Win-It-Wednesday UA Halloween Prints ~ Congrats Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered our Spookacular Halloween scrubs giveaway! Here are the correct pairings for the print and print name:

UA Halloween Scrubs Contest

A. D Spooky Fairytale Dark Lilac

B. C Black Jack & Cat Blue

C. B Boo

D. E Spooky Fairytale Royal

E. A Black Jack & Cat Orange

Here are the 10 winners who were chosen randomly from the correct entries:

  1. Annette Price
  2. Mandy Bruce
  3. Pam Wingfield
  4. Kim Perdue
  5. Trisha Shipley
  6. Kathy Schneider
  7. Kristian Van Wormer
  8. Deborah Holley
  9. Ellen Harbin
  10. Winter Woods

We will be emailing the winners to see which style and size you would like in your free UA Halloween scrubs (scrub top or scrub jacket).  Please remember, if you don’t respond to this email within 3 business days, we’re forced to give your prize to the next contestant in line.  Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, we hope you all have a SPOOKTASTIC time wearing your UA Halloween scrubs this October! Keep your eyes peeled for our next Win-it-Wednesday contest!

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