Win it Wednesday~Featuring FALL Koi Scrubs


We can always count on Koi to keep us looking fabulous while on-the-job, and these new fall arrivals are no exception!  With deep, rich hues like Sunset and Wine, you’re sure to be in the crisp fall spirit in no time.  Plus, get a jump start on your at work Halloween look with their two spooktacular new scrub tops featuring Halloween candy and spooky spider webs!

Out of the correct entries submitted, we will randomly choose 5 winners (using, who will then receive a free Koi Scrubs print scrub top of their choosing from our collection! To answer, please post a “comment” to this blog post.  The contest ends Sunday 8/11 at midnight EST and we will announce the winners Monday 8/12.

Question: Tell us! Which 2 new prints out of the 14 fall Koi tops are your favorite?


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Only comments on this original blog post will be accepted as entries
  • Prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Thank you for your participation and to Koi Scrubs for sponsoring!!

427 Comments on “Win it Wednesday~Featuring FALL Koi Scrubs

  1. Styles K115WSB and K190WBR, they are both very cute!

  2. So many prints to choose from! My top two favorites would have to be the “Night Flight” top and “Twiggy”. I like the colors, the prints, as well as the style!

  3. Great scrubs, love your win it Wednesday program

  4. I love th eAbigail and the warm breeze so cute…

  5. Flower Power Cool and Warm Breeze are my favs!

  6. I’m in LOVE ♥ with the Itsy Bitsy Spider print top!! It suits my personality and I love it when my patients love what I am wearing! Keeping them happy is what keeps me happy!

  7. All the Koi tops are cute! The two new prints I like best are “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Angelic”. Thank you for the opportunity! UA is always my first stop for scrubs!

  8. Mirage print top (Style# K196MIR) and Serpentine Stone print top (Style# K164SRS). Love Koi!

  9. Bethany top gems and jewels, Bridgette top Angelic

  10. The TWIGGY PRINT TOP and the WILDSIDE BLACK PRINT TOP are absolutely fabulous!

  11. I love the new Koi scrub top line for Fall but then again, I love most Koi scrub tops(just wish I could afford more of them). I know the patients love all the designs too! Thanks!

  12. Spot on Diana top and warm breeze top

  13. Wildside Zebra Print — RAWR
    Compassion Print

  14. Two of my favorite KOI designs are Angelic and Itsy and your right about fun, comfortable and a great price at Uniform Advantage. Just placed an order a few minutes ago. Ps your customer service reps are great and very knowledgeable about their products! Thanks for your help. Student new to the field!

  15. I like the Wild Side Zebra black print top and the warm sunset one! So cute!

  16. I love Koi Scrubs! They are the best scrubs out there!

  17. I love all the Koi tops! I hair recently purchased my first Koi top and I love it! I love the look and the way it feels. I have received so many comments on how cute it is.

  18. Koi Scrubs Serpentine Stone Print Top & Koi Scrubs Women’s Olivia Jacket

  19. I love the Koi Scrubs Candy! Candy! Tokidoki Print & the Koi Scrubs Itsy Bitsy Spider Print.

  20. Being pregnant with twins and bulging out of my scrubs has got me feeling frumpy. Maybe a cute new top in a larger size will make me feel better 🙂

  21. love the color’s so sweet and caring warmth.. colors

  22. I love the “itsy bitsy spider” and “Compassion” print tops!

  23. I picked K115KOL. and K149 TGN because of their bright hues and style. I have found KOI scrubs to be fashionable and comfortable!

  24. Style# K207WIR Koi Scrubs Wired Print Top and Style# K115WSB Koi Scrubs Wildside Black Print Top

  25. 1. K115SKC Sky Dance
    2. Kl90WBR Warm Breeze

  26. Love your scrubs and the great deals!

  27. Wildside Black Print Top & In check print top

  28. I like the At Dusk Cool Print. The dark solid tops are too hard to see the details. Use lighter color selections to see all the details when scrolling.

  29. Wildside Black Print Top & In check print top

  30. Wildside Black Print Top & In check print top

  31. I LOVE the wildlide black and compassion prints! I love zebra print and breast cancer awareness is my thing!


  33. My two favorite Koi prints are: Warm Breeze and Diagonal Expresso

  34. My two favorites are Candy! Candy! Tokidoki (K207CNY) and Spot On (K196SPN).

  35. My favorites are the Koi Lucky Print Top and the Warm Breeze print top. The warm colors are awesome!

  36. I love them all honestly but I think the haloween top is adorable.

  37. I really love the Warm Breeze and Wildside Black Print tops. They are really pretty and trendy. I really hope I win. I would be the envy of my workplace.

  38. My two favourites are the Compassion print and the Itsy Bitsy Spider print! Most of my clothes are black, but I can’t resist a good floral or lace now and then.

  39. Briana Top Park Avenue Kathryn Top Wonderland

  40. I have enjoyed ordering scrubs from UA and this new line is very interesting. I hate having solid scrubs. My two favorites would have to be SHAZZAM & WARM BREEZE

  41. Love your scrubs! Great selection and great prices:)

  42. I like the style K190WBR, its bright and pretty and love the colors.

  43. OMG how can a person only pick two??!! I love them all!! My favorites would have to be: Sky Dance Warm #K115SKW because of the colors in it. I’m normally dressed the brightest in our office and that scrub top is definitely my style. Unfortunately there’s two that are tied for my second choice, Night Flight #K115NFL and Courage #K190CRG. If I had to pick I would probably go with the Night Flight because that was the first top that jumped at me when I clicked on the website.

  44. My 2 favorite Koi print tops out of the new fall 14 scrub print tops are. Style # K19C1BS itsy bitsy spider print top and style # K115WSB wild side black print top

  45. Kathryn top Style #K115CPS Compassion
    Koi Lucky Style #K115KOL

  46. Love the Angelic print, warm breez and night flight!!

  47. I like the Warm Breeze Print top, I like the colors and the style.

  48. Compassion print too
    Twiggy print top

  49. itsy bitsy spider is so wicked. Plus I love the colors in At Dusk.

  50. I also like the Night Flight Print top, the colors are great and the style is nice.

  51. I am in love with the Zebra print and the Spiderweb top. They are gorgeous!!

  52. I love them all but the, Koi Lucky Print top and the Itsy Bitsy Spider are my favorite!

  53. I like the warm breeze and wildside scrub tops.

  54. Koi Lucky Print Top and Koi Scrubs Night Flight Print Top

  55. The Koi warm breeze & in check prints are so fabulous!!!! Love them.

  56. Itsy Bitsy spider print top
    Wildside Black print top

  57. My two favorites are Warm Breeze and Flower Power Cool Print.

  58. Flower Power and Itsy Bitsy Spider are my favorites

  59. My favorite are the lucky and the check print tops!

  60. Warm breeze and wildside are my favorite from the fall collection!

  61. I love Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Spot on print.

  62. i like all of the new falls color and prints


  64. I really like night flight and compassion!

  65. My favorites are “Night Flight” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

    Thank you!


  66. I love the new Tokidoki print, its a must have! and I really like the koi lucky print, I prefer black koi pants and both would look great!

  67. Night Flight Print and Wildside Black Print

  68. Koi makes the cutest scrubs….I love them!

  69. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the top with the spider webs! It is soooo cute! And since I am a “Halloween baby” it would be extra special to win a Halloween top on my birthday!! I LOVE KOI

  70. I love the Retro Rose print top, and the Compassion top is beautiful and for a good cause! You couldn’t go wrong with either of those!!!

  71. I really like the Poolside top–I fan of anything “palm tree” related! I also like the Candy! Candy! halloween scrub top! Very cute!

  72. Always love the styles and great prices that will always keep me coming back to uniform advantage keep it up

  73. I love the new “Spot on” and “Wildside” scrub tops

  74. I really love the sytle of k115wsb I like that zebra print on it with the orange … another one of my favorite ones is the k115kol I just reaaly like all the orange print on it.

  75. While I love all the new Koi tops, my faves are style #k207cny with the sweet candy print and style #k1901bs with the sassy yet scary cobwebs.

  76. Itsy Bitsy Spider & Warm Breeze!!! 🙂

  77. Love the courage print top and the wildside black print top!!

  78. I love love the night flight print top and the spooky spider webs top, those would be my favorite. Koi are my favorite scrubs. Please pick me!!!!!

  79. I always get excited to see what’s new! Can’t wait to see these in person! I think maybe the animal print one is my favorite so far…..just tooooo cute!!!!!!!

  80. I love the new fall collection!! It was very hard to narrow down my two favorites but here they are….Koi Scrubs Spot On Print Top & Koi Scrubs Mumbai Print Top. Although I also love the Koi Scrubs Central Park Print Top but I could only pick two 😦

  81. Koi warm breeze top and koi lucky print top

  82. I like the orange Lucky Print top and the Halloweeny Itsy Bitsy Spider print top

  83. I like very much the zebra print. The combination of the zebra black and white with the orange is beautiful.

  84. Koi Wildside Black Print top and Koi warm breeze print top.

  85. I really love the Itsy Bitsy Spider top. It is a great Halloween top without being “cute” or look like it’s for a ped’s unit. I also like the Warm Breeze top. The Brianna top is flattering and fits well, and that print is gorgeous!

  86. My 2 favorites are style# K207CNY candy candy tokidoki print top and style # K115NFL night flight print top.

  87. I get all of my scrubs in KOI and my Co workers compliment me daily on how cute and stylish my scrubs are. KOI IS AWESOME! !!!! 🙂

  88. My two favorite Koi Fall tops are “Koi Lucky” and “Warm Breeze”.

  89. Wild side and black check are my fall favorties!!

  90. I love the Parisian Floral & Warm Breeze 🙂

  91. I like the kol instinct print and the gossip print they are lovely!!

  92. All your new colors and designs are all so neat I love them all!!

  93. I love shopping this site because they have more to choose from & very very reasonable

  94. My two favorite Fall prints are
    1) koi Scrubs Warm Breeze print top
    2) Koi scrubs Angelic print top

  95. I love all of them each and every one of them

  96. Candy! Candy! Tokidoki Print Top & Itsy Bitsy Spider Print top. What can I say? I like Halloween!

  97. K207WIR and K115BRI are my 2 favorite print tops for the fall.

  98. The two Koi tops that I like the best are K115WSB and K115KOL these tops are a beautiful choice for fall.

  99. My 2 favorite Koi scrubs are, Airmail and sky dance warm

  100. As a new student nurse, I am just beginning my scrub collection for classes, clinical and future employment. I would love to win a new Koi scrub top to get my school year kicked off right!!!

  101. I love the wired print and the Madame butterfly!!

  102. I love their uniforms, very nice and I’m bring more friends with me to shop at UA..❤❤❤❤

  103. I like the Warm Breeze print and the itsy bitsy spider. I love the unique Koi styles, colors and prints!!

  104. My 2 favorite Koi scrub tops from the fall collection are: Night Flight and Wildside Black.

  105. Kw190br- beautiful colors for fall! Makes my patients happy!

  106. Turquoise and cayenne are my favorite!

  107. mumbai print top, madam butterfly print top

  108. Wild side black print and warm breeze print

  109. I love most all of the Koi printed tops, but my two favorites are the Compassion top and the Itsy Bitsy Spider top. I’m hoping that I may have luck on my side and win a top!! Thank you!! Melody K.

  110. I liked the fall leaves n the flowered spider webs neat but not scary n worn most of the yr! I would any way!

  111. I absolutely love Koi Scrubs! My favorite new fall arrivals are Flower Power and Spot On in Merlot.

  112. Love this company !! Awesome styles !! This is what I’ve been looking for and finally I found it!

  113. Poolside and Flower Power Koi Scrubs are my favorites.

  114. Who wouldn’t love the Twiggy Print top, turquoise and brown are a great combo! The Spot On top matches many of the Koi pants I already own, it’s an easy choice!

  115. What fun! and a wonderful thing to win, a Koi scrub top! count me in!

  116. My favorite new fall prints are Compassion print and Wildside Black print.

  117. koi lucky print top and wildside black print top are my favs!!

  118. I like the wildside black print and the warm breeze print tops better than all the rest

  119. I really love the purple butterfly scrub top. The colors and style is great. I am sure you will get lots of compliment from your fellow co-workers and patients

  120. While I’m not in the medical field, I love wearing scrub tops as they are very comfortable and have pockets for all the things I need to carry. People wonder why I wear them when I’m in the real estate business and I explain the above. I think all real estate agents should have scrub tops to wear. It makes it so much easier for us to carry everything necessary in pockets.

  121. The courage print top and the compassion print top

  122. My 2 favorite new fall Koi prints are :
    1. Koi Scrubs Compassion Print Top
    Style # K115CPS
    2. Style# K190WBR
    Koi Scrubs Warm Breeze Print Top

  123. My absolute favorite tops out of the new fall koi collection are the “warm breeze” Brianna top and the “Wired” Christina top. Although its hard to just choose 2 out of the 14 new beautiful tops!!!

  124. The wild side black print top and wired print top are my favorite.

  125. The itsy bitsy spider top is my first favorite because I was born on Halloween so it a year round holiday for me! My second candy, candy tokidoki top for the same reason. Yay, fall!!

  126. My favorites are warm breeze and lucky. I love orange for fall.

  127. Wildside and Warm Breeze are AWESOME!! Pick me. pick me!!!

  128. I love the scrub top with Butterflies and the zebra stripped.

  129. Have seen many beautiful Koi tops ! Would LOVE to win one !!!

  130. I love UA scrubs… They wear well and always look great.

  131. “Lovely Unique Styles, Beautiful Color and Designs and the most Soft, Comfortable and Scrub to wear. Koi Scrubs is the best brand out there. Its my favorite brand, Hope it will your brand soon :)”

  132. I love all the Koi prints, but I think for this promotion, I like K190WBR and K1901BS the best.

  133. I really like the Koi Scrubs Warm Breeze Print Top as well as the Koi Scrubs Wildside Black Print Top. I’m fairly new to the Koi products, but I have fallen in love with them. I love the softness of your products, especially the tops! Thank you for making an attractive and quality product!

  134. Absolutely love the new “spider web” fall scrub top! Too cute!

  135. Koi Fall prints that I truly love are the “Courage” print top and the “Wildside” Black print top.

  136. Warm Breeze (K190WBR) and Angelic Print (K129ANG)

  137. My two favorite fall Koi scrub tops are probably the Wildside and In Check. It’s difficult to only pick 2!

  138. Koi Scrubs Angelic Print Top
    Style# K129ANG
    Koi Scrubs Angelic Print Top

  139. I love Koi scrubs!!! My new new favorites are candy candy candy tokidoki and itsy bitsy spider to celebrate Halloween this fall!! 🙂

  140. “Wildside” black print and “lucky”print top

  141. Love that you have so many wonderful designs to choose from!

  142. My two favorite new koi tops are the lucky print top and the itsy bitsy spider print top. Too cute!

  143. 1- Wildside Black Print
    2-Lucky Print Top

  144. K115WSB and K207WIR are my favorite koi fall prints

  145. I love them all!! But I guess if I have to pick two, I really like the Koi Lucky and the Spot on Print. Pretty!!

  146. I like the Romance and Madame Butterfly Scrub top…they are really pretty!!!

  147. What an amazing new line,Love Love Love K115NFL!!!

  148. So many beautiful new prints for the fall! I really like the new raspberry color as well as sugar plum. I want the Bridgette top in “Aura”, or the Brianna top in “Warm Breeze” or “Sweet Home”. Too many choices! 🙂

  149. Koi Lucky and Candy Candy are @ the top of my list!

  150. Warm breeze print top & itsy bitsy spider top

  151. I LOVE the 1) Wildside Black Print &
    2) Candy! Candy!

  152. Flower power and wired are my favorites!

  153. My favorite top is the night flight scrub top

  154. Koi Scrubs Itsy Bitsy Spider Print top, and
    Koi Scrubs Romance Print Top

  155. the koi justine and abigail tops are very simple and feminine!! both solid tops are versatile!! thanks!! Mary Villani RN

  156. My 2 favorite scrub tops from the new collection are:

    •Koi scrubs angelic print top
    •Koi scrubs warm breeze print top

  157. I love the Koi scrub top, wildside expresso print. Love those zebra stripes with the pink border!

  158. I really like the fall KOI tops. My favorites are the Lucky print K129SFT and Candy Candy Tokidoki print K207CNY.

  159. I am new to the Georgia area in your uniforms are great

  160. My 2 new favorite fall koi prints are the lucky print and the wild side black print.

  161. I love them all!!! But my 2 favorites are the Warm Breeze & Comapssion – Even if I don’t win, I will be purchasing these 2 soon!!!

  162. My pick would be . Warm Breeze and Wired print

  163. The Koi Angelic print top and the Courage print tops are my favorite.

  164. The 2 new fall prints that are my favorite are Koi Scrubs Candy! Candy! Tokidoki Print Top and Koi Scrubs Itsy Bitsy Spider Print Top.

  165. I think my favorite would have to be Spot On and Flower Power Cool.

  166. Style# K115WSB
    Koi Scrubs Wildside Black Print Top

    Koi Scrubs Candy! Candy! Tokidoki Print Top
    Style # K207CNY

  167. I’ve lost 50lbs and would LOVE some new pretty scrubs for fall!!!

  168. Wild side black, and at dusk cool print.

  169. Oops, it cut my comment short! I meant to say, I’ve lost 50lbs and would LOVE some new pretty scrubs for fall!!! My favorite out of Koi’s fall line is Itsy Bitsy Spider and Candy! Candy! (my fav holiday is Halloween)

  170. my favorite to koi tops are k207WIR and K115twg

  171. The Warm Breeze and Wildside prints are my 2 favorite! It was a hard choice…I love all koi scrubs really!

  172. I like to tapered cut of k207wir and the the way k115twg fits under the bust line.

  173. It’s hard to choose one, but I love At Dusk Cool the best!

  174. warm breeze print & wildside print. love it,,,

  175. Love KOI Candy! Candy! & Twiggy for fall. Thanks UA for keeping us styling.

  176. My picks for new Koi fall tops are the check print and wildside black print! Cute!

  177. I like the Koi Scrubs Serpentine Stone Print Top and the Koi Scrubs Compassion Print Top. Both are pretty and slimming. I have an affinity for the Compassion print because I am a survivor and it’s not overly pink.

  178. My 2 favorite prints out of the fall Koi tops are the NIGHT FLIGHT PRINT TOP and the KOI LUCKY PRINT TOP.

  179. Courage and the compassion print top are my favorite new fall Koi tops

  180. My two favorite new fall styles are; style #k1901bj and style# k207cny.

  181. Warm Breeze & Courage are my favorite.
    Love both the prints & sleeve style!!

  182. I would love to win a free koi printed scrub! I have has my job as a medical receptionist for a month and a half and I am going to school for nursing. I will be in the medical field for the rest of my life. I have a two year old, I am a single mother. And right now with work and school, my money is extremely tight.
    My top two favorites: K115INC & K207WIR
    My size is Extra Small in tops and pants. I love all your patterns and advertise your website to all my coworkers and friends at school. Especially when they comment on my tops! I hope I win, and thank you so much for this opportunity !!! 🙂

  183. I love the “Koi Scrubs Angelic Print Top Style # K129ANG”. Super cute!!

  184. I hope this is the blog spot I love the Itsy Bitsy Spider scrub and Night Flight

  185. Style# K190IBS
    Koi Scrubs Itsy Bitsy Spider Print top
    Style# K190WBR
    Koi Scrubs Warm Breeze Print Top

    Are my favorite!

  186. My two favorite prints are flower power-cool and Kathryn top Night Flight. Thanks!!!

  187. koi-wildside-black-scrub-top and koi-compassion-pink-ribbon-top are my top two favorites, but I love them all! Koi is the best!

  188. My 2 favorite KOI tops are the wild side black print and the compassion print

  189. Love the Twiiggy, Compassion and Warm Breeze the best!!!

  190. I love the Lucky and the Warm Breeze prints! They have such a warm Autumn feel!!

  191. The Twiggy print and the Koi Lucky print are only two of my faves!

  192. I love the Night Flight and Compassion tops!

  193. Heat wave and the itsy bisty spider koi tops

  194. I love the at dusk cool blue top of butterflies also the secret forest print; the colors are rad. id love any of them

  195. Koi Scrubs Wildside Black Print Top Style # K115WSB and Koi Scrubs Itsy Bitsy Spider Print top
    Style # K190IBS are my favorite fall prints.

  196. I love the Koi Scrubs Warm Breeze Print Top & the Koi Scrubs Itsy Bitsy Spider Print top!

  197. I love the Koi Lucky Print Top Style # K115KOL, and Koi Twiggy Print Top Style # K115TWG. Very attractive, bright prints!

  198. Style# K115CPS
    Koi Scrubs Compassion Print Top &
    Style# K129FPC
    Koi Scrubs Flower Power Cool Print Top
    My 2 favs under KOI fall 2013

  199. My two favorite tops out of the Koi Fall Collection are the Wired print and the Night Flight. I like the sleek look of the Wired print, and the Mosaic style of the Night Flight. Best of all are the lengths of both of these, being over 27 inches. the length is nice with all the bending over and movement my job requires. It allows me to be able to not worry about exposing myself when i’m bent over in a patient room with family around. I also prefer the front pocket style of both scrubs which has the deep front patch pockets to keep all my supplies on me, while allowing comfort as well. The colors are vibrant and coordinate with many colors, so I can wear the top with different bottoms for a new look. The print tops both contour the body and fit my body type, as well as maintain a professional look with a unique style.

  200. The Butter-Soft uniforms are a softer fabric. They wash up nicely.

  201. Wired print top Angelic print top

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  202. My favorite koi tops are wild side and warm breeze.

  203. Love uniform advantage, always have good deals on scrub specially sales.

  204. The two prints I think are the best fall prints angelic and warm.breeze.

  205. My favorite new Koi scrub tops are the itsy bitsy spider and the night flight.

  206. Koi Scrubs warm Breeze print top and Wild side black print top.a

  207. Koi scrub tops! Would love to see if I like the product! I am a new grad and don’t have many scrubs yet, trying to figure out the best ones for me 🙂

  208. K190WBR is my favorite! 2nd choice is K115KOL.

  209. Koi scrubs are like no others. I love the style, and look of them. The material is so soft, and cool. They just make me feel pretty, and feminine.

  210. Koi scrubs is very fashionable. I go gaga with their trendy designs ♡♡♡

  211. I love the Kio scrubs Madame butterfly, style-k129mbf The butterflies have a beautiful Meaning. And I also love koi scrubs serpentine stone, style-k164srs. These are my two favorite.

  212. My favorite prints are the two Hallowe’en options, Styles #K190IBS and K207CNY.

  213. All of the new Koi scrub tops are nice. I really like the night flight top though. It is beautiful. Koi pants are the best scrub pants too. Love them!!

  214. Night Flight and Itsy Bitsy Spider. I love them both.

  215. i love the koi warm breeze print top and the mumbai print top. this brand fits me so well and had more complements on these tops than any other. thanks for keeping it cool too. got to look good at work. makes it pleasant for coworkers and patients. 🙂

  216. I like the emails, it gives me different ideas for new scrub tops with having to go to the store.

  217. I’ve never won a contest in my life!! I would love to win a Koi scrub as I have never owned one of them. They are very cute.

  218. They are all very beautiful but my two favorite is the spider web one and the summer breeze top so hip and stylish love them Koi is always bringing out new and different styles for those that have to wear scrubs daily to work!!!!

  219. I absolutely love k1901bs. Very cute and fashionable! My other favorite is k115wsb. I love Halloween so the spiderwebs drew me to this design right off the bat. Too bad it doesn’t have pink webs pink is my has color at work! 🙂

  220. My favs are Lucky and Night Flight…..beautiful!

  221. night flight Style# K115NFL and warm breeze Style# K190WBR

  222. I love ordering from uniform advantage. I love the koi tops. very nice.

  223. I love Spot On and Twiggy! Too adorable!

  224. The two that I would choose are
    Koi Scrubs Spot On Print Top and
    Koi Scrubs In Check Print Top these are my favorite.

  225. Lisa Lindsey mty two favs are Night Flight and Wildside Black Print.

  226. I like the wired print top and Cheetah Chic pink tops (size small) the best, but they are all pretty!

  227. I absolutly loved these two styles:

    Koi Scrubs Women’s Katelyn Mock Wrap Top
    Style # K137

    Koi Scrubs Rosie Embroidery Christina Top
    Style # K207

    They are the perfect outfit for a great days work. Who wouldn’t want to look amazing and comfortable at the same time! I love these styles and their artform. Great brand!

  228. My two favorite new tops by Koi are; Wildside Black, and Angelic.

  229. My favorite fall Koi print tops are Wired and Wildside Black.

  230. 1. Itsy Bitsy Spider Print Top
    2. Warm Breeze Print Top

  231. My favorite scrub tops are :
    1) K115WSB 2) K115WSE

  232. My favorite Koi tops are K190WBR and K115NFL.

  233. I would love to add a free new koi scrub to the numerous UA uniforms I paid for 🙂

  234. koi uiforms ,uique, perfect fit. just too comfortale to resist

  235. The Itsy Bitty Spider is so cute for halloween. Love the Night Flight Print since our office Logo has a butterfly. Those are my two favorites.

  236. I like the new Koi Scrubs Candy! Candy! Tokidoki Print Top and the Koi Scrubs Wired Print Top.

  237. My 2 favorite fall tops are Flower Power and Night Flight. Thanks

  238. Love love love, koi scrubs!!! K190ibs and k207cny

  239. My two favorite are the flower power print top and the spot on print top 🙂


  241. I Just love the Night Flight Print Top #K115NFL the colors are bold and beautiful.

  242. I like the Night Flight and Spot On print scrub tops best. Koi always has beautiful prints and excellent quality.

  243. i love the texture of koi and the fit (k190wbr warm breeze) & (k1901b bitsy spider)

  244. My two favorite tops are the Candy!Candy! Tokidoki print top and the Night Flight print top.

  245. I absolutely ❤ Koi scrubs! Two of my favorite tops are: Candy! Candy! Tokidoki Print Top and Lucky Print Top.

  246. I love the new KOI fall prints in FLOWER POWER and NIGHT FLIGHT. NIGHT FLIGHT is my favorite….awh i love it!!!! I adore butterflies….Kisa 🙂

  247. Be Mine and Heat Wave are my favorite patterned tops!

  248. I love uniform advantage! Good prices , great styles!
    Country Club Kathryn

  249. Style# K115KOLKoi Scrubs Koi Lucky Print Top and Style# K190WBR Koi Scrubs Warm Breeze Print Top

  250. I looove Halloween so I absolutely love the 2 new Halloween print scrub tops from koi. The spider web design is so cute and girls and I love the black and white!

  251. I like the “Style# K115CTC Koi Scrubs Country Club Kathryn Top” and the “Style# K115INC Koi Scrubs In Check Print Top”. 🙂

  252. My favorite Koi tops are The Night Flight print to and Koi Check print top

  253. Courage and Wired are my 2 new favorite koi tops!

  254. Halloween is my favorite scrub holiday! 31 days of celebrating, 31 days of great scrubs! The patients love and comment on our uniforms, we work in family practice so the kids especially enjoy.
    My two new favorites are candy, candy, tokidoki and itsy bitsy spider

  255. Koi Scrubs Warm Breeze Print Top & Koi Scrubs Courage Print Top.

  256. Candy! Candy! Tokidoki Print Top & Wildside Black Print Top are two of my favorites!

  257. I love koi scrubs fall collection of warm breeze, and the COURAGE style because the Brianna stle with keyhole neckline is much similar to Bridgette line .. Pretty colors in the collection..

  258. My 2 favorite prints are Warm Breeze and At Dusk

  259. I LOVE print K1901BS and K115WSB. Love Koi scrubs….I have realized that ALL of my nicest clothes are scrubs! Is that so bad? LOVE KOI!!

  260. Love the new Koi prints my two favorite ones are compassion print and wildside black print

  261. Wildside and Spot-On are my definite favorities! Love how the Spot-On print coordinates with the Raspberry pants!

  262. Ohh these scrubs are so pretty! I want!!!

  263. I love the Itsy Bitsy Spider scrub top! Great for Halloween, but also delicate and flattering, with the gathered sleeve edges and slightly frilled neckline. Secondly, Candy! Candy! Tokidoki! How cute is scary candy? Koi is on top of the trends!

  264. I Love the Cha Cha Cheetah, Silver Garden, but honestly, I lOVE THEM ALL!!! So hard to choose only two

  265. Koi scrubs prismatic top and also koi scrubs toki docking print top,style # k129 MBF,style #164 SRS I love this style.

  266. Style# K115KOL Koi Scrubs Koi Lucky Print Top and Style# K115NFL
    Koi Scrubs Night Flight Print Top are my favorites of the new styles!

  267. I love the At Dusk scrub top!! The color is fantastic 🙂

  268. i love Night Flight koi115nfl and Angelic k129ang. sure I wont win,but oh those are pretty!

  269. Koi Scrubs Wildside Black Print Top and Koi Scrubs Night Flight Print Top

  270. My 2 favorite Koi falls print scrub tops are; “Koi Lucky” and ” Night Flight”

  271. I love the lucky print and the heat wave tops!

  272. i like 129ama and k175 I could see my self using these in my work

  273. LOVE the “Angelic” print and the “Spot On” print. The wine color is PERFECT for fall!! ❤

  274. I love the Warm Breeze and Angelic print tops! 🙂

  275. I gave the latest catalog that I received in the mail to my neighbor across the street who works for a home health agency….so – I am only able to look at the Koi items online! I do like the Abigail Top in Navy and the Katelyn Mock Wrap in Amethyst!

  276. I love brightside flamingo top!! and the versailles print top! im obsessed with floral print!!

  277. My new Koi favorites are “Spot On” and “Angelic”

  278. The koi scrubs warm breeze print top and the koi scrubs itsy bitsy spider print topis my favorite .

  279. “In check” and “night flight” are my favorite new prints!! I love Koi scrubs!! 🙂

  280. I love candy candy and itsy bitsy spider in honor of Halloween!! Way to get in the Halloween spirit!!!!

  281. Two fun new prints that I love are night flight and in check! Koi scrubs are so fashionable and cozy!! I am ready for a new cute top!!

  282. Koi scrubs are my favorite scrubs to wear.

  283. Love Koi! Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wired are my favorite fall tops!

  284. I love Koi! Favorites for fall are Wired and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

  285. The two prints I love are Angelic and Romance print tops!

  286. Can’t wait to try these scrubs.. Love the different colors!

  287. Can be worn as an open back, closed back or sling back.

  288. Would love to try this material tired of the cotton blends

  289. Koi makes the best scrub pants out there they are my absolute favorite.

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