National Student Nurses’ Association Scholarship Recipient

We  were fortunate enough this year to get connected with the National Student Nurses’ Association to co-sponsor their annual scholarship program.  Here is our brief interview with the 2013 Scrubs by Uniform Advantage nursing scholarship recipient, Jolene P.  We wish Jolene the best of luck with the remainder of nursing school and her promising career in nursing!

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1.      What year are you in?

I’m in my first year of a two year nursing  program.

2.      What made you want to go into nursing/what is your favorite part of this career path?

I have always wanted to be a nurse ever since I was a child. I just enjoyed taking care of my grandmother and great-grand aunt before she passed away. I was always the go to person whenever anyone in the family needed help or a baby sitter. Being helpful was never a burden I would sometimes drop everything to help whoever is in need. I consider nursing my passion I was born to be a care giver, to nurture and save lives. I get a sense of fulfillment knowing I will get the opportunity to take care of other people not only my family.

3.      Is there anything that is different/more difficult about the profession now that you are actually in the program?

No, I think its probably easier because there are so many resources to compare information and most teachers are willing to help if you need the extra help to pass the course. My mom was telling me back in the day teachers would tell students go and read the book nursing isn’t easy if you cant keep up this is not for you. Students would use it as a motivation to prove themselves worthy to be a nurse and some would quit and change their career choice.

4.      Growing up did you know this is what you wanted to do?

Well I always said I wanted to wear the long white coat because I didn’t know then what the difference was between a doctor and a nurse. I knew for a fact I wanted to save lives and give excellent care to the sick.

5.      What is your ideal job after you graduate?

My ideal job is to work for the VA hospital. I want to give back to the troops.

6.      What are your favorite things to do in your free time when you’re not studying?

I like to read the news online and watch the stock market just to stay in touch with whats going on in the world. Not often but if an interesting movie is showing in the theater I might go watch it with my husband as well.

7.      What are your favorite brand/color of scrubs?

I like blue my favorite brand would be Uniform Advantage.

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