Win-It-Wednesday ~ Advantage by UA™


We’re super excited to show all of our customers this brand new line from UA! Drum roll please…introducing Advantage by UA™!  This collection features a luxurious blend of poly/rayon/spandex to flatter your figure and keep you comfortable.  Experience fashion forward styles in the soft fabric you’ve come to love from UA.

This silky and stretchy line comes in standard and fashion colors including Deep Sea Blue, Black, Navy, Pewter, Purple Haze, and Pink Nouveau.  There is a solid scrub jacket just in time for the layered look, and just in time for the changing seasons!  Advantage by UA  features a drawstring stretch pant and an elastic waist stretch pant, depending on your preference.

Now comes the best part, we’re giving away 5 sets of these new scrubs for free!  Just answer the question below by commenting on this blog post (the answer can be found in the new Advantage by UA™ section of the Uniform Advantage site).

Question: All of the items are made from the same poly/rayon/spandex blend.  Now tell us, how much of each material?

Out of the correct entries, we will RANDOMLY choose 5 winners, who will receive an Advantage by UA™ scrub set of their choosing!  The contest ends Sunday 9/23 at midnight EST and we will announce winners on our blog Monday, 9/24.


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Good luck!

328 Comments on “Win-It-Wednesday ~ Advantage by UA™

  1. Question: All of the items are made from the same poly/rayon/spandex blend. Now tell us, how much of each material?Answer: 74%-Poly/19%-Rayon/7%-Spandex

  2. 74/19/7 Poly/Rayon/Spandex is my answer for the contest.

  3. 74 percent poly, 19 percent rayon, and 7 percent spandex. 🙂

  4. STRETCH fabric is 74/19/7 Poly/Rayon/Spandex! I stumbled upon you store while I was visiting my sister in Florida. I love your scrubs, haven’t found anything like them (comfort and style) out here in Nevada.

  5. Question: All of the items are made from the same poly/rayon/spandex blend.  Now tell us, how much of each material?

    74/19/7 Poly/Rayon/Spandex

  6. Poly-74%
    Rayon- 19%

    It would be great to win!

  7. 74% Poly, 19% Rayon and 7% Spandex

    These look super comfy!!!

  8. 74 19 7 blend
    Hoping to win new uniforms. Look like that they will be verrrrrrrry

  9. All of the items are made from the same poly/rayon/spandex blend. Now tell us, how much of each material?

    74 Poly/19 Rayon/ 7Spandex

  10. I would really like to own the hollween new scrubs I think the chikdren at Hasbro would get a kick out of them

  11. Maybe I should be more specific….
    74% polyester
    19% rayon
    7% spandex

  12. breakdown of material for new line is:
    74% poly
    19% rayon
    7% spandex

  13. All the new items are made with a blend of 74/19/7 Poly/Rayon/Spandex! I hope I win!!!

  14. 74% poly, 19% rayon, 7% spandex….they look super comfy

  15. Hello, I just love Uniform Advantage Scrubs! The answer is 74 for poly, 19 for rayon and 7 percent spandex! Good luck everyone!

  16. Each item is made from 74% poly,19% rayon and 7% Spandex

  17. The material is 74/19/7 Poly/Rayon/Spandex blend. I think it sounds like a wonderfully comfortable blend to move and bend in all day long in with my residents and still look great! I would love to win a set to try.

  18. 74/19/7 Poly/Rayon/Spandex. Sounds wonderful & looks great!

  19. The new UA advantage scrubs have 74%Poly/19%Rayon/7%Spandex Blend YEA!!!! Love scrubs with some stretch in them. Let’s be comfortable while we work!

  20. 74/19/7 Poly/Rayon/Spandex – They sounds like a very comfortable uniform!! Hope I win!!

  21. The new advantage UA uniforms are made of 74 % poly/19% rayon 17% spandex. I would love to win it wednesday by UA. I have been working in health care for over 32 yrs. The UA uniforms are the best I have worn for looks and wear time.

  22. The blend is 74/19/7 Poly/ rayon/ spandex:). A perfect amount of spandex!

  23. The answer is 74/19/7 poly/rayon/spandex material is used.

  24. 74/19/7 Poly/Rayon/Spandex! Hope to see this blend in the Crossover waistband pant style and tops with front pockets soon.

  25. 74 poly/ 19 rayon/ 7 spandex.
    Yeaaaa! Hope I win…. I sure can use some new scrubs to show off to the office and then get them to buy some!!

  26. They are made of 74/19/7 poly/rayon/spandex and it sure sounds like they are super comfy. UA knows how to make to perfect scrubs.

  27. 74/19/7 poly/rayon/spandex (74-poly 19-rayon 7-spandex)

  28. For “Win it Wednesday” : the blend is 74/19/7. Poly /rayon / spandex

  29. The poly/rayon/spandex blend is 74% polyester, 19% rayon and 7% spandex. Sounds like it would not only be really comfortable but also wash up great!

  30. 74/19/7 hope I win!! Could really use a set …AND they look awesome!!!

  31. Here’s my answer: of poly 74%, rayon 19%, & spandex 7%. Thank you!

  32. Poly-15%, Rayon-65%, Spandex-20%.
    We need scrub skirts!! We have to buy the scrub pants, take them apart, then make the skirts out of them! Why cant scrub skirts be made available also????

  33. 74/19/7 answer to question for win it Wednesday Contest

  34. It is a 74/19/7 blend. I hope I win. These look super comfy.

  35. The scrubs are Poly/Rayon/Spandex blend, 74/19/7.
    Awesome new colors!! Love them!!

  36. 74 poly / 19 rayon / 7 spandex . Please pick me I really need new scrubs.

  37. Hi, the fabric is 74% Poly, 19% Rayon, and 7% Spandex 🙂

  38. How much of each material poly/rayon/spandex? 74% poly/19% rayon/7% spandex

  39. The amount of material is 74/19/7 poly/rayon/spandex.

  40. New scrubs have 74 poly, 19 rayon and 7 Spandex. Love the look

  41. 74% poly, 19% rayon, 7% spandex, and I bet they feel amazing!

  42. Can’t wait to show off new scrubs! The blend is 74/19/7 – poly/rayon/spandex! Would love to win some new scrubs!!!!

  43. Advantage UA  is made of  74/19/7 of poly/rayon/spandex blend

    thanks   Andrea

  44. The Advantage UA scrubs are made up of 74 Poly, 19 rayon and 7 spandex.

  45. 74/19/7 Is the answer I believe you are looking for…these look super nice!

  46. 74/19/7 is the answer I believe that you are looking for…these look very nice by the way.

  47. 74 Poly / 19 Rayon / 7 Spandex! :o)
    I ❤ your butter soft so I'm sure these are great too!

  48. 74/19/7 is the correct answer. 74%poly, 19% rayon, 7% Spandex

    feels probably pretty smooth!

  49. The blend of poly/rayon/spandex in the new UA uniforms is 74/19/7. I imagine they would be very comfortable.

  50. For the contest 74 poly/ 19 rayon/ 7 spandex
    I hope I am one of the lucky ones!!!

  51. The answer is 74 poly/19 rayon/7 spandex
    I hope I am one of the lucky ones!!!

  52. All of the items are made from 74/19/7 Poly/Rayon/Spandex material.

  53. LOVE Uniform Advantage! I’ve had very good luck with everything!! 🙂

  54. Hey UA! I really like the scrubs that I just ordered from you guys. Your new scrubs are made from 74% Poly, 19% Rayon, and 7% Spandex. Thanks! 🙂

  55. 74/19/7 Poly/Rayon/Spandex. These scrubs are incredible!! So comfortable.

  56. The Advantage by UA line has a 74% Poly 19% Rayon and 7% Spandex blend. Sounds super comfy and stylish to me! Can’t wait to get a pair!

  57. The UA Advantage uniform is made of 74% polyester, 19% rayon, and 7% spandex.

  58. 74/19/7 74%poly, 19% rayon, 7% spandex That is my answer.

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