looks upbeat and happy.

  287. I love Grey’s scrubs. My favorite fall color is raisin. Would love to have one!

  288. I love the raisin! I am fond of the darker jewel like colors.

  289. Loving the Autumn Heather color, although Nickel is running a close second for my fav! Hope to win!

  290. I love your products! I buy all my scrubs through your website!

  291. MY FAVORITE NEW GREYS ANATOMY SCRUB COLOR is RAISIN because purple means compassionate and sensitive. Healthcare workers must possess these characteristics!!

  292. Love all the colors but would have to pick the Nickel!

  293. I will love to have amber heather color uniform very unique for fall!!!

  294. RAISIN is my pick because in my department, shades of purple are required! 🙂 would be amazing to have a new shade to make everyone envious!

  295. It’s nice to see Grey’s come out with a new line of fall colors. Out of all the colors, I like the nickel one the best!

  296. I like the nickel for fall as you can accessorize it with many colours.

  297. Well I have to say amber is my favorite fall color, it is the epitomy of fall, I live in upstate NY, (the real upstate NY by the canadian border), and this color is everywhere when the leaves start to change, words cannot describe the beauty of fall up here.

  298. My favorite new fall color from Greys Anatomy is ” Nickel”

  299. I definitely love the vibrant,bright blue. That color looks fantastic on me!

  300. Mulikat A. Anthony
    My favorite from new Fall colors is Ocean.

  301. I love both the amber and raisin colours as burnt orange and purple are my favourite so naturally I’m going to pick them!

  302. I like the new color raisin! Although they are all good!

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