Win-It-Wednesday ~Featuring Ecko Scrubs!

Ecko Scrubs Uniform Advantage

Win-it-Wednesday is BACK (we told you we wouldn’t be gone for long!)  We want to get our blog followers to make a hip statement in these new styles and colors from Ecko Scrubs just in time for summer!  Out of the submissions, we will RANDOMLY choose 5 winners, who will receive a free Ecko Red or Ecko UNLTD scrub set in the color and style of their choosing as well as an exclusive Ecko gift bag!  To answer, please post a “comment” to this blog post.  The contest ends Tuesday 6/19 at midnight EST and we will announce the winners Wednesday 6/20.

Question: Tell us! What is the best day you’ve ever had at work in your scrubs, or the most rewarding day?


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Thank you for your participation and to Ecko Scrubs for sponsoring!

81 Comments on “Win-It-Wednesday ~Featuring Ecko Scrubs!

  1. I don’t have one favorite day but one of my favorite part about my job is when I do mammograms on previous breast cancer survivors and get to tell the the good news that their mammogram looks great and we don’t have to see them for another year!! It makes my day because they have been through so much.

  2. One of my favorite days was the first day I ever got to wear scrubs to my first clinicals! I was so excited to actually be able to put my skills to the test!

  3. My favorite day was actually getting to deliver a newborn in the ER

  4. My favorite day in my scrubs would have to be the day I was floated as a nursing assistant to the postpartum/nursery unit, and I spent the better part of my shift in the nursery caring for newborns. They’ve been my favorite scrubs since =)

  5. It is difficult to pick a best day because I try to make everyday a good day for my patients and they in turn make my day great too.

  6. My favorite day was the first day I started my new job at Good Samaritan Hospital as a float LPN. I was right out of school and ready to learn on the job!

  7. My favorite day was just sitting with a special person on hospice and holding her ha.nd as she passed

  8. Favorite day: Accepting the position at my current hospital. It was the first full time position that I took that had benefits and a locker (!) in my nursing career! Prior to this position I was a float RN for many years with no benefits and no locker!

  9. My favorite day so far is the first time I came back to work after my daughter was born. I am a pediatric nurse… and I felt like that day, I finally “got it”. Being a mother and being able to help other mothers and fathers with their children is amazing.

  10. So the best day I ever had at work in my scrubs was a day I will never forget! It started with a different day when a patient came into my ER with a bad gunshot wound to the face. We weren’t sure we would be able to save her at our small country hospital but we got her stable and sent her out to a bigger hospital! About 6 weeks after that she came into the ER again and told us how much she thought about us each day an how we kept encouraging her that day and she kept going because of us! She said we were the reason she was still here both physically and mentally! That had to be one of the best days in my scrubs!!!

  11. My favorite day is when someone notices my scrubs and tell me how nice I look or if I lost weight. It makes my day. It is not everyday someone will say something, every once in a while someone will say, ‘Oh I like your scrubs’. So when someone says something, it makes me smile and puts me in a good mood.

  12. The best day I’ve had in my scrubs was a few days ago seeing a patient whom I’ve worked with for a few weeks finally get to go home! The family’s and patient’s smiles were great!

  13. The most rewarding day was when I was able to help an elderly patient at a SNF with his basic needs. Simple things make a big difference.

  14. My favorite day is when I get to watch a sweet newborn baby stare at the prints on my top. I love that we get to choose whatever scrubs we want, and I always choose Koi and Ecko!

  15. My fave day at work in my scrubs is when i was caring for a resident and she complimented me on my scrubs and told me how professional i looked and that it makes a diffrence. That compliment made me feel good inside 🙂

  16. Every day is a good day at work when I wear my scrubs. What other profession would allow for you to wear what feels like pajamas to work every day.

  17. The best day I’ve had in my scrubs was definitely the first day of my very first job! It was one of the most exciting days of my life. I felt very proud to have begun a wonderful career helping people. I will always remember that day, and I will always remember the super cute scrubs I wore on that day. 🙂

  18. My favorite day was probably my first day working solo as an RN. It felt so good to be “the nurse” 🙂

  19. One day I was helping a resident get dressed & she told me about these classes she took on hoe to pit a bra on.

  20. my favorite day was when several patients told me what a difference i made in their hospital stay!

  21. The best day i’ve had in my scrubs was at a school in a class with autistic high schoolers. The day began off sadly when the school’s principal treated me with racism because he was expecting a white nurse to walk through the doors. It turned out to be the best nursing day i’ve had so far, because i spent the day with the kids in the classroom and in the gym, instead of the library where the principal was going to “set me up”, because he wouldn’t dare leave me alone in the nurse’s office “with everything in there.” I learned so much from the children that day!

  22. The best day i’ve had in my scrubs was my first day of work as a radiation therapist. I used to have to wear professional dress as a student, and being able to blend in with the other professionals definitely made a difference in the patient’s trust of you. It’s so great to finally be a professional and being able to wear scrubs!

  23. My best one was my day one at the job when I first started working at the hospital!

  24. My best day in my uniform advantage scrubs is when I can perform excellent customer service and provide excellent patient care

  25. My best day at work in my scrubs was my first day on the job as a nurse. That day my scrubs meant so much to me. I feel empowered to do what I love most and that’s caring for others. Most of all my clients love to see different scrub tops I wear and variety in colors, it makes them feel Happy.

  26. the most rewarding day I’ve had in my scrubs at work is the day i was the first to respond to a child not breathing, called a code and the child’s life was saved!

  27. When patients tell us how comfortable we made them feel when visiting our office.

  28. One of the best day ive had in my scrubs would be when my supervisor came up to me and told how good of a job am I doing and told me all the compliments shes gotten from family members of residents about me and also thanked me for the way I care for all the residents and interacted with them all. It made me feel AWESOME!! Made mu choice for working in healthcare worth while. made me realize this is what i should be doing and its what i love to do. Helping people is my true calling and its nice to be noticed for what im doing!! 🙂

  29. Everyday !!!!!!! I love helping everybody that i encounter on my work days!!!!

  30. The best day at work is everyday. I love my job and the doctors I work for they are AWSOME

  31. My favorite days are when my residents (LTC) light up with a smile when I walk in the room and tell me how happy they are to see me. It makes it even better when they notice I’m wearing a new scrub outfit and they comment about how they like it. I always strive to treat my residents with the utmost respect and gentle care; the same way I would want to be treated!

  32. Working in Pediatrics and I love when children admire your scrubs and it brings a smile to their faces when they see character designs.

  33. I think the best day I ever had wearing my scrubs involved getting the opportunity to meet one of the sweetest,dearest patients alive and being there with her and her family in the final days of her life. Although it was sad, it showed me how powerful working in healthcare can be and how great

  34. I think the best days I ever had wearing my scrubs involved getting the opportunity to meet one of the sweetest,dearest patients alive and being there with her and her family in the final days of her life. Although it was sad, it showed me how powerful working in healthcare can be and how great of an impact it has on lives of all around you!

  35. I love wearing me pretty scrubs to work everyday and probably my favorite day was when I was chosen “the most cheerful nurse” by residents in my facility during the Nurses week, because I always wear very bright and colorful scrubs 🙂

  36. The Best day I have had wearing my scrubs that I purchase from UA is when I started the most rewarding job working at a Pediatricians Office helping little children who are sick and scared. Every day I look forward to coming to work which makes every day a “Best” day! Espcially becuase all my scrubs are cute and from UA which helps me feel good when trying to help others feel good:)

  37. Love this contest. My husband and I have been wearing the Evil brand for quite sometime. Now I can enjoy wearing the brand at work. The colors are great.

  38. i always have good and bad days in my scrubs, but i know at the end of the day I made a difference 🙂

  39. I like the print as well as the different solids that you can mix and match depending on your mood that dat

  40. I love shopping for scrubs. Hope to win some free ones!!

  41. Those new scrub designs are way cute

  42. My best day in my scrubs was when my resident was delighted to be woken because she likes the bright colors, which maked her smile and compliment me during her ADLs.

  43. Every day is great in my scrubs because I’m in school and learning new medical stuff non-stop. I’m very much looking forward to my new career!

  44. My best day was the day I transferred to the IV TEAM.. I Love my job!!!

  45. I have one patient that is in her 90’s that comes to my work once a month. She tells me every time that she sees me that I always have on the prettiest scrubs. I tell everyone that compliments me that I buy my scrubs from UA in Lexington, SC. 🙂

  46. My most rewarding or best day in my scrubs would be the first day one of our residents told me how much of a difference I make in all their lives and how much they appreciate all I do for them 🙂 best day ever…

  47. I graduated in my UA uniform and so did 20 other classmates it was a memorable experience. They were comfortable , Thanks

  48. My best day at work in my scrubs was my first day working in the clinic at work. I am about to graduate from school and knowing that my employers have faith in my abilities to let me work with patients in fabulous. Learning how to actually run a urinalysis and preform exams was very rewarding for me. Wearing scrubs to work makes it an even better experience.

  49. My favorite day is christmas day. I choose christmas because every christmas Santa visit our pediatric ER and give them gift. I alway wear the best scrubs to work so we can take some pictures. In fact my co-worker’s love my scrubs, they always ask were did you get your scrub from can you order some for else? That make me feel so exciting.

  50. I work in a nursing home where lets face it there is not alot of color ..what makes my day besides what i do ..Is when my clients say ..I love to look at your scrubs because all the wonderful colors and designs are just so bright and cheerful and are like a bright sunny day …I love them all clients and my scrubs …LOL !!

  51. good days are the ones when the patient looks up at you and smile and says thanks for helping me through that.

  52. I work in the ER and everyday is a great day because I get to help save someone’s life!

  53. The best days at work is when my scrubs are comfortable and I know they make me look good and professional. This makes me feel good, which always makes my day. Especially when I get comment’s on how nice I look.

  54. My best Day is when i get to call pt’s back with good news instead of bad just to hear the relief in their voices puts a smile on my face

  55. The best days in my scrubs are the days I get to share the first moments with parents and their brand-new babies!! Helping a couple bring their newest family member into the world has got to be one of the most rewarding things!!

  56. To be honest….. I don’t have a best day because everyday is a good day especially when I’m walking out the door to go home. 🙂

  57. Everyday is a good day… I work in a neurorehabilitation center. We make life better for people with traumatic brain injuries. It is important to be dressed comfortably and look professional.

  58. I think the best day I had at work in my scrubs was my very first day! This summer I started a paid externship at a hospital for my major, Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Before this first day all I had done was sit in college class rooms and study for endless exams. It was so exciting to finally put on my scrubs for the first day of work and walk into a real lab! For years I had seen my mother picking out scrubs and I always thought “someday I hope I can wear scrubs to work that are this cute” and now I finally can 😀 .

  59. The most rewarding day I had wearing scrubs was when I got to see a man go home from the nursing home. He had been thru intense rehab following a stroke and reached a level of independence needed to return home with his dogs!! He had worked so hard for nearly 4 months!!

  60. Best day in scrubs? Must have been on my way to work a few days after the F5 Tornado hit here in Joplin, MO. There were people who felt safe sharing their feelings with me and I felt so honored to be someone strong with whom they could shoulder their losses.

  61. Everyday I wear scrubs is my best day because I get the priviledge of taking care of patients. One day we wore green and gold (Green Bay Packer colors) and threw a football party for one of our cancer patieents. Not only did it bring a smile to his face but it gave him the strength to continue his treatment.

  62. The best work day to wear my scrubs, is everyday of work at the Veterans Hospital. I match my scrubs to the seasons and cheerful for the veterans. I love putting a smile on their face.

  63. I am a massage therapist for a small day spa where every day I truly enjoy helping clients relax and feel better. Although I wear all black scrubs, one of my best days in my comfortable scrubs was when I was referred to as “Angel Charlene”! Before leaving one day, a mother told me that whenever either her or her daughter feels any stress or pain, they look at each other smiling and say “We need Angel Charlene!”. I was in heaven:)

  64. That would be my first day at work as a pro nurse!!

  65. Its when patients say: I love your scrub! its so cute!

  66. hmmm.. maybe the first day I ever got to wear my scrub to work!!

  67. Everyday is my favorite day indeeeeed……..

  68. it is when my co-workers ask me where do I get my scrubs?

  69. Everyday I wear my scrubs is a great day with my patients. They always tell me what a great nurse I am and I enjoy hearing that from them. I love my scrubs and so do my patients, they say “You look pretty today”.

  70. Every day I am at work is a great day. I work in an acute renal unit in a hospital, and one of my patients said she wished she could take me with her when she went back to her outpatient clinic. Comments like that are worth the 12 hr nights!

  71. My srubs is what help my residents remind them of the seasons and holidays that are being celebrated. They enjoy the bright colors, and are very comfortable to work in.

  72. The best day I have at work are when I wear a new uniform, everybody says how they like my scrubs and I feel so confident!

  73. My favorite day would have to be when I just took the NCLEX and got my first job at St. Mary’s Residential Training School. I work with disabled children, and wouldn’t change for anything. My girls bring a smile to my face every day and constantly remind me how rewarding and meaningful it is to be a nurse.

  74. I think any day I work and work my Koi scrubs is a great day! They are so comfortable and don’t fall down when I squat or bend while meeting patient’s needs!

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