Sweet Summertime…Means New Sophie’s Picks!

The first “official” day of Summer is still a couple weeks away, but that won’t stop me from sharing 2 of my new “Sophie’s Picks”!  There’s a common theme as you can see, PINK, which happens to be one of my favorite warm-weather colors for its “happy” vibe.   This first one is ultra-girly with a keyhole neckline and gathering at the neck and shoulders and the fun print reminds me of cherry pie at a family picnic, a summer staple!  It coordinates with 3 shades of pink in addition to the standard black, which makes it a great piece for your uniforms rotation to “mix and match”.   My second pick is more than just a cute top, it’s a way to show your support for a good cause and encourage those around you to do the same.  I think it would look best paired with a pink scrub jacket (you may be saying jacket in summer!?) but sometimes you need a way to combat an over-cranked AC!


L4037CHJ Landau Scrubs Cherries Jubilee Round Neck Top


WC889RBP White Cross Ribbon Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Be sure to check out the Sophie’s Picks department to see all of my new fashion forward scrubs picks, and let me know what you think Scrub-in-istas!


One Comment on “Sweet Summertime…Means New Sophie’s Picks!

  1. Love it! The first scrub top doesn’t even look like a scrub top! 🙂 Cute!

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